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There are a number of factors that are negatively affecting the American economy, the Euro-crisis being one of the most significant that is out of our control.  But make no mistake about what we are seeing here in our own country that is crippling middle class families and hurting our overall economy.

We are seeing in full swing a radical Republican plan to win political power by killing jobs and weakening the middle class. And this is not just politics as usual, this is the most cynical and destructive partisan strategy yet.

The Republican plan to win political power by killing jobs started in 2009 by declaring that their number one priority was to see our President fail. The next step was to obstruct all legislation that could create jobs. They followed that up by sowing severe doubt and fear in the economy last August by fabricating a fake crisisover the debt ceiling. They caused rigid stalemate by opposing any balanced plan to reduce the deficit. And now they are threatening to default on America’s debt again.

They refuse to let a highway bill out of Congress, directly taking hundreds of thousands of jobs out of the economy. They insist on cutting taxes again for millionaires, oil companies and corporations that ship jobs overseas, while making middle class families pay for every spending cut.

Their approach is fiscally irresponsible, economically unsound, and morally indefensible.

What we are seeing is not simply the usual partisan disagreements in Washington. The independent scholars Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein said we are witnessing the most partisan environment in their 40 years of analyzing Congress and that the Republicans are at fault for blocking anything that President Obama might want.

Republican leaders in Congress are knowingly consigning a generation of American families, students and seniors to a lower standard of living and are threatening America's standing in the world economy, all for one crass, partisan purpose – to win political power on behalf of their special interest supporters.

The Republican plan to win political power by killing American jobs is not just politics as usual, it is the most cynical and destructive partisan strategy yet.

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