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Here is an excerpt from The Raging Chicken Press about Mitt Romney's no show at a campaign event.  He skipped because of demonstrators and Ed Rendell.

Mitt Romney was supposed to kick off his “jobs and economy” bus tour at a Quakertown Wawa earlier today, but he decided to skip the scheduled event. About 400 – 500 people had gathered to greet the Republican presidential candidate – but about half of those were anti-Romney. Demonstrations in opposition to Romney  were called by former Governor Ed Rendell and Fight for Philly.  Romney decided to double down on Ed Rendell’s new book title, A Nation of Wusses, and skip being confronted by demonstrators, opting instead for  lunch with Wawa executives.  But before I go much further, I’ve got to remark that it’s really ironic that Romney wanted to kick off a “jobs” tour at an establishment that offers low wage / minimum wage jobs inside a state with a Governor and legislature that is busting middle class union jobs in favor of low-wage jobs.

The scene that ensued at the Quakertown Wawa took Jay Gould’s infamous statement during the Great Southwest Railroad Strike of 1886  about dividing the working class and made it a reality.  The 19th century railroad owner stated “I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half,” and today’s event proved that there is deep animosity between supporters of the two major political parties (there was no physical violence at today’s event).  The two prevailing theories on how to fix the economy were prevalent today.  The working class Romney supporters, which numbered around 150 to 200 people, believe the propaganda that is spewed from the Kochs and the Armeys of the world.  They believe that we need to bust private and public unions so we can be wage competitive with developing countries and that we must lower taxes on the rich.  I was beside myself listening to these talking points coming from working class people.  The opposition held two counter rallies at the scene.  One rally was hosted by Governor Ed Rendell and MC’d by Patrick Murphy.  This rally drew the Democratic party establishment.  The second rally was hosted by Fight for Philly and had working class people  speaking out against the Technocrat and his ventures with Bain Capital.

After the Mitt Romney welcome wagon – a Cadillac Escalade placarded with investment firms and banks that support Mitt Romney and a fake dog strapped to the top of the SUV – made its appearance, the festivities began and the sparks began to fly.  The scene didn’t get tense until the Fight for Philly rally began.  The group had a few speakers talking about their struggles.  The scene remained extremely peaceful, but the intensity picked up when the Romney camp decided to come across to the other side of the field and chant over those on the microphone.  Their ignorance about the current economic situation along with their lack of compassion showed.

The first speaker – who I was able to record on video – gave a short statement about his former job as a steel worker at Fairless Works, a steel mill that was located in Levittown, Pennsylvania.  He was a third generation worker at the plant and claimed that he along with 50,000 other people, were victims of Bain Capital, who bought the business, laid off the workers and sold it for a profit.  His statement began with populist egalitarian views such as taxing the rich and feeding the poor, but as he began to talk about the investment firm, the Romney supporters began to yell about how it was the unions who destroyed this country.  They were attacking one of the only institutions that fights for middle-class wages and safe work place conditions.  The ignorance of the Romney supporters was in overdrive, especially when a drunken older man received applause for shouting borderline racist slurs about the president.  He slurs included “The Muslim Brotherhood is in the White House” and “Lock up your daughters because Sharia Law is coming to America.”  The crowd was supporting cheering the man who passed out drunk an hour before the event began.

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