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We've seen some of the hilarious responses on Red State and Free Republic after the ruling from SCOTUS upholding the Affordable Care Act.

Well now we're seeing the malicious extent of some Freepers' sour grapes. In a thread I can't believe is allowed to be up and I expect to eventually be removed, a Freeper named max americana has promised to fire his liberal employee due to his being pissed off over the SCOTUS ruling. Titled "We plan to fire the liberals in our company," the post reads:

We have a small production office and after today's decision by those putrid traitors on the SC. We will fire our obama-worshiping employee. Hey, it's not my fault. WE CAN'T AFFORD HIM now after the decision. I hope for the worst on those scums on the SC and this POS p-resident.
Well there's one way to handle your sour grapes. Fire somebody with an opposing political view.

More info on max americana (H/T to ThatPoshGirl): His company, if he is telling the truth and owns one, is located in West Hollywood, California. From another post he made:

I work in Hollywood and we have a production office in West Hollywood, home of the fag mafia. Here I never mention I’m a right wing Freeper nor bend over to tie my shoe laces in this area.

Follow me below the fold for a screenshot and the Freeper responses.

In case the thread does get removed, here's the screenshot:

Image Hosted by

He later added:

Believe it or not, I saw a couple of threads in 08’ the night Odumbo won and some owner Freepers did exactly that. I am not sure sure if they went thru with it but believe me, his ass is grass come (insert afternoon time) PM pacific time.
Isn't that just lovely?

Here are some of the Freeper responses:

Good for you!

You cant afford to employ leeches. Let them go move back with their moms and dads.

Good. I can only hope more companies follow suit.
Terminate with extreme prejudice!
Just a bit of uninformed advice. Do not give that as your reason. Or you will be inviting a lawsuit. I would guess that it would be enough to say that the company is not doing well in this difficult economy and that you need to lay someone off. I think it’s your choice to lay off whoever you judge happens to be least useful to the company at the present time.
Put it on YouTube. I need something to cheer me up.
No more Mr Nice Guy.
You will not be the only one.

We knew a business owner in the EBay who walked through his parking lot and wrote down the license plates of the idiots with Obozo/Lyden stickers on their cars.

Shortly after Obozo was installed as el supremo, those people got pink slips.

He did the same thing with those with Moonbeam stickers on their cars.

Be sure your grievances with him are documented. Do NOT use his politics as a reason for dismissal. It must be work related, or an economic decision. The fact you still have two women liberals on payroll will be a plus on your side should he suspect politics had a hand in it.
If you really mean it, do it smart. Document every shortcoming, every unfinished task, every argument with other employees.

Then can his a$$.

Smile later when your contest of his unemployment compensation wins. Firing for “due cause” beats a layoff every time.

I plan to do this whenever stateside. I will fill my shopping basket to the brim with stuff. If it is a small business shop owned by one local owner, and this owner is at the cash register, I will ask them in a very stone, neutral, non-commital face, "hey so, like, what do you think of this Obamacare anyway?"

If I get any "well, seems good for the country", or "I guess he is doing a good job" or any other of that liberal crap, without a SINGLE WORD I am going to leave the filled basket representing lots of bucks in potential sales, right smack there at the register (on the counter, what not) and not saying a word, walk right out. I intend to do it when other people are in line, too. I'm going guerilla in the trenches now, against my "fellow Americans" who want to take us into Socialism along with their phony, narcissist dictgator of a leader. That's MY statement. Screw em. Same with those of you firing liberal employees. Make sure you are covered for lawsuits, and do it. Make these people pay for their sins against the Republic and the Forefathers.

Good for you. When the smarmy little lib cries that you can’t do that because of free speech protections under the Bill of Rights, make sure to remind him that the Bill of Rights has no applicability to private enterprise. And so far, liberals are not a protected class when it comes to discrimination.
Good. you should. I am breaking off contact with everyone who voted for the President. I don’t have any liberal friends but I do have liberal family members and I am done associating with them. If I had employees I would do the same thing you are. I am so angry right now that I don’t think I will be able to function today. No, angry is not a strong enough word. There is no word strong enough. I think I had better stay away from people for the next few days because if some liberal gloated about this in front of me I don’t think I would be able to stop myself from hurting them.
I know how you feel, bud. I hate liberals and hope for the worst on them. Unfortunately, I also have lib family members and it’s only because of blood that I cannot strangle them.
There is nothing legally actionable about firing Democrats or liberals.

I flat-out ask who people voted for.

Be careful not to say you are firing him because he is a liberal. Stick to the reason we are using—we cannot afford to keep as many people on payroll with the tax situation what it is. We will fire seven of 24 people tomorrow morning.

(All seven are Obama butt kissers, but that is NOT why we are firing them.) We will tell them it is because the cost of labor just went up and we cannot afford to keep more than seventeen people on the payroll. We will tell the seven individuals that this is not a temporary layoff and they should seek other employment since we do not see how we can hire anyone back for at least another three years.

We will then hold a meeting with the remaining seventeen still on the payroll that the cost of labor went up necessitating the cuts and that we are looking at dropping our employer health care insurance since we expect our premiums to rise 40% next year and our choices will be (1) to drop health insurace, (2) to trim some more staff, or (3) to close up shop.

Not everybody agreed with the posting (although they may or may not have agreed with the sentiment):
You are too stupid to run a company if you are going to print stuff that can be used against you in court on free republic
While I think that is an excellent idea, I also think posting that reason on a public forum will get you in lots of trouble eventually.

You might want to ask Jim Rob to delete this thread.

Pretty gross stuff. Not surprising, of course. This Freeper may or may not actually own a business (he also may or may not be munching on Cheetos in his mother's basement), but he's quite certainly representative of right-wing bosses that do exist. And his thread definitely sheds quite a bit of light on how much regard Freepers have for political expression under the First Amendment. This is how right-wingers operate. And then they develop persecution complexes and cry about being oppressed.
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