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Firstly, I love President Obama. I mean, the guy just rocks.  I would love to have the dude over for dinner. Smart, funny, progressive, powerful...what's not to like, right?
His Administration, and in particular the DEA.

I live in California, which under the worst administration ever, W's, had a bustling and growing medical marijuana industry.  It was legal, but I was always worried, because, you know, W was in charge.  Obama was the first and only politician that I ever campaigned for.  He was my first political donation, yard sign, bumper sticker, tee shirt, political phone bank call, not to mention my first political love (no, not that way, I am already happily married). My whole family celebrated.  No longer would I worry about medical marijuana, war, global warming, bigotry, world peace, hunger, ignorance, get the picture. Of course, I was just a bit disappointed in many respects, but none more so than with his position on Medical Marijuana. I expected an improvement over the Bush administration, instead, the Obama administration has brought an increase in closings of MM dispensaries. Despite national support for MM, the Obama administration has increased the war on MM.

I have watched in horror as MM dispensaries have closed all over the state, and in particular near my home. But the area's most respected dispensary was just raided.  This is a place that gave free pot to needy patients.  They gave free classes on growing. They had free massages.  They had security you could not believe - in the parking lot,  at the door, inside. It seemed one of the safest places on the planet.  There was no sign that it was a pot shop.  Not even the slightest scent of pot could be found outside the store.  Inside the shop knowledgeable sales people helped you find the most beneficial medicines.  They were obsessive compulsive in their scrutiny of potential and current patient paperwork. They were selling medicine made in California that helped patients get better with few negative side effects, especially compared to their federally legal counterparts. It is alleged that the owners of this shop, made a profit. (If you read my previous diary on this topic you will find a link with more information) Gasp - a profitable, tax generating business allegedly existed in California.  The horror!  Now if they had made unreasonable profits through deception that nearly destroyed the world economy, well then they would be well respected business folks.  But no, these folks who have risked their freedom providing medicine should not be compensated fairly for their risk.  So what if they help sick folks (and probably some not so sick folks that prefer pot, to say, booze)?  They allegedly broke a law by having a couple hundred thousand dollars in a bank account.  I know I would want millions and millions of dollars in accounts all over the world if I were taking on the DEA.  And of course, they are. Too bad the government is seizing their assets without due process.  But this is the war on drugs, in this case on a wonderful, relatively benign medicine. Quite simply, this is fucked up.

Now, before the Obama bots tell me the president is merely enforcing the law, let me say STFU. You know damn well that he appoints his cabinet.  He has discretion in how the law is enforced.  Don't give me this shit, well, the law is the law.  The law is wrong.  We are putting nonviolent people in jail for using, cultivating, and allegedly making a profit, on a medicinal plant. We are spending money we don't have on this.  We are ruining peoples lives for this. Seriously, if you support this, please don't be a troll.  Just leave me alone. I don't need to hear from you. You won't like what I have to say about you either, so lets not go there.  Also, please don't post comments about how pot is not harmless.  If you have not used it medicinally, STFU and do some research.  Or not -you might just prefer to believe the DEA.

Please Mr. President, do the right thing. Appoint a new DEA chief. Make the FDA schedule pot where it belongs. Stop the war on pot - medicinal or not. The war on pot causes so much harm.  Let's use our resources to educated people about truly dangerous drugs, like "synthetic pot" (which is perfectly legal but a very bad drug that our teens are using instead of pot) and meth. Let's help addicts get clean with treatment and therapy. Let's do the right thing. Pretty Please?

I didn't mean to imply that pot is harmless. Rather, that the harmless argument is not compelling enough to carry any weight, in light of the other much more important issues involved.


Should we stop the war on pot (medicinal or otherwise)?

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