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Call me a conspiracy theorist but I will never believe that the results of the election were ACCURATE.

It is my belief that the Rove factors that were in place for George Bush's re-election were at play here, only on steriods as President Clinton said. We know very well that
when Republicans find a winning tactic THEY KEEP USING IT.

I have tried to tell people to keep their eyes on those ELECTION MACHINES AND THE PEOPLE MAKING THEM AND RUNNING THEM.

I know some people wanted to keep Walker but just as many wanted him gone. I also
think that with all the bad laws they passed, most people did not want a continution of the same. This makes me doubt the validity of the voting.

The source of these problems come from the Koch Brothers, Wall St Bankers and the Old Confederate Dixiecrats now known as the Radical Right.

The Southern slaveholders were in bed with the New York Bankers because money could be made off of black slaves. They could be worked to death and then INSURANCE COLLECTED OFF THEM AFTER THEY DIED. Even their dead bodies were worth money.
so they can propagate ANY lie they choose as the truth and sell it to the people who
will not bother to find out the facts. These same people will then ADVOCATE AND VOTE

When the Dixiecrats lost their power over the lives of Black People, they knew they could no longer rig the votes to KEEP THEMSELVES AND THEIR COHORTS IN POWER MAKING LAWS THAT FAVORED THEM. That is the way they kept their power in ALL of the previous centuries. They gave themselves extra votes with the 3/5 laws and northerns went along. They had power they DIDNT DESERVE by making rules specifically for their benefit in the Constitution.

I know Adams and the rest went along to get the nation started BUT THEY DIDNT HAVE TO ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE AFTER THE CIVIL WAR. They let the South go back to their same old way of thinking they could do what they feel like in southern states and never mind what the majority wanted. They got their own appointed to the
Supreme Court to ok Jim Crow and Separate but Equal knowing full well it was automatically UNEQUAL if some people are kept out of places an activities because of
skin color or race. They knew the places ie schools and rest rooms were HOVELS and definitely unequal.

They also knew that Black People were paying the SAME taxes as everyone else but NOT getting the same benefits.

It is the same now. The South hooked itself up with Republicans and have taken over.
They have turned the Republican Party into neanderthals. Persons with no courage to
take a stand against the lunatics of the South. They deny all science with a straight face
while using that same science every day. Through the Media they accuse others of doing the VERY THINGS they are doing themselves and the Media lets them. Notice not one Media person is calling Boehner, Canton, Ryan or McConnell out on what they are doing to get the economy going. IT IS AS IF THEY ARE INVISIBLE. These is not journalism this looking out for their own paychecks.

DixiePubs have managed to appoint their own personal Supreme Court Judges who are literally changing the laws and nullifying previous rulings BECAUSE THEIR OWNERS WANT THEM TO. These right wing judges have not the ethics nor character to sit on the Supreme Court and the people have to act to reign them in. Public has to act to get laws passed to bann the secret meetings and associations that PRESENT EVEN A PICTURE OF CORRUPTION. They simply cannot be trusted with the welfare of this nation.
Our entire Democracy is at risk as long as they sit on that court. Please read the
Farewell Address of George Washington written in 1797.

Every corrupt event that is happening now, President Washington warned us about.
He was a man of great prescience. Also read his Last Will and Testament, written in 1799, I believe, shortly before his death.

You will see that he was a man CONCERNED WITH WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO THE BLACK PEOPLE IN HIS CARE. You can see he knew that slavery was a damaging issue in our society and did what he could to mitigate it in his own life. He made very specific
mandates in that they could not be sold from the estate, that their families were not to be separated and he made provision for their welfare for the rest of their lives. He also
said they were to be taught a vocation so that they would be able to make a living and not be depended on anyone.

He freed his groom straight away with a life pension. He states for his help in the Revolutionary War and also his attachement to him. The rest of the slaves were to be free after his wife died. There is much to read in his Will so I wont deny you the pleasure of reading it for yourself. G. Washington was a man of great character and
a constant thinker. He remembered his relatives and friends, appearing to what to make sure that they realized his affection for them.

I deviated from the main issue just to try and make you see the difference between men of character and those trying to present themselves as men of character.

The object of Rove, Koch Bros and Wall St. and the Southern Republican Party is to control the direction of this nation as they did before. To set up the NEW JIM CROW LAWS.

The New Jim Crow Laws will bann All Unions, Put poll taxs on voting so that only those vote whom they choose is eligible. Rig the voting machines to make DOUBLY sure
the persons they choose will be elected.

To nullify any and all laws that they oppose. To jail undesirables at will. To set up segregated facilities again BY THE SUPREME COURT STATING THAT IT IS A PERSONS RIGHT TO DENY SERVICE TO ANYONE THEY WANT TO IE RON AND RAN PAUL'S IDEAS.

They plan to LOWER WAGES, DENY VACATIONS AND SICK TIME, OUT SOURCE ALL JOBS ESPECIALLY GOVERNMENT. Outlaw public education by making it vouchers, which will not cover much costs and leave the people with the bill personally. They plan to
make Medicare a voucher and leave the old people holding the bills because the vouchers will cover nothing in the end. THE BIGGEST THING WILL BE TO MAKE THE PEOPLES BANK ACCOUNTS AND CREDIT CARDS OPEN SEASON WITH THE BANKS AGAIN. They will be able to do what they will and charge what they will.

You may think that I exaggerate but I assure you that as sure as day follows night, this is the Southern Republican plan for the rest of the nation and their right hand men

If we the voters dont resist this with all our strength, this nation is going to be a
footnote in history. It will be the decline and fall of Democracy in America.


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