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I hate people who defend the status quo.

I hate them.

This morning, I've gotten into two arguments with people on Facebook about status-quo issues. I'll just deal with one, here, because it's more political.

The issue is one of fairness. Treating people fairly.

The opponent I'm facing says that job outsourcing is just the way things are, fairness is a myth, and we all should just get over it.

I kind of strongly disagree with that position. Follow me over the fleur-de-Kos for some discussion?

This discussion started when a friend of mine posted the graphic below:

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One of the first respondents to that graphic said the following:

Fair is for children's games. All illegals out NOW.

I responded that perhaps we should consider that corporations are the culprit in both cases, and we should crack down on corporations, who are the common problem both in hiring illegal immigrants at shit wages and in outsourcing higher-paying jobs overseas. His response?

That's not fair to the corporations. The only fairness is equal application of the law to everyone, and that means kicking the illegals out. Also, politics and any other macro structure is inherently unfair and always will be, so just get used to it. And anyway, my opinion is the one the majority holds, so it's right.

Uh huh.

Dude, your opinion is a) disgusting and b) wrong. Let me take these two points one at a time.

First, your opinion is disgusting because it is morally offensive. Despite the lie promulgated by the corporatocracy and unfortunately supported by the Supreme Court, corporations are not people. They are not the same class of entities as real human beings. In a fair and just world, such as the one our Founders envisioned, corporations don't deserve fairness. They deserve regulation and control.  

They especially don't deserve fairness after what they've done to our economy, to our workers, and yes, to the illegal workers they are hiring at shit wages. They deserve to have laws with real teeth come down on them like several tons of bricks.

Individuals deserve fair treatment. Corporations deserve a third-place status on the social and political hierarchy (with individuals' needs being the first-place, and everything else besides corporations being the second-place).

But in your opinion, we should just throw up our hands and say "That's the way the world works"? We shouldn't try to improve it based on our ideals of liberty and justice for ALL? Really? And your defense is that your position is the majority position? Do you even get how weak a defense that is for that position?

Wow, am I ever glad I will never live in your world. That's just weaksauce with weak sprinkles and weak on the side.

Your opinion is both weak and disgusting.

On to point 2: it's also wrong. History shows this. If we had never challenged "the way things are," or "the way the world works," we'd all still be British citizens. There would still be slaves. Women would still not have the vote. GLBTQ people would be in jails and/or insane asylums. This country was FOUNDED on challenging "the way things are." The fact that we've gotten complacent about it, and that people who continue to challenge the status quo get demonized, simply tells me that we've drifted from our ideals. It's time to get back to them - time to get back to being revolutionary again.

So I will continue to challenge the way things are. I will continue to defy the status quo. And if you don't, well... then you disgust me, because you have no concept of what America is all about.  

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