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If you really think that the Bible is literally the word of God, then take the action required by your God's written word, or STFU!  I'm tired of listening to the fundies cranking the volume one notch at a time in an effort to show who loves their god more. The best way to deal with this type of insanity is to take their claims to their logical conclusions:

To those of you screaming "Abortion is murder!"
Well, do something about it.   Seriously, if a baby was being murdered next to me, I certainly wouldn't continue to stuff my face with the cheap candy I bought in bulk at Wall-Mart; I'd dive on the perpetrator and try to save the baby.  Then again, I'm a former Marine and we were trained to actually do something, not just scream bumper-sticker slogans.  So let me paint the picture for you:  You're at a restaurant,... probably Denny's.  The family of four next to you is enjoying their meal (after thanking baby-Jesus for their 2800 calorie breakfast) and suddenly the mother picks up her six month old infant and starts strangling it.  Do you chant, "Stop the murder!" or  do you leap on the woman and save the baby?  I'd like to think most everyone would save the baby.  Therefore, if you TRULY believe that abortion is murder, what are you doing now?  Why are you at work?  Why are you at home reading this?  Babies are dieing right now, right-fucking-now!  Why are you not saving them?  How can you go to work and do your TPS reports as babies are being murdered?  Can't you imagine them screaming, "Help me, they are killing me?"

Why?  Because deep in your heart, you know it is bullshit.  You know that in most cases, it is a small little lump of cells that is not a yet human.  You know that it's not worth sacrificing your life, your future, and the future of your family, for a little lump of flesh with the intellectual equivalent of a tadpole.  Okay, there is an alternative to you simply being a liar: You are a fucking coward.  You might as well continue eating your grand slam at Denny's as the crazy bitch next to you strangles her baby.  Fucking coward.

To those of you who love quoting the bible in regards to gay rights...
Once again, do something about it.  You claim that we will cause the collapse of all human civilization and bring your God's wrath against our country. You claim the bible is literal and that "God hates Gays" and Leviticus says we should be put to death.  Yet you go to work every day after bringing your kids to daycare knowing that the world is going to be destroyed along with your children.  What will you tell your God when asked why you did not smite the homo?  What are you actually doing to prevent the end of the world other than voting for your favorite hate group, the Republican party?  I hope your God is satisfied with your tepid response to his command to smite the homo?  Why do you not obey your God?  What's your fucking problem?

Once again, in your heart, you don't really believe all that crap you are screaming.  Otherwise, you'd be at the gay pride parade with explosives strapped to your chest.  So you are either a liar, or a coward.  You hide behind your bible rather than proudly display your absolute bigotry.  Just say it: You hate gay people.  Quit hiding behind your bible if you are not going to obey it in its entirety.

And while you're at it, don't forget to uphold biblical law and shoot your neighbor in the head when you hear his lawnmower start up on a sunny Sunday morning.  When your son comes home with his new Jesus tattoo, you have to slit his throat too.  And let's not forget about all those shellfish lovers at Red Lobster; perhaps you can use your suicide bomb there?  God hates Cowards (and Lobsters!).

Finally, to those of you screaming "Obama is a Communist" and frantically claiming that his second term will bring the end of this country as we know it...
Really?  That's the best you got?  You really think the end of America is near and Obama is going to lead a Muslim army to implement sharia law across the prairies?  First, you need to quit watching Fox News because your brain is rotting.  Second, if you really belief that crap, what are you doing about it?  You all love (mis)quoting the founding fathers as if you are channeling their spirits after their postmortem Mormon baptism, yet they didn't just talk about it, they fought for the freedom the desired.  If you really believe the crap you are saying, put down your pen, push away your keyboard and fight.  If not, STFU coward.  You are that, or a liar.  You cannot be both.

A real patriot sacrifices everything they own, including their life, for their country.  But that's not you.  You're not really a patriot.  You probably never raised your hand, like I did, and took an oath to sacrifice your life for your country.  You just want to talk the talk...

In conclusion, some of you may disagree with this tactic.  Why taunt them?  Why encourage them?  My answer is that I'm confident that the vast majority fall into the category of liar or coward.  Anyone who actually takes action based on this essay was going to do it regardless, sooner or later.  Personally, I'd just assume they show their true colors now so we can identify them for what they are and lock their asses up in prison, or GITMO.  My preference would be GITMO.

Cowards and liars.  People of America, this is your republican base.  

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