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The Joshua Generation, for purposes of this discourse, means "those who came after the Moses generation of the 1960s."

There is a right-wing evangelical group that calls itself Generation Joshua who attempted to hijack the conversation on the meaning of Joshua and Caleb's venture into the "Promised Land," but they can't hijack one story and turn it into another.

It had a purpose; and this group attempted to sue then-Senator Barack Obama over the use of the name "Joshua Generation" for his opening campaign. However, Obama and his people are the ones who had the exact right idea about who and what the Joshua generation of scriptural times was all about.

Joshua and Caleb were positioned to take the children of Israel over the mountaintop after the generation before them, Moses' generation, didn't make it because of their insolence and disobedience ... even after knowing what they were supposed to be doing, they did not do it; and they ended up missing the opportunity.

They had to wander in the wilderness for a whole forty years until an entire generation died off before they could "go over" to where they were headed in the first place. Moses was also not allowed to go over because he committed an act that God considered ill-willed, even though he did it in righteous anger.

It was also fitting that Joshua ended up being the leader and commander of the move of the children of Israel onward and FORWARD, because his very name means "God saves."

Each generation tolerates a little bit less of the mess.

I am happy to bring a GOOD REPORT that little by little, piece by piece, bit by bit, if needed, and 'by any means necessary', today's American youth has undoubtedly picked up the gauntlet of the Civil Rights Movement that was dropped and left behind shortly after the death of Martin Luther King Jr on April 4, 1968.

A whole 40 years of "wilderness wanderings" went by while America tried to finagle and situate itself from all of the molotov cocktails, race riots, beatings, hosings, dog-chasings, histrionics, and historically momentous occasions of redefinition once the dust somewhat blew over.

That left the radical 70s, the tempestuous 80s, and finally the complacent 90s .... then boom.

Almost exactly forty years later, during the earliest years of the New Millennium, and as predicted by the late Attorney General Robert (Bobby) Kennedy, America elected its first black president since ... well, Lincoln?

In any event, the ethnic origins of Lincoln notwithstanding, this country's youth and its more progressive older crowds pulled together and not only got Barack H Obama Jr duly elected 44th President of the United States, but got behind several movements (Occupy Wall Street and the Coffee Party being the first of many) that called for some heavy-duty clean-up action that had held this country in its racist bigoted prejudiced far-overreaching corporate elite ownership status death grip for far too long.

This is the time to issue some words of congratulatory gratefulness to the young people of the United States of America and all of their support systems for BEING the change instead of just SCREAMING about needing change.

It takes work. When you pray, move your ar$e...

We don't pray and wait for God to act; we pray and move forward like He's gonna answer, as long as we know we're doing good as the word of God instructs us to do.

If we say Yes, they say No. If we say No, they say Yes. Anything to keep the inevitable from happening ... but happen it must.

They are not saying No to Obama, they are saying No to America.

The ones who tell 99-percent of the nation that it doesn't have the sense enough to decide what its future will be is long overdue to be put out of their misery.

President Obama says "Let's put it in drive and move forward," and the leftover scraps of the old contraband corporatist elitist regime want to keep pushing this 'built-to-last' chassis and its engine, clutch, and front drive-train into the ditch and rolling backward.

Backward to radiation-emitting cancer-causing war-inspiring disease-producing earth-polluting dinosaur fossil gasoline fuels instead of alternative energies based on the gifts of sun, wind, rain, and water and the fruit and harvests of the earth; backward to deciding who lives and who dies based on who stands to profit from death; and backward to forgetting that at one time, every single solitary person in the United States of America was an illegal immigrant and an alien on foreign soil ... and that the Statue of Liberty not only guided, but welcomed them to safe haven port, with a hand bearing a torch to light the way.

It's going to take all hands on deck at the national elections in November and at the 2014 mid-terms to get this country back on its A-Game and progressing into a future that has already passed us by (judging by all of the other industrial and technologically sophisticated countries that are well on their way). It's past time and long overdue to knock a serious blow in those who want to look backward instead of forward and are not giving up their heinous operative perch controls that easily.

Every time America has gone backward in progress and hoarded the wealth instead of using it justly and properly, and every time the scales of justice got knocked out of kilter and off balance, some Republican and his [Blue] Dog [Democrat] was running the country.

The future belongs to you, young people; not to those who have dictated in the past and whose end results (after all of that talk about giving the corporate elite all of the resources that WE earn because they think that they are the only ones who can manage them) only landed this country in untold multitudes of loss, greed, suffering, selfishness, homelessness, despair, hunger, and pain that bordered on yet another Great Depression.

All hands on deck! Heave ... !!! {        !!!}

Originally posted to Marjani on Mon Jun 25, 2012 at 06:11 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Progressive Hippie, German American Friendship Group, and Street Prophets .

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