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There were so many private jets that one fundraiser joked that tiny Heber City Municipal Airport nearby "looked like an Air Force base."

Romney's political operation seemed to all but shut down and relocate to the mountains of Utah. At least 15 senior campaign figures flew in for what blue-blazered guests from Texas, North Carolina and New York dubbed Republicanpalooza, delivering briefings on the effectiveness of Romney's and Obama's commercials and spinning them through the latest polling data, which they said showed the race as a dead heat.

The Romney campaign offered donors who gave $50,000 or raised $100,000 intimate seminars and discussions featuring leading Republican lights, past and present: Karl Rove, Condoleezza Rice, James Baker III, John McCain and Jeb Bush, whose presence represented a symbolic embrace of a candidate who struggled to win over the disparate elements of his party in the bruising primary.

The Romney campaign took pains to personalize the experience. Arriving guests received beige Vineyard Vines canvas bags embroidered with the campaign slogan "Believe in America." Inside was a Romney-branded navy blue baseball cap and pins that designated donation levels.

For wealthy Romney donors, access that's up close and personal
by Michael Barbaro, New York Times -- 06/23/2012

"Believe in America" -- and Mitt Romney, the new choice of the low-info voters ...

As if the Democratic Party doesn't believe in America.

As if the Barack Obama doesn't believe in America.

As if only Mitt Romney has lived the American Dream ...

Democrats are all about fairness and opportunity for ALL -- no matter where you start out from in life.

Republicans are about privilege and tax breaks for the Wealthy -- no matter what public programs, like Education, like Medicare, like Unemployment checks, they need to cut to shreds.

We believe in "lending a hand to those in need" -- you know actually providing for the "General Welfare" like the Constitution instructs us to do.

They believe in the mottos of "sink or swim" and "you're on your own" -- you know like their intellectual navel-gazers, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Ayn Rand (aka Paul Ryan), tell them they must do -- if they want to be "Real Americans."

A strong argument could be made that the Tea Party Conservatives, only believe in "personal wealth" -- grabbing it, keeping it, hoarding it -- no matter how many grand American "public" institutions around them, must falter and one day fail, in order to empower their ceaseless hoarding.

Tax Cuts for the Rich -- No matter how much America, retreats to the days of the Robber Barrons -- as long as they get to keep theirs -- then all remains well in their tunnel-vision world.  A fabled land where only the privileged few ever gain access to.  The exclusive club, where the size of private jets are the symbols of arrival and influence.

THAT is the America -- that Romney-Republicans believe in.

An America were the corporate-rich call the shots, and the rest us have little choice, but to fall in line.

A land where helping hands, never reach beyond their insurmountable gilded-gates.  

A land where if you are poor, it's your own damn fault, as their standard-bearers have been known to say.

A land of "Divide and Conquer" worker against American worker ... as Scott Walker has shown is a winnable way for them, to keep on hoarding.

You know the exact opposite of "Believing in America" ... the America that the Democratic Party believes in ... an America filled with Opportunity for all the People, NOT just the wealthy, privileged, Romney-few.

Meanwhile another slogan, brewing from another PAC, one actually on the side of the Workers of America ... which are few and far between these days, unlike the billionaire-brain-trust on Mitt-a-Millions hills ...

If Mitt Romney wins, the middle class loses.

A slogan worth repeating once or twice, if you still believe in the American Dream, for All

-- and not just an America of Mediocrity, where the Quarterly bottom-line, is the ONLY metric of success.  You know the Republican's version of the American Dream.

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