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Last night, Jon Stewart was quite exasperated at how Fox News is covering the story about the EPA using drones.

To be fair, not all drones are used for military purposes.  Some have peaceful domestic applications as well.  For instance, the EPA uses them out West to monitor farms to make sure they're not dumping cow shit in our drinking water.  Seems fairly benign, but does it have to?
STUART VARNEY (6/5/2012): When you use the word "drone", what do you think of?  You think terrorism.  You think death from the sky.
Oh my God.  You're not actually going to do this, are you?
MEGYN KELLY (6/5/2012): Spying on our nation's farmers?  Republican lawmakers demanding answers today, after learning that the Environmental Protection Agency has been using aerial spy drones for years to spy on cattle ranchers.  These are the same drones we use to track down al-Qaeda terrorists, flying over Nebraska and Iowa.
(in exasperated voice)  Megyn!!  We love each other!  Don't make me do this!

Those aren't the same drones, unless the EPA has Hellfire missiles on their drones!  They don't!  It's not the same thing!

Or is it?


MEGYN KELLY: You gotta picture yourself, right, as one of these Midwestern farmers, because what's been in the news lately?  The fact that President Obama has killed more terrorists with drones than any other President.  That President Obama has a so-called "kill list".  And that on that kill list, sometimes civilian casualties go as well. ... Even an American terrorist, an American al-Qaeda, was killed by a drone.  So now you're in the Midwest, and you know you're not a terrorist, but nonetheless you gotta get a little squeamish when you see a drone going overhead.

STUART VARNEY: What are you supposed to think?


Who in their right mind would even make that connection??  That's what I'm saying!!

Look, guys, if the idea of a drone is scary to you, maybe we should find a less threatening face to put on the drone, make it seem less intimidating.


JEANNE MOOS: Liftoff for the cat-copter, a remote-controlled helicopter made out of a dead cat.  There's a propeller attached to each paw.

BART JANSEN: I really love this cat, and for me, this is a way to actually make him eternal.

(shocked audience reaction)

Remember, folks, at home if you're watching, remember to spay or neuter your drones.

Video below the fold.

Jon also covered the results of the Wisconsin recall with Samantha Bee.
Stephen also covered the Wisconsin recall, and had some angry union workers on his crew to deal with.
He then pitched a reality show set on Mars, and then profiled the story of a bingo ban in Bald Knob, Arkansas.
Jon talked with Michael Fassbender, and Stephen talked with Neil Patrick Harris.

Originally posted to BruinKid on Thu Jun 07, 2012 at 05:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group and DKOMA.

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