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Sources in the Poster

Romney has pledged to appoint conservative justices in the mold of the current conservative justices:

Senate Race Toss-Ups:

Also: Average Supreme Court Retirement Age:

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T-shirt Contest in the Comments!

QUESTION: Whose silhouette is used as the third Romney SCOTUS appointee? There's a hidden but perhaps probable message in it. (Hint, the silhouette is of a male). Give it your best figuring! If this post hits the rec list, the first person with the correct answer in the comments gets a t-shirt sent to the, one they choose from among these shirt designs. I'll reveal the person and announce the winner in the comments by Sunday June 3 at 5PM CST.

The winner is Jack K, who correctly identified the silhouette as belonging to Joseph Smith, Jr. (see picture here), the founder of Romney's church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Momonism). Jack K, please email me at to collect your shirt. Honorable mention goes to Uncle Igor, who guessed it was the Sesame Street character Big Bird. Seriously, that was just hilarious, and looking at the silouhette--well, sheesh, okay, good guess! :-)


This poster may seem partisan to some Occupy purists, and Occupy Wall Street [New York]'s stated position is to be non-partisan, although not all regional Occupy movements adhere to that. But look at the poster again. It doesn't actually take a position. It presents two scenarios and asks, "Any Questions?" The poster is the work of its designer and should be considered internal Occupy criticism against an arguably inane notion among some Occupiers that Republicans and Democrats are equivalent and that voting does not matter. Obviously, the designer of this poster shows otherwise.

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