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Adding to Jamess's Great Diary:  'There were so many private jets, it looked like an Air Force base'+

TEAMWORK in the comments:  Many have provided research on different Romney $$ Palooza attendees in the comments below.

Thank you to those who provided some research about the Jet Set.  In order of presentation, a SHOUT OUT to busternjake, ThatPoshGirl, FWIW, dharmafarmer, RJDisom74135, PrescottPatriot, bluezen, Cali Scribe, Alumbrados, deweysmom, Villanova Rhodes, AZ RedWingsFan, and varro.

Also, Rolling Stone breaks down what some of Romney's Billionaire Boys Club hope to gain if they succeed in buying the Presidency this year.  I highly recommend reading

Right-Wing Billionaires Behind Mitt Romney They're trying to buy a presidency - and they expect a big payoff on their investment

Mitt Romney's Billionaire Friends Jet in for the Park City Retreat (Watch the sound, this is a Drive By Shooting of the scene at the Heber City Airport this weekend)

I thought it would be fun to see whose planes were flying in and out of the Heber City, Utah Airport (airstrip really), also called the Russ McDonald Field Airport.

You, too, can view Flight Tracker for Russ McDonald Field Airport here.

So I took screen shots of the Flight Tracker information and found the following Who's Who's flying in and out thinking these could be some of the Big Wigs attending Romney's $$ Palooza.

Screen shots below

I will update if and as I find more.  Also, one could imagine that there are others flying in and out of Salt Lake City Airport.  Haven't checked there yet.

Here's a picture of the airfield in Heber City, Utah.  It's really, really small.  

Heber City Airport  

Here's Arriving/Departing list of planes on 6/24/2012 at 2:42 PM EST

Flight Tracker, Heber City Airport 6:24:2012 242 PM EST

Arriving/Departing list of plaines UPDATED at 4:45 PM EST
Heber City Airport Flight Tracker 445 PM EST

Here's what I found.  Please keep in mind that coincidence could play a role.  That said it is possible that the following very wealthy people and entities could have parked their jets in Heber City this weekend because they were attending the Romney $$ Palooza.

Also, sadly, please keep in mind that Congress gave the 1% a Christmas present last year.  From Thom Hartman:

Internet tracking of private jets now blocked again. Koch brothers win again!

In short, the Uber Rich that use Jets like we use cars can Opt-Out and we can no longer track their Jets.

We'll begin with


Owner:    Jcpe Llc Address:    C/o Bain Capital Boston, MA 02199 United States

Bain Jets In For Romney Retreat

David W Griffin
Dvid W Griffin, Houston, TX

Capone Holdings, Wilmington, DE
Capone Holdings Wilmington, DE  

Concept Holdings, Clinton, TN
Concept Holdings Clinton, TN  

John Robert Sebo, Trustee, Salem, Ohio
John Robert Sebo, Trustee Salem OH  

Wells Fargo Bank W NA, Trustee Salt Lake City, UT
Wells Fargo Bank NW NA Trustee Salt Lake City, UT Destination Kenora CYQK  

Oakmont Corporation, Los Angeles, CA
Oakmont Corporation LA Calif  

Rooney Holdings Inc, Tulsa OK
Rooney Holdings Inc Tulsa, OK  

Ravencrest LLC, North Andover, MA
Ravencrest LLC, North Andover MA  

Smoke Shack LLC, Provo, UT
Smoke Shack LLC, Provo Utah  

Heath Family Aviation LLC
Heath Family  

Blaine A Womer, Hemet CA
Blaine A Womer, Hemet CA  

Skybank or Skyebank, Omaha, NE
Skybank or Skyebank Omaha NE  

Ross M Schibler, Los Angelos, CA
Ross M Schibler, Los Altos Hills, CA  

Cerex Construction, Inc., Tigard, OR
Cerex Construction Inc Tigard OR  

Added after 4:45 PM EST


Added after 6:00 PM EST - 5 New Jet Setters

International Bank of Commerce, Laredo TX - N751BC
International Bank of Commerce, Laredo TX

Harley LLC Phoenix, AZ - N3272V
Harley LLC Phoenix, AZ

Mahato Enterprises LLC Boca Raton FL - N260GC
Mahato Enterprises LLC Boca Raton FL

There are two other airports that are within 1 hours drive of Park City:  Provo and Tooele.  We found some more Jet Setters that might be attending Romney's Billionaire Festival, too.

Tooele, Utah Airport this weekend:

Southern Counties Oil, Orange CA - N560HW
Southern Counties Oil, Orange CA landed in Tooele Airport 6:21 - left 6:24

RYAN Investments LLC, Yuma AZ - N125D
RYAN Investments LLC, Yuma AZ landed Tooele 6:21 left 6:24

Schmid Moulton Pkwy LP, Santa Ana CA - N60WC
Schmid Moulton Pkwy LP, Santa Ana CA

Barry L Bardack, El Cajon, CA
Barry L Bardack, El Cajon, CA - Tooele Airport

Provo, Utah Airport this weekend:

Franklyn Ventures II LLC, Newport Beach CA
Franklyn Ventures II LLC, Newport Beach CA - Tooele Airport

CHARTERED PLANES:  You can read the destinations on each.  There are so many flying in and out of Provo, Tooele, Heber, and Salt Lake this week end, I will have to leave lists below.  

Bombadier Aerospace
Bombardier Aerospace "DOT COM" - DCM5150  

Air4 Aviation LLC Houston TX  

Western Air Solutions  

Destination Ravalli county  

Greenwith, CT  

N111DY Destination Zamperini Field, NV
Destination Zamperini Field, NV





I'LL UPDATE IF/WHEN I FIND MORE  Start digging KOSSACKS.  Who are these people/corporations?  


Arizona Senator John McCain,  
Jeb Bush    
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal,  
Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan  
Ohio Senator Rob Portman  
Utah Governor Mike Leavitt  
Karl Rove
Condoleezza Rice  

Fox News mentions these two GOP illuminaries:

Eric Cantor
James A. Baker III  


Lists of Aircraft this past weekend

PROVO, UTAH, about a 45 minute drive to Park City, Utah.

1 of 2 Provo Airport Arrivals 6:20 - 6:24:2012
1 of 2 Provo Airport Arrivals 6:20 - 6:24:2012




Luxury Hotels Of The Romney Campaign

All of these hotels appear under "TRAVEL: LODGING" in Mitt Romney's January 2012 campaign finance report. (Source:
Private Jets Of The Romney Campaign
All of these companies are listed under "TRAVEL: AIR" in Mitt Romney's January 2012 campaign finance report. In some cases they are private companies that own a single jet. In other cases they are charter jet companies. Amount paid to each company in parenthesis. Total spending on private jets was $1,008,144.23. (Source:
Companies That Have Stopped Supporting ALEC
Drop in and see all the logos.

Originally posted to War on Error on Sun Jun 24, 2012 at 11:22 AM PDT.

Also republished by Anonymous Dkos and Kossack Air Force.


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