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I want a gross of this product to be sent to the offices of "Justices" Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas, & Alito.

AND, I want this song piped into their offices 24/7.

Read "Justice" Kennedy's "Don't Tread on Me! 10th Amendment! Don't Make Me Eat My Veggies!" dissent in the ACA ruling only if you want to raise your blood pressure & have a big 'ol red mark right in the middle of your forehead from all the face palming you do while you read the thing. If you want to read something in the ruling that'll want to make you stand up, shout, kick a$$, and take names, read Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's comments wherein she figuratively smacks down both Chief "Justice" John Roberts & the dissenters and MAKES THEM HER *ITCHES! :D


Another part of the ruling that struck me was something Chief "Justice" Roberts mentioned in his ACA majority ruling that I'm going to stick into my memory banks. He said, to paraphrase, if Congress enacts a law or portions of a law that can have conflicting Constitutional interpretations (meaning reading the law 1 way could mean it's Constitutional; reading it another way would mean it's not), it must be assumed by SCOTUS that the law must be Constitutional. Hm... I'm not sure if that thought should frighten the crap outta me or not.

Let's look back on July 2nds of the past. SCOTUS Justice Thurgood Marshall was born on this date in 1908. That constant whirring y'all hear is him spinning in his grave the minute he found out who replaced him after his passing. Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan disappeared over the Pacific on this date in 1937. And, we might - just might - be a little more closer to finding out what the spark happened to them!

How 'bout some SPARK in our lives?! :D "Press your buns against the window, and I'll know you are home..." & can arrest you. Men all around the world are celebrating this latest breakthrough in medical science! ;D Pulling a finger can save a life! I am celebrating this breakthrough in the medical world. File this critter in the "Holy $hit!" wing in the Animal Conspiracy Theory realm! I bet it could make them SCOTUS "justices" eat their veggies!!

Finally, Roy Scheider is dead, so Cape Cod residents are SCREWED.

On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

Ezra Klein's in da' house!

"They No What They Like" - And, we're talking SCOTUS ACA again. Why am I not surprised? ;) The memo now is to get MENSA governors to decline the Medicaid expansions. Governor Gilligan's on the record ready to do just that. Medicaid is especially good for "red states," and "red states" will be the first to turn down that coin. Look at the comparison between TX & MA. If I was a poor or disabled person in TX, I'd move the spark out. The federal government up to 2020 is going to cover all the coin for the expansion. After 2020, the government will cover 90% of the cost. SC has promised to just say no to that money, too. So, poor & disabled there need to move the spark out, too. The number of uninsured in SC would be cut by over half if they'd take the money. But, the SC state government cares more about looking like they hate President Obama the most. AND, if President Obama wins, AND if the Dems take over the House, these MENSA governors will change their tunes so fast their heads will spin because doctors & hospitals will scream for that money. Here's Gov. Doc Howard Dean! VT is basically a "Medicare for all" state. Gov Doc Dean wants the GOBP to "grow up." Don't hold yer breath on that score.

"Rule Me Once..." - President Gerald Ford picked John Paul Stevens to serve on SCOTUS. He was never a bleeding heart liberal, but he sure as $hit is compared to THIS MENSA crop! The entire direction of SCOTUS has veered conservative; file that under "no $hit Sherlock!" SCOTUS leaks now indicate there was some pretty desperate wheeling - dealing to get CJ Roberts to change his tune last week. He was originally going to overturn but changed his mind. He sided with the dissent on nearly every single issue with ACA except whether the individual mandate was a "penalty" or a "tax." Ezra showed that graph of Constitutional legal scholars who thought ACA should be upheld VS whether it would be upheld. I gotta admit I had to pick my jaw up off my office floor when I found out the decision. Dahlia Lithwick is back for SCOTUS ACA duty. As I said above, if you want high blood pressure, read the dissent. If you want a big 'ol laugh, read what Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to say in the opinion. ;D The dissenters DO sound like a bunch of spoiled brats; they actually had more kind words for Justice Ginsburg!


"Chart Imitates Life" - Oh Gack! Did I really need to see that parade of LOSERS at the beginning of this segment??!! ACA is not the "biggest middle class tax increase in history." And, I'm still waiting for Boss Limbaugh to move to Costa Rica & the Mannity to be waterboarded for charity! "Obamacare" is near the bottom of the chart as far as how big of a tax increase it is; it's comparable to GWB's Daddy's 1990 tax increases. I don't suppose the aforementioned parade of losers bothered to mention that, did they? That's one of them rhetorical questions, boys & girls. ;D

"No Bain, No Gain" - Some Dem ads are really pounding home the Mittens/Bain shtick. Well, what the spark do ya' know? The battleground states are REALLY seeing the ads because they suffered the most under Bain's outsourcing - like Ohio. Some Dems, however, are wanting a "Bain back off". Remember the hoopla concerning Mayor Cory Brooker, President Clinton, and Governor Rendell? Man, I can't wait for the Obama - Mittens debates! President Obama's ahead in FL & OH after the onslaught of Bain ads. Melissa Harris - Perry gets Bain duty - lucky her! ;D The increase in any President Obama leads may also coincide with the ACA mojo. 41% of Americans didn't know about the SCOTUS ACA ruling last week????? Good sparkin' grief... *&^%$#@! These swing states are also seeing upticks in their employment rates.

Pregnant women in MS can still have access to a Constitutionally protected legal medical procedure - for now.

"This Land Isn't Your Land" - Governor Chris "Take a State Helicopter to a Kid's Game" Christie has had yet another hissy fit. You'd think he'd lose a little weight with all the fits he throws. Huh, in a popularity contest between the Governator & "the Boss," I'd wager "the Boss" wins in a land slide! :D The aforementioned "Boss" doesn't care for the Governator, either. He wants "the Boss" to open a casino??!! Cute! Mr. Bruce has been all over marriage equality for a long damn time & actually likes teachers, fire fighters, etc.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Mon Jul 02, 2012 at 06:59 PM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, Pink Clubhouse, Progressive Hippie, and German American Friendship Group.

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