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       Despite the naysayers among us, who love protecting illegal law firm acts, more than defeating Mitt Romney frauds & corruptions; we now are gathering steam in the case against Bain Capital federal frauds extra-ordinary. Romney has flipped into a flop as this old campaign video shows he saying he wants to limit monies/ PAC's and lobbyist in campaigns.

        We have alleged for a decade, the Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain in 2001 and that Bain did federal frauds vast - at that time. President Obama's own campaign now puts permanently to rest - the absurd notion - that Romney left Bain in 1999. When in fact Romney was CEO in August 2001 - during the eToys federal frauds. As noted upon Obama's campaign website "Romney was in charge--" it states that;

Romney claims to have severed ties with his firm in 1999, but, as the Washington Post notes, he maintained full sole ownership until 2001.

Romney was listed on multiple Bain filings in 2001 and 2002, still functioning as a general partner in several of the firm’s funds.

Romney continues to get a share of the firm’s profit now, bringing the Romney family millions of dollars each year. As the New York Times notes, “when it came to his considerable personal wealth, Mr. Romney never really left Bain.”

        President Obama's campaign website is making notes about GST Steel - a Kansas company; denoting that Romney was still in charge or "at" Bain in 2001. An issue that pales in comparison to the fact Bain Captial perpetrated federal frauds massively in 2001. Thus, we are left to assume that President Obama and his campaign are unaware's of the Bain/ eToys fraud & federal corruption issues. That is why we called the White House. After a lengthy conversation they said it was being refered to the Department of Justice and gave me the numbers and emails of President Obama's campaign office. I also took the initiative to call the FBI agents who are more familiar with the case; having their cell numbers. To alert them of the chances they are going to get a call from higher ups.

Mitt Romney "SAID" in 1994 - We Must Limit Campaign Monies

       Really not much to say here - this YouTube video from Akaczynskit - states all there is to say from Mitt Romney's own lips.


Issue now is Romney's Campaign Lying About Being Bain CEO 2001

      Previously, we pointed out - over and over again - that Bain Capital has perpetrated profuse amount of federal frauds in 2001. Doing so with criminal conspirator Goldman Sachs thru their mutual law firm Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel (MNAT).

      Naysays, legal professionals and trolls among us would rather protect those schemes - than admit there is evidence of public docket record proofs that Mitt Romney is unfit to be President of the United States. Remember - voting is secret. As our Grand Master = Meteor Blades = states in his siggy;

" Don't tell me what you believe,
                    show me what you do and I will tell you what you believe. "
      Well, for years, I and those who dared to support me, have suffered the slings and arrows of hate, veil campaigns, request to be HR'd/ donut'd and called CT or worse. Like this false and hateful comment that has now been exposed as vastly erroneous;
I don't think that's fair.

I believe the diarist is deeply wrong on much of what he says -- including the present diary, which fails to recognize a difference between serving as Chief Executive Officer of a company (which Romney ceased in 1999) versus being its owner (which continued until 2001) -- and occasionally libelous, but I see no benefit in alleging anything about his mental state.

I think when he engages in CT, folks should HR him, but let's deal with these diaries based on what is said, and not based on what we presume to be animating them.

       Campaign against Laser and calling facts CT has worked. Followers run for the hills when venerates make such spurious allegations as discretion is better than valor. Those who dare to openly hang with me and repeat the facts - find a campaign of followers seeking to start pie fights also.

        However, I can and do sincerely want to forgive and forget. The new issue of Romney finally becoming the GOP nominee is the important issue. The eToys Bain fraud story is absolutely Huge and Mitt Romney, the Robber Baron is more than likely also a Organized Criminal profiteer.

AGAIN - Proof Romney's Campaign is Lying About Leaving Bain in 1999

      Due to the fact that this case can single handedly result in an FBI raid of Bain & Goldman Sachs, the closing of several law firms and the complete end of Mitt Romney's politico career; it is important to not let up. It matters not - the pettiness/ envy or strife. All that matters is that President Obama defeat Mitt Romney - CORRECT!

     So, contrary to the commentor noted above and all his legal prowess. The fact of the matter is there has been a massive effort to foster the erroneous contention that Mitt Romney left Bain in 1999. This is not true, as the Obama campaign note proves. It cited the following items from the Washington Post and New York Times that the Romney campaign (like the digital emails when he was Mass. Governor) has not buried or destroyed.

Washington Post Proof Romney was still at Bain in 2001
     As remarked upon by WaPo in their story "Cash, Advice on Tap at Romney's Old Firm"  it denotes the proof of Romney's continued involvement in Bain in 2001. It actually quotes a Romney attorney  (R. Bradford Malt) who also manages Romney's personal finances - as saying;

In his autobiography, Romney wrote that he severed ties with Bain in 1999 when he took the Olympic job and told his partners he wasn't coming back. But R. Bradford Malt, one of Bain's lawyers, who now manages Romney's personal finances, said Romney took a leave of absence, "partly because of the speed it all happened and partly because it was a limited gig." That meant Romney retained full, sole ownership of the firm for two more years as he worked on the Olympics.

NY Times Corroborates Romney Left Bain in 2001
         It almost boggles the mind. It is as if the reporter did not like having to foster the BS and snuck in his own little contrary counter-bite. The New York Times article "Buyout Profits Keep Flowing to Romney" denotes multiple noteworthy issues corroborative.

Contradictory evidences noted by NY Times;
Eventually, Mr. Romney turned his sights beyond the business world. In February 1999, he left Bain to help turn around the troubled organization of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. In 2001, Mr. Romney announced that he had formally transferred his ownership of Bain Capital Inc. to other partners.

NOTE Romney Still Gets Millions From Bain Dealings

          As the NY Times states (noted ^^^) - Romney did NOT transfer ownership of Bain Capital to a team of partners until 2001. We need him to answer questions of direct knowledge of Bain Capital frauds in 2001 - as any CEO would have to do. TYCO's CEO went to jail for $6000 shower curtains - purportedly so heinous an act the parole board denied him a parole. Bain, Romney, their attorneys and Goldman Sachs lied, cheated and stole over $1 billion and corrupted the federal system of justice to assure no investigation. Much more a significant issue than the price of shower curtains.

         Despite the contrary viewpoints of the New York Times 2008 story, it made these notes apropos;

But behind the scenes, Mr. Romney had negotiated his retirement agreement. Although he would no longer be a partner, he would continue to be paid a part of the firm’s profits in buyout deals and other businesses, much as active partners were. The agreement would cover any new fund or venture started by his former partners until February 2009, although his stake would decline with each successive fund.

NY Times Additional Proof Romney Still Involved in Bain After 1999

        Giving further corroborative evidence that our allegations are spot on; the NY Times made the following notes on Romney's investments after 1999 - but changed before he became Governor of Massachusetts in 2003. Quoting NY Times stating;
A disclosure form filed with the Massachusetts Ethics Commission, detailing the Romneys’ finances for the previous year, reported stakes ranging from 2.1 percent to 16.5 percent of the firm’s share of the profits in several Bain funds created before Mr. Romney left.

After taking office in 2003, Mr. Romney moved the bulk of his assets into two blind trusts, according to his Massachusetts financial disclosures. Today, many of the family’s Bain assets appear to be held in Mrs. Romney’s blind trust.

      You can see other corroborative evidences that Mitt Romney was still CEO of Bain until at least August 2001 in the Diary "More Proof Romney's Camp Is Lying--". We now have undeniable and overwhelming proof from the likes of The Boston Globe, Romney's own Biography cited in the book "The Real Romney". John McCain's 200 page 2008 details that Mitt Romney has never denied. Another NY Times article. The Biz Journal in Boston, The Atlantic Wire and the undeniable filings by Mitt Romney and Bain at the SEC.

So Much For a Venerated Attorney's Bogus Contentions of Being CT & Libelous


Laser Calls the White House, FBI and Obama's Campaign Office

         Many people have gotten the bug on how big this story is becoming. We are talking to book publishing mavens, producers, documentary people and such. Truth is, once the story finally and totally breaks - that is when issues will explode into a new realm of action. Meanwhile, one potential agent/ PR person and an attorney suggested we call the White House. I had no idea john doe citizen's could do such a thing. So, yesterday, I called the number and actually spoke to a White House volunteer. She asked many questions. Then stated it was being refered to the Dept of Justice and our website software verifies they looked at us.

         Upon finishing the conversation, it was suggested we email the stuff to the White House and President Obama's campaign office. We were also given some numbers to call. It will take a week - or maybe even several weeks - for them to research all the data.

          Meanwhile, back in 2008, several conversations transpired with 7 different Special Agents at the FBI. Still having those phone numbers, I decided to reach out and see if they were aware the case was getting renewed attention. As well as making them aware they don't need to be instructed by someone that the case is old and toss out the files. Was suprised to learn that most of the agents were promoted out of their former offices. Which may explain alot.

- Just spoke again to Obama's Campaign Office.

Facts have to be reviewed by Compliance Officers for veracity.

                                 It is getting exciting.

Romney/ Bain Connections To Bad Faith Acts/ Parties

       Bain stole eToys by Fed Frauds to sell eToysl to Bain/ Kay Bee

       As we said, Bain and Romney's campaign is lying about his leaving Bain in 1999; when in fact he was CEO until August 2001. What happened in 2001 is Bain affiliated parties from Stage Stores, Kay Bee Toys and Bain attorneys apparently conspired to make a behind court doors deal to lie and became eToys federal estate attorneys.

      Then Bain stole the federal estate of eToys to sell it for in essense = Free = to Bain/ Kay Bee.  When evidence emerged to force confessions of some of the hidden relationships and a bribery attempt to further the scheme failed with the court appointed manager of eToys federal estate assets; a panic ensued.

        Apparently, in 2001, the Chairman of the Creditors Committee was forced to retire from Mattel, the court appointed manager was ostracized and a Bain law firm partner became the United States Attorney. Proof has now surfaced that DE US Attorney Colm Connolly was a partner at MNAT in 2001, the year the federal crimes transpired.

          Proof has also emerged that Mitt Romney left Bain as CEO in August 2001; the very month that President Bush nominated the Bain law firm attorney Colm Connolly, to become the DE US Attorney. Who then refused to investigate or prosecute the Bain bad faith acts for the entire 7 years; while never disclosing the fact he was connected to Bain's law firm MNAT.

Conclusion - Bain v Birther - What Win's?

        It is a real simple issue. Do we bash Romney & Bain for their bad faith acts or do we let Romney & Trump thump us for Birther B.S. issues. Especially given the fact that Romeny's own father ran for POTUS and was most definitely Not born in the United States. They were fleeing the US to do things illegal in the US when George Romney was born in Mexico.

         Bain & Goldman Sachs engaged in federal frauds extra ordinary. They believed they could bribe their way out of it. Romney himself said that money buying politics is no good. But that was only until he needed to take his money and buy his very own Bain protecting United States Attorney = who then betrayed his public oath of office and destroyed the case against Bain & Goldman Sachs law firm - MNAT (who the United States Attorney was a partner with).

        You can fool some of the people some of the time. But you can't steal from all of the people all of the time and then rub their noses in it.

         This is a case of Laser Haas v Bain & Goldman Sachs protected by the power of Mitt Romney; which just yesterday - was launched to the national level of review. You can sit on the side lines. Or you can join the evil mob of veiled agendas and assault Laser Haas. Chances are, they may kill me anyway = as there are 7 dead in this case already (including the Brother of a MN Asst US Attorney).

       Or you can get off your ass and join do something special, noble and good

                          and helpd defeat the Organized Criminal Mitt Romney

      Unless - we do like Jesse Ventura's FaceBook Pic of Bill Maher says and beat the crap out of the Romney/ Bain issues over and over - with the inflexible sword of truth.


   Bill Maher states with have to beat them with a stick.

      The stick we can Beat Romney with is his own words. He was out boasting again about how his Bain success makes he fit to be President of the United States. Do you believe that a man who puts monies off shore, refuses to show us some tax returns and has obviously benefited from federal frauds - is fit to run our country?

        We should Bane Romney with Bain Until he Surrenders or is Done!


Otherwise - We will Wind Up with Mitt Romney saying


Laser Is Tired Of Eating Troll and Attorney Bull [C]hit

         It is written by the great one among us. To not waste time telling us what you believe. That by what we do - what we believe becomes self evident.
         I am here, every single day - offering you all a chance to do something and be part of something fantastic. Eating [c]hit, being ostracized for simply telling the facts as they are. It is not only my civil right as a victim - it is my fiduciary duty as a citizen of the United States to stop white collar fraud, federal corruption; which includes Goldman Sachs, Paul Traub, the MNAT law firm, Bain and Mitt Romney.

          All the work has been done for you. No need to suffer. No need to sleep in storage lockers and wake up every time the wind creeks the tin. No need to cry over my daughter being abducted and them calling me to brag about it. No need to be scorned.  Are you going to continue to let trolls and attorneys assauge your from being involved in this great battle? Do you not see that I am handing up the kryptonite - the very achilles heel end - of Mitt Romney, Bain & Goldman Sachs?

                               You don't even need to mention my damn'd name.

                                Do something - or do nothing - The Choice is YOURS!

You can sit at the bar and brag how you stood on the side lines or even helped the bad faith people among us - by joinging that mob - and doing Laser Haas in.

                      Who cares if Romney is then able to Steal the White House - Right!

                                                 Fruk Laser and eToys.

     Or, you can take notice that Mitt Romney and Bain make a habit of putting companies into bankruptcy and dong federal fraud. How Kay Bee Toys and eToys - While in Bain control - filed bankruptcy multiple times and then STILL wound back up at Bain, that now owns Toys R Us - which owns Kay Bee Toys, FAO Schwartz and eToys by federal frauds.

       If you took notice and stood by with us and helped report these crimes and even signed this Petition. You can then drink beer at bars for the rest of your life and even tell your grand children how you helped stopped a Ruthless, Robber Baron and his Organized Criminal Empire from becoming the President of the United States.

                    All I am asking for in this PETITION- is an honest federal investigation

                                      Is that too much to ask?

                                           Do what you will Do = We Will See!

UPDATE - The good people are starting to pay attention.

What is it gonna take for you to get involved and tell about Bain/ Romney Lies and Frauds?

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