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BenderRodriguez shared this story earlier today, but I wanted to bring more attention to it.

In honor of June 25th, Pride Day, the folks at Oreo posted this image for their Facebook page.

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The result, so far, close to 200,000 "likes" and over 20,000 comments. Of course, many of those comments are from fundies who can't stand anyone or anything supporting The Gay, but there are also tons of people showing their support.

What I really love is this meme, shared by George Takei (of course).

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I'm heading to the store soon and will absolutely be buying a bag of Oreo cookies in support of this move. It's so nice to see corporations like Oreo, JC Penny, EA (who had employees walking in the SF parade) and others support gay rights and gay pride.

Many firms and brands, such as Bud Light, Wells Fargo, Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola, sponsored or sent representatives to the equal rights events scheduled around the country this past weekend.

5:22 PM PT: SF Weekly gets involved with a hilarious tongue-in-cheek list of other gay-themed treats that should be boycotted.

Not only is Skittles' slogan "Taste the rainbow," but each of its hard-shelled candies come branded with the letter S, which almost certainly stands for SIN.

5:35 PM PT: From the comments, Sirenus recommends sending the folks at Oreo a message in support of this move.

In the US

And in the EU

9:49 PM PT: I just got home from the store and, yes, I did buy Oreos.

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