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San Francisco CA, July 5, 2012

The outrage at how "Ethical" SF Mayor Edwin M. (Emperor) Lee has wasted at least a million dollars, and counting, of hard-earned taxpayers' money in an inquisition-style persecution of recently elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi of San Francisco, has generated the emergence of an organic growth effort to pay the travel expenses of Eliana Lopez-Mirkarimi from Venezuela, to take the witness stand and testify on July 18, 2012 in front of the San Francisco Ethics Commission, after corrupt San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee, has repeatedly insisted that the city should not pay (Approx. $1500.00) for Eliana's trip, even so his Ethics Commission is paying for the expenses of the 'experts' they will be bringing before them the hear them say why the Sheriff can not function as Sheriff because...

More than one thousand dollars is the amount collected so far in a few minutes this morning, right after the phone lines were opened to the audience of the popular Spanish format talk radio program "Hecho en California" (HeCA), produced and directed by well known local radio and TV personality, Dr. Marcos Gutierrez, that pledges continued to be made. NOTE: Eliana Lopez has been contributing as reporter and presenter on HeCA since October 2011 and every Friday since going to Venezuela, from 10:30 to 11:00 a.m.,,she is on the air by phone directly from Caracas, where she reports on events and issues in various South American countries, and where she also takes calls from the audience. [ "La Grande", KIQI 1010AM SF & KATD 990 SAC, 9 - 11 a.m. - The program can also be heard live stream by phone at 832.551.5087 or, Online]

A parallel effort to create a fund in support of the Mirkarimi family is underway and two organizations, "Comite de Padres Unidos" and "Friends of Ross", have joined in this campaign. In the works are fund raising events to be held in various Mission District restaurants.

"Enough is enough", "How much shame will we accept?", "No more!" Is the predominant sentiment of a growing number of people who believe that Mayor Lee is bringing great shame to the people of San Francisco and a movement to put a stop to the insanity and the blatant corruption currently ruling our city government, is underway and it continues to move people, primarily in the Mission District, into rising in protest of that scandalous situation.

A small rally in support of Sheriff Mirkarim, and against the proposed "Stop & Frisk" Law in San Francisco that the Mayor is 'proposing', calling for the Mayor's impeachment and also calling for the re-instatement of their elected Sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, was held outside City Hall on the day and while Mayor Lee was testifying, where a mysterious bomb threat was received, and allegations were made that the Mayor had lied under oath in that hearing  which would constitute perjury, June 29, 2012.

This group will be back to hold their second demonstration at City Hall, on Monday July 9, 2012 at noon, to rally against: 1. Even considering the implementation of a "Stop & Frisk" Law in San Francisco, or ANYWHERE ELSE! Because it will be fiercely opposed. 2. To re-instate their Elected Sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi and, 3. To carry out a symbolic sweep of the shamelessly blatant corruption in the Administration of Mayor Edwin M. Lee. A small crew in the group has pledged to bring their broom (Old brooms) to sweep away the corruption that exists at City Hall. Anyone can join them under the understanding that it will be, albeit highly energetic and animated, completely peaceful.

"And this is only a start", Are their combative words, "because we will keep coming back" and they mean it.

Other efforts:
Sign the Petition to the Mayor & Board of Supervisors in Support of Ross

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The Mirkarimi case the in the criterion of leaders of The Parents United Committee


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  •  i don't understand (0+ / 0-)

    can explain actually what is happening and suggest some motives

    •  At the Diary's foot, see related posts for motives (0+ / 0-)

      Specially, if you follow the links, this post has many which gives accounts of his corruption, in terms of The Sheriff, the man was tried, convicted and sentenced. He paid for what he did, but the Mayor wants him out, why? The money is a) a consolidation of power (The Sheriff is 1000% independent and will not bow or compromise the The Sheriff Office in any way)
      b) he is getting rid of the liberal/progressive/left in the government. The Conservatives(Dems) and Republicans support.

      And about the Mayor, he is as corrupt as politicians can get.

      See the related posts and follow the links. On hover, I tried to put as much info on what is at the end of the link.

      Thanks for the comment, and this is a good fight that must be fought.

    •  It is possible I misunderstood UR Question. (0+ / 0-)

      we will pay for the ticket because the family finances have been totally and completely ruined, and I may add, viciously.

      Because the Sheriff was tried, convicted and sentenced, and that should be the end of it.

      The Mayor suspended the Sheriff without pay, this is a) as far as I know, unprecedented or close to it and, b) even in fatal incidents, city officials are placed in administrative duty pending the completion of the whole process;
      out of the Ethics Commission Hearings, they will issue a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors whether to remove the Sheriff from his ELECTED office and to be barred for life from ever holding public office.
      The Supervisors will judge the merits of the case and take the Ethics Commission's recommendation into account and vote.

      The family is completely broke, the wife, Eliana, an immigrant woman, lacked any family support in SF, the Sheriff was prohibited from having ANY CONTACT with his wife and 3 year old son. Eliana decided to go to her native Venezuela where she has family support. She started to look for some work to support herself and her son. She finds a gig here and there.

      The Commission compels her to travel to San Francisco to testify, she is considered an 'hostile', ahem, 'uncooperative' "victim". Eliana says she doesn't have to money to pay for her trip and asked the city pay her round trip air fare. The Mayor, for the 3rd time say no yesterday (He chose Independence Day to say it again) The taxpayers are paying a ton for his folly.

      And still refuses to help the victim? At no time Eliana's rights as a "victim" (Their choice of status for her) were followed or respected, and she did have at least an offer to help at all.  Isn't there suppose to be some help domestic violence victims? Heck, for these mean and corrupt people, this is not about fighting domestic violence at all.


      But there are still people in San Francisco that are capable of felling shame for what these people are doing to our sister, for how they have victimized her and the one they are hurting the most, is Theo, their 3 year old son.

      So, we will pay for the ticket, will greet her at the airport where she will be picked up and transported in limousine.

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