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Charlie Butchart-Cullen, 3, and her sister Sophia Butchart-Cullen, 1, sit in a wagon at the LA Pride parade in West Hollywood, California, June 10, 2012. The parade is part of the annual Los Angeles lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride celebration in West Hollywood.
Only school prayer could've prevented this. (Reuters)
The goods are below the fold!

One Hundred Million walking abortions in America in one day and nobody remembers the Day: June 25, 1962

THE DAY: JUNE 25, 1962!
In commemoration of the 50th anniversary. June 25, 1962 RIP Great God Our King!

On June 25, 1962 Supreme Court of The United States of America: Engel v. Vitale, 370 U.S. 421 (1962).
Ruling: Government-directed prayer in public schools violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, even if the prayer is denominationally neutral and students may remain silent or be excused from the classroom during its recitation. ( For 183 years and from the foundation of our
country and under our Founding Fathers this was not so!)

From this ruling came forth an American generation which knew not the Lord. This new Godless generation brought forth Evil and Godless laws that now govern the land. Now we want to impose upon a Godless people laws adhering to the Godly principles and Values of Life, Honor and morality.
"Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing."John 15: 4-5.  Unless our children are attached to the vine, abortions, immorality and evil shall cover the land. Please understand that if the tree is evil the fruit will be evil. You cannot destroy an evil tree by attacking the fruit. No, the only way to remove an evil tree is from the roots. And Engel VS. Vitale is the root and Roe VS. Wade is the fruit. That is why no matter how herculean our efforts they will be in vain.

So what is the Answer? Step one: To return Voluntary prayer back to Public Schools through Amendments to The United States Constitution. Please join me in prayer that the Lord Jesus Christ bring His answers to light. " When the solution is simple, God is answering." Albert Einstein.
When the time is right Perhaps the Amendments the Lord Gave me may even be considered.
God Save America and our children!!!

What's stopping kids from praying in school now?

Oh, I get it. You want it shoved down their throats! Voluntarily, of course.

Wazzup house Negroes?

Best thing I've ever written.

It's a parable. A PARABLE.

I redefined a word in order to unite ALL of us.

Then I couldn't even defend myself or explain myself because my posts would not be visible.

Then I was blocked - from my own diary!

Look, I'm not an asshole or a troll.

UNLOCK my diary - Wazzup house Negroes? so that I may improve the content of your blog.

Um ... no.
Missing the Action

In my abscence, the Kos is missing the action in the greatest attempt to overthrow our government since the Civil War.
It is tragic, but you give no impression that you are aware that such action is even occurring.
I can't make this long story short.
It appears to be benign ignorance.
when will you wake up !?


Who tried to overthrow the government during the Civil War?
Hypocrisy at Daily Kos

I am a longtime anarchist and environmental activist. I have also been on the Daily Kos "action e-mail list" for almost two years, for whatever that's worth.

But this morning I discovered that Daily Kos has extreme intolerance for anyone who dares to deviate from the script of gay activists — no matter how articulately or rationally dissent is expressed. A lengthy and thoughtful comment of mine was censored for no good reason, and I was subjected to blatant personal attacks in the process.

So I'm done with your organization, and I hope you fail soon. Social change should not be ushered by authoritarian control freaks. That makes you no better than the fascists. In fact, it makes you worse, because you pretend to be egalitarian when you're not.

Premise 1: We support equal rights for all.
Premise 2. You hate the gays.
Conclusion: Therefore, we're worse than fascists because we're only pretending to support civil rights for all?

I think your argument is missing a premise or three.

Ya Suuuuck a biiiiig diiiiick

you people haven't a clue but when hell comes a calling all you libtards, homobama and all the rest of the idiots will pay...

Hell sounds fabulous!
truth time faggot!

I'm 100% straight and I'll tell you what: noone would care a shit abotu homos if you kept it private. but no, you have to force even christian states to accept faggot marriage, and this is where your wrong, since polls show its not only illegal but very very unpopular, mostly because MOST AMERICANS ARE NOT FAGS!

very simple: keep your weird gay shit to yourself and theres ZERO"anti-gay" laws because theres no need, if you keep your fag-marriage in vermont and taxachusets.

anal fucking, dudes sucking cocks, leather pants... sound like anormal marriage? Not really, which is why normal americans don't live in hollywood. Sure you can take advice from Clooney, sean penn and "Lady gaga", but they don't represenent anyone but weird rich liberal assholes. Go ahead, you'll lose by 50 points.

Obama is th most unpopular president with no support outside govt unions and leftist communists and billionaire asshoels like SOROS!Please tell some more lies about how SOROS is not on your side! pretend, pretend, pretend... LIELIELIELIELIELIELIELIE

Queers are sick perverts no matter how much govt propaganda you make us watch, you do know we can read the Bible, right?you know we can read the Constitutiont, right? POP QUIZ: Please explain how two guys can make babies??? tick tick tick...  BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Aaaaaand you fail!Secret isthis: two guys can only go to hell, not make babies, which is against nature! Welcome to hell!!!

Huh. Who knew 54 percent of Americans live in Hollywood?
Gallup poll chart, 54% believe gay/lesbian relationships are moral, 42 percent don't.

Are you ladies and guys for real with your slobbering love affair with the "cool, first gay president" with the "private sector doing well?"
Are you victims of public education or just morons?


tom gasior

Hi Tom! Your nominee is Mitt Romney. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I win.


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