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Hey everybody! I started a blog on 4 January of this year named Romney the Liar, which you can read by going right here. This is part of my mission statement:

Willard, or Mittens, as he is so affectionately known here at Romney the Liar, is a person of such inveterate dishonesty that it can be truthfully said that he lies as easily as most people breathe. When you are unrestrained by any ethical scruples whatsoever and consumed by little more than the desire for power, wealth, and position, you will say anything you think necessary to acquire them. And Willard is more consumed by such desires than most politicians are. One gets the sense that were we to look inside Romney for any hint of integrity we would see nothing more than a barren desert of sociopathy, occupied by a grasping, clutching, desperate little man wholly focused on his own gain, regardless of the damage his words and actions do to others. That such a man has a realistic chance to attain the presidency of my beloved country is appalling to me. Romney outrages my sense of what an American leader should be. His lies OFFEND me. They are an INSULT to me. And I will not suffer them without comment. So it will be my purpose here to track down every offensive, insulting lie that has come from Mitt Romney's lying mouth or from the propaganda operation working for him. It will be a task of Herculean proportions.
With this task in mind, and to celebrate 50,000 pageviews, here are ALL of Romney's lies in one place!

Here is Romney lying about defense spending and falsely claiming Obama has made "huge" cuts in the defense budget:

Here is Romney's staff gloating about his TV ad lying about Obama and the economy:

Here is Romney's outrageous lie that Obama has increased the national debt more than all other presidents combined:

Here is Romney's lie about his plans to give huge tax cuts to people like himself:

Here is Romney's infuriating lie about President Obama's so-called "Apology Tour":

Here is Romney's lie about his father and Martin Luther King:

Here is Romney's astonishing, brazen lie that President Obama is responsible for ALL the job losses in the recession:

Here is Romney caught lying by Rachel Maddow about his "Obama made the recession worse" remarks:

Here is Romney lying about the activities of his SuperPac in Iowa:

Here is Romney's shockingly brazen lie that President Obama's objective is "equal outcomes" for all people:

Here's Romney in full, lying sociopath mode after his win in New Hampshire:

Here is Romney lying about his record on gay rights:

Here is Romney lying about the President's healthcare law:

Here is Romney's lie about the President's so-called policy of "appeasement":

Here is how Romney's lies fit into a general pattern of sociopathy:

Here is Romney lying right to David Corn's face about something Romney said that Corn heard PERSONALLY:

Here is Romney lying about President Obama's trade policies:

Here is Romney lying about the "savings" that would come from repealing the healthcare law:

Here is a CONSERVATIVE commentator talking about the tissue of pathetic lies that is Mitt Romney's stump speech:

Here is Romney AGAIN lying about Obama's defense policy:

Here is Romney lying about his "regular guy" status, including his AMAZING lie that he has feared getting a "pink slip" notice himself:

Here is Romney claiming that anyone who questions his business tactics is "attacking the free enterprise system":

Here is Jon Stewart nailing Romney's lies and deceptions about the tax code:

Here is Romney's lie about President Obama having "raised" the corporate tax rate:

Here is Romney claiming he pays a 50%(!!) tax rate:

Here is Romney's lie about President Obama and rocket attacks against Israel:

Here are Romney's lies about his "job creator" record:

Here is Romney's BLATANT lie that Gingrich "outspent him" in South Carolina:

Here is Romney's lie about President Obama's record on regulations, a lie of ASTONISHING magnitude:

Here is Romney lying about social programs that aid the poor:

Here is Romney lying about his "blind trust":

Here is Romney attempting to take credit for an auto bailout he OPPOSED:

Here is Romney lying about his intentions for Social Security and Medicare:

Here's Romney lying about the birth control ruling:

Here's an item about the vicious, lying, right-wing hitman that Romney has hired to spread lies about Willard's opponents:

Here's Romney CONTINUING to tell the lie that "Obama made the recession worse":

Here's Romney calling himself "moderate" and "progressive" in 2002:

Here's Romney lying about his position on climate change:

Here's Romney lying about his "Mexican" background and his jobs record:

Here's Romney lying about Medicare:

Here's Romney trying to rewrite the history of the auto bailout AGAIN:

Here's Romney lying about defense policy in general and the Navy in particular:

Here is Romney's lying claim that he has never changed his position on immigration:

Here is Romney's incredibly vicious lie that President Obama has "fought against religion":

Here is Romney lying about sanctions on Iran:

Here is Romney's fictional account of his time as governor of Massachusetts:

Here are Romney's INCREDIBLE lies about his record on abortion rights:

Here's Romney lying about his own "memories":

Here's Romney caught lying, on videotape:

Here's Romney's lie about President Obama being a "crony capitalist":

Here's Romney lying about Obama and Iran--AGAIN:

Here's Romney's utterly dishonest taxation and budgetary proposals:

Here's Romney lying about Obama and Medicare AGAIN:

Here's Romney lying about the minimum wage:

Here's Romney's absurd lie that President Obama "wants" higher gas prices:

Here's Romney's Etch-a-Sketch moment:

Here's Rachel Maddow's epic takedown of Romney the Liar:

Here's Romney the Liar trying to be evasive about his tax and budget plans:

Here's Romney's attempt to bury his contribution to an anti-gay hate group:

Here's Team Obama holding Romney accountable for his lies:

Here's Romney being nailed for his incessant flip-flops:

Here's Romney lying about Medicare AGAIN:

Here's Romney being caught lying on tape (again):

Here's Romney being skewered by SNL:

Here's Romney's lie about Obama and Harvard:

Here's Romney lying about unemployment among women:

Here is Romney being ridiculed in a very catchy song:

Here is Romney lying about Obama's record on guns:

Here's Romney on video, spewing one lie after another:

Here's an account of just how many lies Willard can pack into a single speech:

Here's a trio of Willard lies, one about Obama, one about his family, and one about his own freaking life:

Here's Romney lying (AGAIN!) about the healthcare law, an item based on Jed Lewison's reporting on DKos:

Here's Romney being caught in a series of lies about foreign policy:

Here's Willard's INCREDIBLE lie that Bush had nothing to do with the economic meltdown:

Here's Romney's campaign AGAIN trying to take credit for an auto company bailout that Romney opposed:

Here's Romney lying about his intentions to take out bin Laden:

Here's the Romney campaign's absurd claim that Al Qaeda has grown stronger in the wake of bin Laden's death:

Here's Gingrich telling the truth for once: that Romney is a liar:

Here's Steve Benen's OUTSTANDING work in exposing Romney's lies, with five examples:

Here's Robert Reich explaining why Romney's so-called "business expertise" is just another pathetic lie:

Here's Willard lying about the auto bailout AGAIN:

Here's Romney lying about having been a vicious homophobic bastard in high school:

Here's an astounding 19 minute video filled with Romney lies and flip-flops:

Here's Romney telling the same lies about the economy AGAIN:

Here's Romney just being a pathetic ass-clown ("I stand by whatever I said"):

Here's Romney lying about auto industry jobs:

Here's Romney lying about public sector jobs AGAIN:

Here's another example of Romney's CONSTANT lies about spending:

Here's Romney's "job creator" lie being deflated:

Here's Romney being nailed on his "I started Staples" lie:

Here's Romney lying about his "commitment" to education:

Here's Romney OUTRAGEOUS lie that the stimulus "destroyed jobs":

Here's Romney lying about student loans:

Here's Romney lying about Solyndra:

Here's Romney's vicious lie that Obama DELIBERATELY tried to destroy the economy:

Here's Romney lying about having been a draft-dodger:

Here's Romney lying about Obama's jobs plan:

Here's Romney lying about both the stimulus and public jobs:

Here's Romney lying about our "hollow military":

Here's Romney trying to deceive us about his budget plans:

Here's Romney lying about the healthcare law again:

Here's Romney lying about the federal govt.'s role in providing public workers to local govt.:

Here's Romney lying about immigration policy AGAIN:

Here's Romney's SICKENING lie that Obama is "Attacking religion"

Here's an article you need to see about why Romney lies so much:

Here's Romney STILL lying about the auto bailout:

Here's Romney the job out-sourcer, giving the lie to his "job creator" BS:

Was Romney involved in Medicare fraud?:

Here's Romney's lies being DESTROYED in a Guardian (UK) article:

Here are all kinds of Romney lies on video:

Here's Romney lying about giving "specifics" about his plans:

Here's Romney IMMEDIATELY lying about the health care decision:

Here's Romney attacking the VERY THING he bragged about four years ago:

Here's Romney telling even MORE lies about the health care SC decision:

Here's Romney lying about his involvement with a company that disposed of aborted fetuses:

Here's Romney's INCREDIBLY SHADY, borderline criminal business practices:

Here's Romney ON VIDEO lying about the healthcare mandate:

Romney blames all job losses since 20 January 2009 on Obama. Here's his response when questioned about his own record in Massachusetts:

Here's Cenk Uygur DESTROYING Romney on the story of his ties to a company that disposed of aborted fetuses:

Here's Romney's and the Republican Party's lies on taxes being DESTROYED by Jon Perr (AKA Avenging Angel):

And finally (WHEW!) here is Romney lying about his own first name:

Jed Lewison, Jon Perr, Steve Benen, Andrew Sullivan, Rachel Maddow, and many others have been doing yeoman's work in exposing this LYING SOCIOPATHIC FRAUD ROMNEY for what he is.

SPREAD THESE THINGS AROUND! Send them to media people you know. Put them on social media. Send them to your e-mail list (including your obnoxious right-wing uncle who mails you Tea Party garbage). GET THE WORD OUT!

Oh, and if you're so inclined...HIT THE CONTRIBUTION BAT FOR OBAMA RIGHT here.

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