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It has been a long time coming, but unless a Federal court takes action on Sunday, a new state law will take effect, making Mississippi the first state where it is no longer possible to get a legal abortion.

The short of it is that the governor has signed a bill that requires abortion providers in the state to have in state hospital admitting privileges.  On its face, that might not seem onerous, except there are no hospitals that will give the three out of state clinic doctors admitting privileges.

Not so long ago, "abortion reduction", was being sold as the "common ground" between the pro-choice and anti-abortion camps, when in fact, it has been the core of the antiabortion political and legislative strategy since before the Casey decision of the Supreme Court in 1992. The strategy was developed over several months in 1996 and formally adopted by a coalition of 45 top anti-abortion and religious right leaders. Their manifesto, The America We Seek: A Statement of Pro-Life Principle and Concern was published in several conservative journals and was also signed by several Democratic-leaning activists, most significantly, former Governor Robert Casey Sr. of Pennsylvania.

Rachel Maddow explains how the "right" which women are supposed to have under the Roe vs. Wade decision of he Supreme Court is essentially being banned by the imposition of medically unnecessary regulations whose sole purpose is to make abortion more difficult or impossible to get. And leading pols in the state couldn't be more frank about their intentions and pleased by their apparent success.

The piece on Mississippi comes at about 1.37 of this segment.

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The last abortion clinic in Mississippi is/was the Jackson Women's Health Organization.

Originally posted to Frederick Clarkson on Sat Jun 30, 2012 at 08:57 PM PDT.

Also republished by Abortion, Street Prophets , and Pro Choice.

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  •  Do you think there are any realistic prospects (6+ / 0-)

    for a federal court to block this, Frederick Clarkson? I hope there are.

    "The opposite of war isn't peace, it's CREATION." _ Jonathan Larson, RENT

    by BeninSC on Sat Jun 30, 2012 at 09:00:15 PM PDT

  •  If they really gave a crap about abortion (20+ / 0-)

    reduction, they'd stop trying to make it impossible to get appropriate birth control.

  •  Mississippi joins Chile, El Salvador and... (6+ / 0-)

    ...Vatican City;

    They are worse than the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and most other countries.

    Way to go!

    Daily Kos an oasis of truth. Truth that leads to action.

    by Shockwave on Sat Jun 30, 2012 at 10:25:27 PM PDT

  •  Abortion refers to a premature (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    termination of a process. While airplane flights and other long-term endeavors can be aborted, the most frequently terminated process is fetal development.  Nobody knows how many fertilized eggs are aborted before or shortly after implantation.  But, this is a natural response to some developmental flaw, not questionable nor preventable.  In other words, the abortion of fetal tissue is virtually automatic. A surgical or chemical intervention to terminate fetal development prematurely -- i.e. before the organism is independently viable -- is often referred to as "abortion," but that's false. Perhaps this cavalier attitude is based on a desire to claim something is what it isn't, or a desire to simply negate liability for an intervention that turns the automatic into planned.
    Anyway, abortion is not something to "get."  The termination of a process is an end point, not something to have or hold -- i.e. not a thing to be acquired or owned. Which means that the legal declaration that an abortion cannot be acquired or procured is essentially meaningless. Sort of like outlawing angels dancing on the head of a pin.
    "Meaningless" does not, however, mean without consequence.  Albeit practically ineffective, the declaration is mean-spirited, an expression of public policy that's basically antagonistic towards females, the only gender that is capable of experiencing impregnation, an inherently dangerous process -- i.e. it's adding insult to injury.
    Perhaps humans are reluctant to believe that their conception and safe delivery was a risky enterprise and that accounts for the denial.  But, while people are entitled to believe they were found in a pumpkin patch, depriving another person of appropriate medical care in the interest of maintaining a fiction is just plain wrong.
    Of course, a law requiring that medical/surgical care be provided in an appropriate facility by trained personnel doesn't do that. And, if health care reform is properly implemented, then appropriate intervention to assist pregnant women should be available regardless of their ability to pay.

    "Promising" to do something that can't be done strikes me just as dishonest as promising something one has no intention to do.  Both are deceptions and deception is an expression of disregard, if not animus, for one's fellow man.  Satan lies.  When humans lie, they associate themselves with the devil.  And that's evil.

    Willard's forte = "catch 'n' cage" People to Wall Street, "let our money go."

    by hannah on Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 02:43:30 AM PDT

  •  It'll take lots more dead women to reverse this. (5+ / 0-)

    Tragically, that's what this is going to take. Only after scores or perhaps hundreds of women die of septic illegal abortions will Our Craven Corporate Media™ even begin to notice that we have a problem. Especially if they are, you know, the wrong color.

    Because Campbell Brown will never have any trouble obtaining a safe, legal abortion. But the women who clean her toilet and babysit her kids sure will.

    •  Illegal abortions are taking a different form (0+ / 0-)

      Misoprostol, an ulcer drug that is used with RU 486 to induce medical abortions, has become the drug of choice for women who are self-inducing abortions. Used alone it's only slightly less effective than used together with RU-486 (it's also widely used off-label by hospitals to induce labor at term). It's cheap, easy to get, and far safer than the back-alley illegal abortions that proliferated prior to Roe.

      If Roe is overturned or state laws like this one are allowed to stand, we're not going to see large numbers of dead women. More likely we'll see increased scrutiny of women who present at the ER with a failed miscarriage, as well as increased numbers of birth defects, which, according to research out of Brazil, are strongly associated with the use of misoprostol in early pregnancy among women for whom the drug did not work as intended.

  •  We hate regulations! Oh, except when we can (0+ / 0-)

    use them to enforce our cultural patriarchy, natch.

    Lakoff is right about us: those who have power & control need provide no moral consistency whatsoever.   Now OBEY.

    Your Old, White, Suit-&-Tied Psychopathic Rulers

    Before elections have their consequences, Activism has consequences for elections.

    by Leftcandid on Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 07:07:16 AM PDT

  •  It's pretty clear what the gun lobby would do (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Susipsych, Womantrust

    were these same techniques applied to gun and ammunition stores:

    - No weapon or ammo sales within 5000 feet of any school, shopping mall, house of worship or designated "gun-free" zone.

    - All gun shops must be fully ADA-compliant right down to the toilet paper holder.

    - At least one CPR-qualified individual on the premises during all business hours.

    - All aisles and doorways must be wide enough to accomodate two paramedics, a gurney and a crash cart.

    - A huge "sin tax" (like the recent hikes on tobacco) applied to all ammunition sales, which would go to fund emergency medical services for shooting victims.

    - Non-stop picketing outside of every gun shop, screaming at and filming all who enter - plus forcing them to look at giant gory pictures of large-caliber head shots.

    - Publicly posting the names and home addresses of gun shop owners, employees and building landlords.

    I'm guessing they'd say those are completely unreasonable restrictions on commerce and outrageous assaults on privacy meant solely to restrict access to something which is completely legal.

    Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

    Iraq, Iran, Issa. Nope - nothing to see here. Move along now.

    by here4tehbeer on Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 07:37:13 AM PDT

  •  I see this as another small step (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    towards states outright nulifying Federal Law.

    This a step towards a serious constitutional crisis - do Federal statues really matter if a state government feels it no longer has an obligation to comply?

    And another data point in a growing list of reasons why I feel that state governments do not serve a useful political purpose anymore.

    •  The more things change the more they stay the same (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      This country had the same fight in the 1820's-1850's, ending in the Civil War - which was supposed to have settled the "state vs. Federal" issue once and for all.

      We not only don't learn from history, even OUR OWN history, we actively avoid even trying to learn.

      If it's
      Not your body,
      Then it's
      Not your choice
      And it's
      None of your damn business!

      by TheOtherMaven on Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 07:50:38 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  As I understand it, the MS Health Dept. will (2+ / 0-)

    'visit' the clinic Monday regarding compliance of it's dr.'s having admit/ staff privileges at local hospitals.  If they find non-compliance, the clinic is given 10 days to come in compliance (so services will continue at least temporarily).  If the clinic continues after that time in non-compliance, the state health dept. can suspend the clinic's license (temporarily), pending appeal within 30 days by the clinic.  At appeal hearing, if clinic is still non-compliant, the health dept. can revoke the clinic's license 'permanently'.  However, the clinic may still appeal in court in the county where it's located.  Or go the federal court route, which this filing signifies.  Since this MS law clearly violates the Roe v Wade ruling, it should be found unlawful and struck down.  The state of MS law will be tested and determined in federal court as the issue now becomes whose law prevails- the state or federal?  Either way, in the interim women will resort to illegal, unsafe methods in their confusion about the availability of safe and legal abortion care in MS.  Time for cooler, more reasonable heads to prevail and not enforce this clearly illegal law.

    •  Mississippi may have taken (0+ / 0-)

      all this one step too far. By focusing their regulations against one particular business AND essentially taking away all citizen access to a court endorsed right within their state, they may have inadvertantly shot themselves in the foot. This will be an interesting legal fight.

    •  thanks for the briefing (0+ / 0-)

      Clearly the stage is set for an epic confrontation where the holdings of Casey could get refined.  Mississippi has made its intentions clear and I doubt that there is any holding off or going back.

      As you know, many states have enacted laws and regs for the sole purposes of making it more difficult to obtain and to provide abortion care. A lot of this gets drowned out in the war on women noise. I think Maddow has it right in focusing in on whether the right to obtain and to provide abortions has any practical meaning.

  •  Temporary Injunction Issued (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Frederick Clarkson

    I just came across this on Twitter, and thought I should post the link:

    JACKSON — Mississippi's only abortion clinic, located in the Fondren district of Jackson, will stay open at least until July 11. A group of pro-abortion rights advocates and lawyers sent out a press statement tonight announcing the temporary injunction.
    The article includes the entire press release issued by the group of activists and lawyers mentioned above.

    Here is part of the statement from Nancy Northrup, President and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights:

    “While we are pleased the court has decided to temporarily block enforcement of this medically unwarranted restriction, this battle is far from over. We will continue to fight alongside the Jackson Women’s Health Organization to ensure that the women of Mississippi are not relegated to a second class of U.S. citizens, denied the constitutionally-protected rights that other women nationwide are guaranteed.”
    Glad to hear this good news.

    Peace all!

    Equality. It's for everybody.

    by SueM1121 on Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 08:45:27 PM PDT

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