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     As we continue to press for a honorable investigation into the Bain & Goldman Sachs frauds in the eToys case; the momentum is building. Meanwhile, others are beginning to study the Real Bain & Romney methods of operation. Robert Reich took the time to make this compelling video available of how ruthless capitalism gets obscenely rich. You can see it on either MoveOn.Org (here) and YouTube;

      I tip my hat to Robert Reich. He has done a most excellent job of explaining the bad faith, ruthless - Robber Baron'esque - ways of Mitt Romney & Bain.

      However, Mr. Reich is missing a piece of the puzzle. There are times, like in Kay Bee Toys and eToys, where Mitt Romney's Bain Capital engages in illegal acts and Perjury/ Fraud to accomplish their profit goals. After all, Lying is permitted by the Mormon religion. Just nothing in that passage though, about lying Under Penalty of Perjury in a federal court while perpetrating massive frauds on the court. But - hey - wants a future god have to worry about - anyway!

Romney Says America Can't Stand Crony Capitalism

     Yes, that is what Mitt Romney said, Governments and loans (like SBA) should not transpire. When loans occur to entities who have donated anything to Democratic fund raisers.

     Mitt Romney considers it to be "Crony Capitalism" and Romney says America can't stand for it. Though money to GOP is alright as youe know IOIYAR (It's Okay If You Are Republican).

Romney Says His Campaign Will Not Pander To Get Your Vote

Mitten's says People

                         can tell when Politicians are being Phoney

Romney Believes Money Plays An Important Role in Washington

      Mitten's, in his campaign against Ted Kennedy, speaks more about "Crony Capitalism" and actually says (Hold on to your Hat) - that;

We Should Have Campaign Spending Limits

Romney's 2012 Campaign Expects to Raise $1 Billion


       So the flipper has flopp'rd again. Mitt Romney now rejects his former stance on restricting campaign finance donations and - instead - seeks to be the 1st President of the United States candidate to raise $1 Billion.

                                          He's gonna need it!

Romney is Hiding From Being Bain Capital CEO in 2001

        Everywhere you go, you see over and over again. That Romney's PACs, Press and campaign is putting forth the erroneous premise that Mitt Romney left Bain in 1999. This is because he has something to hide. Here's a tidbit of what that is.

Bain Capital Perpetrated Federal Frauds when Romney was CEO in 2001

         Until the full investigation breaks, we have to - continuously - repeat the fact that Bain Capital perpetrated federal frauds in 2001. That Mitt Romney was CEO until August 2001. Then give you the "EVENT" which happened in 2001 - they wish to hide from.

This is our email to the White House and many other high profiled persons;

Subject: Fw: Romney/ Bain Facts

Reason why Romney's camp is perpetrating lies about him leaving Bain in 1999.
We have the real reason they have to distance themselves from issues in 2001
It is ALL public docket records/ evidences.

Now that the Truth has emerged - that Romney was the CEO of Bain until August 2001; please consider detailing these public docket record facts.  

They are hiding from the fact that Bain has schemed to monopolize the independent retail Toy Industry by Fed Frauds eToys is the case - which if honorably investigated  - would end Romney/ Bain and Sachs  handled the merger of Romney/ Bain's "The Learning Company" with Mattel in 1999 (Mattel immediately lost billions of dollars on the deal and had to give it away for free to Gores Technology Group

In 1999 eToys went public with share prices above $78 - via a Goldman Sachs IPO
MNAT is Goldman Sachs attorney in Delaware also (DE is where eToys is a registered corp)

eToys only received $16.50 and sued Goldman Sachs in NY Supreme Court on that issue (601805/2002). However, you will not be able to see the NY Supreme Ct case of eToys (ebc1) vs Goldman Sachs - because we provided proof that (in essence) Goldman Sachs was suing Goldman Sachs and the Entire case is now put Under SEAL

In 2000, Romney owned 800,000 shares of Stage Stores; which was in BK in TX (S TX 00-35078) At Stage Stores/ Co Debtor Liquidity Solutions (Extremely important) - Barry Gold worked for Romney/ Stage as Asst to Directors at Stage Stores, Barry Gold also worked for Jack Bush (Dallas) and also worked for Director Michael Glazer (who was CEO of Kay Bee Toys) Barry Gold (illicitly) hired his partner (Paul Traub) law firm to work at Stage Stores and got caught

Then, "inside" the high levels of the Toy Industry - in 2000 - Bain acquired Kay Bee Toys. Also in 2000, by advice of Goldman Sachs eToys planned to file Bankruptcy
But that was put off as Paul Traub became attorney of eToys Creditors and put it off (Wells Fargo issue) till March 2001

In March 2001, MNAT lied (now Confessed) about Bain, Mattel & Goldman Sachs connections In order to become the eToys Debtors counsel (Lying Under Oath to hide Conflicts of Interest is Fraud) Paul Traub also lied about his connections to Wells Fargo/ Bain/ Michael Glazer, Goldman Sachs etc. Then, MNAT and Paul Traub conspired and placed Barry Gold (Traub's personal partner) in as CEO of eToys

Then, in essence, Bain (MNAT, Traub & Gold) sold ("OUT") their court approved clients
to their (UNdisclosed) secret clients Bain/ Kay Bee (Michael Glazer)

FOR FREE (just like TLC and Mattel)

Yours Truly was hired by the Court/ eToys to maximize returns at a minimum of expense. When we learned something fishy was going on (did not get full proof until 4 years later) Bain, Traub, MNAT and Gold offered us an $850,000 bribe 3 times in 2001. When I said no to that bribe in the fall of 200 - that sent a panic throughout their realm.

August 2001 Mitt Romney gives up being CEO of Bain and an MNAT law firm partner (Colm Connolly) is nominated to be the DE US Attorney. Who, for 7 years. Refused to investigate and/ or prosecute MNAT, Bain, Goldman Sachs, Traub, Gold etc

His former partners and their clients/ partners

Proof Romney was CEO of Bain until August 2001  

White House Federal Archive proof that MNAT partner (Connolly) was nominated to be US Attorney Aug 2001

Colm Connolly's Resume now Archived at DOJ Office of Legal Policy website

Now you have proof of why Bain & Romney's campaign is lying about him leaving Bain in 1999 and a verious serious issue of massive federal frauds, deliberate destruction of a public company with a federal corruption issue large enough to warrant Congressional/ Senate hearings

Kay Bee Toys & eToys were each in bankruptcy several times' Each time Paul Traub was the attoney and every single time - Bain got a super deal.

Now - Toys R Us (owned by Bain) owns Kay Bee, FAO Schwartz & eToys
all when Paul Traub was purportedly helping the Creditors (the Toys industry)



             Robert Reich has about 1/10th of the issues of Romney & Bain figured out. What he did not address in that video, are the efforts to buy an election. Nor are the issues of corrupting our federal systems of justice addressed.

             In 2001 - forward - Bain Capital has perpetrated over 100 federal frauds, plus state statutory violations. There's also been personal mayhem issues, threats of death, violence, kidnappings and promises to destroy my career (that one they fulfilled already).

             Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain in 2001 and left when a bribe of large monies failed to achieve the desired result. Being that Romney says he hates crony capitalism, while Bain and their cohorts engage in that and corruption too - his forked tongue and twisted brain could Not understand my turning down his offer of wealth and a key to the good ole boys club.

            Thanks to good people here and some huge significants in social media - we are now talking to the people that matter. It is only an issue of time to get up to speed, before prosecutors and President Obama's campaign veryify what has transpired. Then the real battles will begin.

                                It aint' easy, to get arrested - the big sleazy!


Would you do a Youtube video entry for a contest to address Mitt Romney issues?

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