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This is just....artful:

Picture the President standing somberly in the Oval Office, watching the television monitors tensely as the fate of his Presidency hangs upon a slender thread. He has been given no warning, no whisper, no omen. There is no "back channel" to the dusty, quiet halls of the Supreme Court. Imagine the depths of his dismay when--

He stood in front of a bank of muted televisions when banners flashed on two cable networks showing that the law’s central tenet -- the mandate requiring all Americans to buy health insurance -- had been struck down, according to White House aides who briefed reporters today.
Two cable networks....misinformed the leader of our great country.
For about 40 seconds, the president believed that his landmark, legacy-defining legislative accomplishment, had been gutted.
Imagine the emotions welling up inside, the stark moment of bleak despair when the crushing blow came. He turns and sees his trusted White House counsel, Kathryn Reummler, suddenly appearing at his shoulder.  She speaks in a low, plaintive voice, almost a whisper:

"But they're wrong, boss."

While others, including NBC News and MSNBC, reported the correct information, the White House also did have a government lawyer at the high court relaying information to Ruemmler.
And they were wrong.  As the realization dawned upon him, his visage brightened, his countenance changed, now charged with a grim determination.
Obama’s first call, according to White House aides, was to his Solicitor General Donald Verrilli to congratulate him. Verrilli, who argued the case before a sometimes contentious row of justices, had been mocked by some in the legal community for his handling of the case.

The president made it clear he was not among the doubters. He told Verrilli he always thought he had done an excellent job. Ruemmler got a hug.

And as he parted with them to prepare his address to the Nation, he looked back at his advisors and said:

"Next time, we'll be watching MSNBC."  

You can donate to President Obama's re-election campaign here.

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