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Perhaps the number of LIKES a page has at Facebook is meaningless; however, it evidently means something to Joe Walsh because on the day that we were all learning about the atrocious comments he had made about Lt. Col. Tammy Duckworth (as you probably already know from the recommended diaries, Joe Walsh: unpatriotic insensitive idiot and Joe Walsh Swiftboats Tammy Duckworth... Again. Help Us Fight Back!), Joe pleaded with his fans on Facebook:

I am less than 50 Facebook "LIKES" away from 7,000! Can you help me get there?

Share the link below with your friends and family and stay connected! Thanks for your help!

Note: (This diary was original written and published 12 hours ago).

He posted that plea over 11 hours ago, and still hasn't made it to 7,000 Likes. When I arrived at his page about two hours ago, he still needed 25 more LIKES to reach his goal. In response to his request, he was receiving hundreds of negative comments. I posted one of those comments with a link to Tammy's Facebook page, suggesting people should LIKE her page instead. Poor Joe, somebody at his campaign has been kept very busy all night deleting comments and blocking people from posting comments again. My comment lasted about five minutes before it was deleted and I was blocked from making further comments. That's one heck of a way to win the hearts of minds of people. At the time of this writing, Poor Joe still needs 14 more people to LIKE him to reach his 7,000 goal. Something tells me Joe has had a very long, and frustrating day.

When I visited Tammy Duckworth's Facebook Page, she had  9,125 LIKES ... and since then she's up to 9,342. Poor Joe! I'm guessing that when the day started he may have had more LIKES than Tammy. And now, not only has he not reached his goal of 7,000 LIKES, Tammy has pulled out ahead of him. In the last two hours, she's gained over 200 Fans, and he still hasn't found the 50 he was looking for.

Let's see what we can do to move the goal post further out of reach for Joe (because his ultimate desire is probably to have more fans than his opponent, Tammy Duckworth, in the Illinois-08 Congressional Race), and LIKE Tammy's Page, and ask our Facebook friends to do the same.

Maybe next time, Joe will think twice before he opens his mouth again in disrespect to one of our heroes. And of course, please support Tammy by signing the petition to Tell Joe Walsh To Respect Our Veterans, and donate to her campaign if you can afford it.

Here's a YouTube Video of Joe's insulting comments. Share it on your Facebook wall when you ask people to LIKE Tammy's page.

Direct Link To YouTube Video.

P.S. I'm loathe to do it, but here's the link to Joe's Page. Please DO NOT Like it, but post a comment about what you think about Joe's comments about Tammy Duckworth (with a link to Tammy's page). But make it a good one because once you post it, most likely it will soon be deleted, and you will be banned from posting to his page again. Of course, maybe when all is said and done, he will have banned more people than he's added.

Happy Fourth of July!!!

OOPS! In the time it took me to write the update which appears below the orange squiggly, Joe has lost five LIKES. He has deleted the post that is the subject of this diary, pleading for 7,000 LIKES. He had turned off commenting, and now it is back on. I wonder how long that's going to last?

UPDATE: LOL! It's now been been 22 hours since Joe begged people to LIKE him, and he's still 2 people shy of his 7,000 goal, and now Tammy has over 9,500. This is one of those things that happens exponentially. At this rate by the end of the day she's going to be over 10,000, and I personally hope it makes Joe crazy.

Meanwhile, Tammy Duckworth probably isn't concerned whether or not she has more LIKES than Joe. I do think she appreciates all the supportive comments she's receiving on her page.

Whoever was monitoring Joe's page had to sleep some time and woke up to a lot more scrubbing. I know before I went to bed, additional comments had started to be posted, and not deleted. This one summarizes what most of us would expect from Joe at this point:

I think you need to apologize to your opponent. I think you made a mistake, and you probably wouldn't say that again now that you've had a chance to think about it.
Perhaps this was from an actual constituent who was supporting Joe, and trying to justify in her mind why she should continue to support him. I think we all know that Joe isn't going to apologize, or at least not sincerely apologize. He may offer up some lip service, but it won't be sincere. He is probably still wondering to himself why so many people are upset at him. People like Joe who do not possess a moral compass find it difficult to understand people who do ... like most of the people who wrote on his wall before he not only scrubbed all the comments containing criticism, but also the scattering of comments from people supporting him who also did not understand the big deal was. It all became too much because now Joe has turned off commenting all together on his Facebook Page.

Rather than take it like a man and face up to what he did, in closing down comments he's stopped all the negative comments, but at the same denied all of his constituents the opportunity to speak to him.

There are 7000 fools on FB? Who can like a guy who says that military service and the sacrifice of our veterans is of no consequence? Just because the person running for his seat decided to tell her story, he belittles her? How is that patriotic?
I wish there was an "unlike" button on FB. Mr. Walsh, your views epitomize everything that is wrong with the Republican party nowdays. You guys are so off the rails that it is not even funny. I guess soliders should just serve and shut the hell up? And go away? Yeah, serve your country, get shot up and go away. You are a disgrace to our government.
Why do you hate this country and all who have served? You sir are a rampant disgrace. To carp on a proven hero's willingness to discuss their service to the republic and the consequences of war and what it means is gutter behavior. Too bad Ms Costello and others on here are not offended. I have plenty of relatives from proud military service as well, and their stones at Arlington scream out in brittle disagreement. Shame.
I am a 100% service-connected (that means I was actually over there, which you would not know since you never served) disabled Gulf War Veteran and I think you are a despicable man. Some things are ABOVE venal political discourse whereas you appear not to be. Are you THREATENED by the fact that you never served or are you INTIMIDATED by the fact that she is a WOMAN? Her HIGH MORAL STANDARDS and UNWAVERING COMMITMENT TO DUTY are proven by her 20 years of service. Her ability to overcome devastating injuries which resulted in the loss, not only of 2/3 of her body, but an honorable career and lifestyle surrounded by people as duty bound and noble as she is. Neither she nor ANY VETERAN should be undermined by a mean spirited dark hearted punk as you have shown yourself to be. You do not deserve the honor of representing "True Americans" in any capacity, because I don't think you are a "true congressman". Happy Fourth of July. SHAME SHAME SHAME
Not a chance, sir. When you make comments denigrating the service and sacrifice of a veteran who became disabled as a result of her service to this country, out of a desire to advance yourself politically, no. I do not like you, and hope you lose, on all fronts, until you're loss equates that with the woman you wish to score against.
Oh wait...this isn't Joe Walsh from the Eagles? It's just the deadbeat dad congressman from Illinois? Damn...I would never have wasted my time stopping here.

But really...a woman gives two legs serving her country...and a guy who won't write a support checks to his kids belittles her service?

What the f--k is wrong with the 8th District of Illinois that you would actually send a clown like this to Congress?

Show some respect where respect is due. Don't rip into people just as a knee-jerk thing. Respect your opponent. Your disrespect only reflects on you.
Joe Walsh is another reason I will never vote for any republican again.
And, finally, this one gets right to the point:
No amount of scrubbing the comments from people who are unhappy with your unpatriotic comments, is going to change people's perceptions of exactly WHO you are and WHAT you stand for. You sir, are a disgrace to this country and your family.
For all his attempts to stop this by preventing people from commenting, he has only made this worse and increased the rage against him. There are news reports all over the Internet with commenting turned on, and people are expressing themselves quite eloquently. Here are a few places Joe his being told off in the comments:

ABC: Rep. Joe Walsh Says Iraq War Vet Opponent Talks Too Much to Be ‘True’ Hero

MSNBC: Lt. Col. Tammy Duckworth: Joe Walsh is 'irresponsible,' 'an extremist loudmouth for the Tea Party'

New York Daily News: Republican Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois under fire after suggesting double-amputee Iraq veteran Tammy Duckworth not a ‘true hero’

Politico: Tammy Duckworth: Joe Walsh ‘tea party loud mouth’

Washington Post:  Joe Walsh taking heat for remarks on opponent’s military service

Originally posted to hungrycoyote on Wed Jul 04, 2012 at 09:22 AM PDT.

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