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Republicans care so much about our country that they worry endlessly over how our tax dollars are spent. Although I don't recall them being all that concerned over spending during the previous administration, they certainly are concerned now that a Democratic President is residing in the Oval Office. I'm still a novice when it comes to diaries and posting photo's, but I did want to share my sunday morning with you as I watched republicans, specifically the Bush family, enjoying a lovely, sunny day on the beautiful coast of Maine.

Now many people come to Maine for a pleasant summer vacation filled with sun, seafood and surf, but not at the taxpayer's expense and it definitely doesn't include helicopters picking them up from their beach house for a ride out to a nuclear powered aircraft carrier located just off shore. Follow your money with me below the fold.  

Yesterday I'd heard from a friend that the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush would be off the coast of Kennebunkport sunday morning. So rising early and always wanting to be a witness to fiscally responsible conservatives, Mr. PB and I headed down to the beach. Sure enough there was an aircraft carrier on the horizon. George the 1st is having a birthday tuesday and someone thought it would be neat for him to visit a big boat.

Bush and his wife, Barbara, along with their son, former President George W. Bush, and his wife, Laura, will fly to the carrier on Sunday morning, accompanied by other family members and security.
Mr. PB and I watched as four helicopters flew up and down the surrounding beaches making sure the coast was clear, probably waiting for the Bushes to finish breakfast before at least one landed at Walker's Point to pick them up and fly them out to the ship. They probably spent about an hour aboard before flying home. Security as always was tight employing local (my tax dollars) as well as federal (our tax dollars) officers. Six hours later helicopters are still buzzing overhead costing money. The Portland Press Herald has more:
The Bushes will take photos with crew members, and other family members who haven't been on board before will be given tours.
And I surely don't want to forget this:

The Carrier Mission is:
To provide a credible, sustainable, independent forward presence and conventional deterrence in peacetime.
To operate as the cornerstone of joint/allied maritime expeditionary forces in times of crisis.
To operate and support aircraft attacks on enemies, protect friendly forces and engage in sustained independent operations in war.
To provide pleasure trips and photo-ops for the Bush family in Kennebunkport.

Did I mention that the USS George H.W. Bush cost 6.2 BILLION dollars? George the lesser awarded the contract to Northrop Grumman on January 26, 2001 as one of his first orders of business after his appointment to office.  And why is it off the coast of Maine when "we are a nation at war?" I mean shouldn't it be somewhere like the Strait of Hormuz? Isn't Iran a dire threat of smoking guns and mushroom clouds?

So the next time you see John Bonehead crying his crocodile tears over the state of our economy, or any of the other hypocritical bloviaters screaming about democratic spending on infrastructure or programs that benefit the poor it is my hope that you will remember how the Bush family spent their sunday morning. Oh to be the idle rich playing with their boats and whirlybirds on the taxpayers dime. When it comes to republicans wasting our money.... "Mission Accomplished."

Mon Jun 11, 2012 at 7:26 AM PT: Well my diary, which I expected to scroll away, certainly sparked some interest and good debate. My apologies to those who thought I was being petty. That was not my intent. Thank you all for stopping by as I certainly value everyone's opinion.

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