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Happy Hump Evening to F.O.O. & FOKRs everywhere! :D

Let's look back on May 23rds of the past. On May 23, 1934, bank robbers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were shot to death in a police ambush as they were driving a stolen Ford Deluxe along a road in Bienville Parish, LA.

On this date in 2003, Congress sent President George W. Bush a $330 billion package of tax cuts - the third of his presidency. Let's thank him appropriately.


Let's get SPARKy! :D It's a good thing these guys don't live in NC. I've never heard of this excuse for a delay in road works, but, if I was in this "lady"'s position, I'd be a might cranky, too! :D Finally, when I say I'm gonna go all SuperSoaker on someone, I mean with AN ACTUAL SuperSoaker - not this monstrosity.

On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"Four More Years?" - It's the Frost - Nixon stuff! If y'all haven't seen the movie, you really really should. If the POTUS does it, it's not against the law. And, there's St. Ronnie & that pesky Iran - Contra stuff. We sold weapons to sworn enemies to fund another illegal act. So, if the POTUS does something for national security, it's not against the law. A minority report was filed by 1 Congress critter supporting what St. Ronnie did, and I bet I know who that critter was. Yep, I was correct - DICK! Gadzooks, we get a DICK history?! Ugh... He paid a company we now know as Halliburton to study if private contractors could take care of military needs, and conveniently enough, they discovered they were the ones who could do it, and DICK went to work for them after he left the DoD. AND, DICK was in charge of finding GWB's VP. He's proud of the "Go Cheney Yourself!" on the floor of the Senate. Of course, he is. *&^%$#@!

Herpes was more popular than Dick Cheney when he left office.
OK...I HAVE A NEW SIG LINE! Thank you, Rachel! :D I'm about ready to create a 6.5 - sized hole in my computational machine with all this DICK $hit, though. *&^%$#@! DICK's going to raise coin for Mittens in WY this summer? OH GOODY! Can we get some Occupy folks out there?! General Colin Powell is gobsmacked that so many GWB folks are on Mittens' foreign policy advisory staff. 17 out of 24 of them are former GWB/DICK peeps. Wow.... *&^%$#@! The reason the current MENSA folk are all over having DICK still in their corner is because he's got no qualms about shooting friends in the face & having THEM apologize for being shot!

"Four More Years? Part Deux" - Frank Rich has written a piece about the state of discussions about race (or lack thereof) but is in studio to talk DICK. He, too, wonders what Mittens is thinking. Well, as I said, he's thinking, "I don't want an invitation from DICK to a hunting trip!" The fight over race is still the same dynamic with different labels. Foreign policy, oddly enough, is not affected that much because OBL IS DEAD, and President Obama got him - or ordered the aforementioned "got him!" Mittens still thinks the Ruskies are our biggest enemy. Wrong decade, dude! Hell...WRONG CENTURY!!

"The Interview" - Ah...Miss SC...Memories! :D Now, I need to try to dig up Miss Opposite Marriage chickadee. HA! Mittens wants to talk his business record - NOT his time as Governator of MA. President Obama has no problem talking about Mittens business shtick. :) EJ Dionne's got a new book out called Our Divided Political Heart. I like him a lot, so I might have to try to read the mother. HOWEVER, I'm still waiting for my autographed copy of Rachel's book; it must be lost in teh mail. ;D Mr. EJ's in studio; he was actually interviewed on NPR the other day about his book. So, I imagine some of this interview will not be new to me. Conservatives USED TO be concerned about community if you can imagine that. The GOBP used to be all over infrastructure repair, road works, etc. Now? Well...not so much. His thoughts about Alexander Hamilton, President Lincoln, and Henry Clay were brought up on NPR the other day. Mr. EJ strives for balance but is well aware that 99.9999999999999999999999999% of MENSA folk today are not interested in "balance," so there's no point in trying to work or reason with them.

"I Stand By My Statement that I Misspoke and I Apologize" - The MENSA Congress critter from CO who recently ignited the birther $hit apologized - sort of. He just kept repeating that $hit! O...M...G... It's been a bad week for birthers in the "Show Me Your Papers" state, too. Their AG was ready to take President Obama off the ballot. He's also Mittens' co - chair in that loverly state. He, too, has apologized - sort of.

"A Sign of Sloth and Laziness" - Jay Carney actually took the media to task today on Air Force I for buying into the Mittens' $hit without question. Even the WSJ discounted the President Obama Spending stuff. There's Mark Halperin - Mr. President Obama's a Dick punk. Yea, he'll be a paragon of fact - checking. Unemployment will probably be at 6% anyway by around 4 years from now if current economic policies continue.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Wed May 23, 2012 at 07:03 PM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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