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Elizabeth Warren published an Op-Ed for The MetroWest Daily News making the point that all of our Democratic candidates, and us as their supporters, need to push.

The fight is on — again. Mitt Romney, Scott Brown, and Republicans across this country are doubling down against President Obama’s health care reform law. Now that the Supreme Court has said that most of the new law passes constitutional muster, the Republicans are running for office pledging to repeal every aspect of the health care reforms.

For millions of people this isn’t a political issue, it’s a personal one. Their health depends on it.

The ACA is no longer a potentiality; it's real, it's constitutional, and it's happening.  

We know that the Republicans plan to proceed with their Obamacare temper tantrum and that the only thing they will replace it with after a repeal is a big fat nothing.

The public cannot be reminded enough that they have benefits coming to them that the Republicans want to affirmatively act to take away. As Elizabeth Warren continues:

For seniors, health care reform means expanding Medicare coverage to pick up the costs of prescription drugs. As the donut hole closes, the average Massachusetts senior has so far saved about $650. But Mitt Romney, Scott Brown, and their fellow Republicans want to take that away.

For young people, health care reform means staying on their parents’ insurance plans until they are 26. So far, more than 20,000 young people here in Massachusetts have taken advantage of this. But Romney, Brown, and their fellow Republicans want to take that away.

For everyone, health care reform means access to preventive care like colonoscopies or mammograms without co-pays. Early detection can save both lives and money. In Massachusetts, 780,000 individuals have received such services. But Republicans want to take that away.

For anyone who develops cancer, a chronic illness, or any medical condition that can cost a staggering amount of money, health care reform means that their insurance company can’t set some arbitrary limit on lifetime coverage. Because of that, countless families will have more secure and stable health care. But Republicans want to take that away.

For small business owners who are struggling with rising health care costs, the federal reforms give tax breaks on insurance coverage. But Republicans want to take away that tax break for small businesses.

We need to highlight these tangible benefits again and again. Not just President Obama and Elizabeth Warren, but everyone on our side of the aisle.

Originally posted to MBishop1 on Sat Jul 07, 2012 at 11:21 PM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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