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I have a hypothesis:  

The reappearance of birtherism in Arizona is DIRECTLY related to the fact that the republican's here feel vulnerable in the upcoming election.

Hear me out...

The secretary of state has proven himself a fringe (or at least highly influencable) whacko by running down the birther rat-hole.  He "backed off" yesterday, mostly because he discovered the hard way that the loud lunatic fringe is drastically outnumbered by the silent majority, and the latter are the ones who will keep him out of the governor's mansion.  He can kiss what political capital he had with independents and non-fringe republicans goodbye.

Sheriff Joe, not to be outdone, is now spending MY MONEY AS A MARICOPA COUNTY TAXPAYER to send a deputy on a junket to Hawaii (nice job if you can get it) because he thinks the long-form birth certificate previously released by the president is a fake.  (Just out of curiosity, under what statute does he think this is part of his jurisdiction?  Aren't there some  brown people in the county that are in need of more harassment?  At least then he's only being a LOCAL racist.)

These are two highly placed state republican's with national levels of attention on them.  And rather than doing their jobs responsibly and sanely, they are both off chasing down a conspiracy theory that has been debunked over and over again, quite thoroughly, including by Bill O'Reilly.  

Why?  Fear.  They are afraid that Obama just MIGHT challenge Romney in Arizona.  They fear that, given another term, Obama might just push through some of those "crazy" ideas he has, particularly around all those brown people, which would eat into  some of their white privilege.  This is the same urge that resulted in Clinton's impeachment; if we can't beat them on the issues, let's go after something unrelated.

The republican's are running scared, and this "rebirth" of the birther controversy is just more proof of that fact.  Our job now is to keep them on the run.

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  •  Not a bad theory, but I think... (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Mayfly, swedepi

    you're missing the division within the birther movement.  My theory is that there are two kinds of people who become birther (or maybe they were born that why, I don't know).

    You have the fearful, who can't find legtimate reasons to attack the President, so they find non-sense reasons, like birthism.  The do not feel strongly about their chances to "take our country back" (I've never been told where it went...)

    And then you have the closet racists.  They cannot accept that Obama earned the Presidency, he is not "legitimate", he doesn't deserve the honor of leading this country because he's not a the typical middle-aged white guy who has always occuppied the White House, so there has to be some kind of huge (idiotic) conspiracy going on.

    •  I fear you are correct... (0+ / 0-)

      I really want to believe the racist component is small.  But then I look at Sheriff Joe, and realize that racism is alive and well in this country, just couched in terms that make it border on politically correct but whose outcomes are no different.  

      Part of the problem, though, is that I don't know how the two groups divide....are the racists the larger group?  Since they all claim to NOT be racist, it's hard to tell.

  •  Fear of more than Obama... (0+ / 0-)

    I don't give him as much credit as to say that he fears the greater political tides.  I think he is protecting his own ass and afraid that while he's under investigation, and has legit people like Penzone running against him, that he has to rally up the extremists in the base or he might actually lose in November.  Plus these junkets are what cause thousands of people around the country to send in their $25 donations, and give him a war chest of millions.

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