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        Okay, everyone is saying Laser Haas is vindicated. Many people owe him an apology. That is NOT my goal. My quest is to stop the crimes and STOP Mitt Romney. Now that it is established beyond dispute that Mitt Romney was still active as Bain Capital's CEO & "sole" owner until August 2001. This leads to the very question that begs -


      "What is so bad an issue - that Mitt Romney must distance himself from in 2001"?

Bain Cap is Guilty of Benefiting From Massive Frauds & Corruption in 2001


          It is going to shock your conscience and boggle your mind that the answer simply is


   = Bain Capital is guilty of  Massive Federal & SEC Frauds;

                                    which is compounded by obvious Federal Corruption!

          Now, attorneys who have no ethics or morals and love to see the bad guys get away with it all - well scream all types of banter & conjecture at you. After all, if they help their dear ole pals MNAT & Paul Traub get away with it all and prove themselves good rogues too. Then maybe they can become Bain Capital crooked millionaires (or maybe even billionaires) lawyers also!

        As you can see Now, though we have been saying it for years, it only becomes news when others begin providing proof too. But we are now over joyed that is it is now irrefutable that Mitt Romney is Now caught lying about leaving Bain in 1999. He was the defacto CEO & Sole owner of Bain Capital in 2001. (see Diaries (here) (here) & (here)).

          Though it sucks that no matter how much evidence you have as a victim - it is not really true (or actually msm news) - until someone else says so too!  Now that we have proof by others - The Qualifier -  I am going to skip all the evidence that you can find in all my other D's and go straight to The Event - Bain Capital & Mitt Romney hope you never see or hear. That is -

because the DE U.S. Attorney was Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Partner

                This Key issue I will document in detail - below the fold

Should we accept corruption as the final ruling on criminal acts


         Obviously, if a crooked cop sees your brand new car, likes its color/ style. Who then decides he will abuse his power and seize it by lying that you simply gave him the keys. You are not going to listen to any judge or United States Attorney saying "You Lose - we are seizing your car - and that's final". You worked for 17 years, did an excellent job. You avoided all the back stabbers, stayed away from all the temptations to do wrong and bought the car for cash - as a gift to your self. You are not going to let them get away with it - without a fight.


        Well, that is what happened with our company eToys. All my life, for 25 years, I clawed and scratched my way to the top of the Turn Around/ Liquidation industry. Our Motto was "Solutions that make $ense". Our standard was "Maximize returns with the minimum of expense".

       When I came to the eToys federal case, they were going to sell everything to the entire eToys public company assets to Bain Capital for a mere $3.5 to $5.4 million. We stopped the stupid acution and made them pay tens of millions of dollars more. Yet, instead of thanking us, the attorney for the Debtor ( ) and the lawyer for the Creditors (Paul Traub) - screamed at me all the time.

Bain Capital's Toys R Us is in possession of stolen federal property

       It is a fact that Bain Capital owns Toys R Us. The reason the attorneys kept fighting our good faith efforts was because they had a Big Secret. The MNAT & Paul Traub law firms (secretly & illegally) really worked for Goldman SAchs & Bain Capital. Those 2 powerhouse Wall Street Firms had partnered up to destroy the eToys public company, so that Bain Capital could monopolize the retail toy industry (Bain Capital now owns Toys R Us - which owns Kay Bee Toys, FAO Schwartz & eToys). It really is odd how Paul Traub was always the creditors attornsy in those case - but Bain Capital always gets the super sweet (almost for free) deals.

Lying to a Chief Federal Justice to make $10 million in fees

  They schemed by plot & ploy to steal eToys through their secret attorneys Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel (MNAT) and Paul Traub (Traub Bonacquist & Fox) [TBF]. But, they needed the court's permission to work the federal case. It is forbidden by Law for any professional to work a case who fails to disclose a conflict of interest. So, how they got the court's permission to work the case - They simply LIED Under Oath 34 Times! Then the crooked parties were paid $10 million in fees for the success of their illegal schemes.

Chief Justice Says Lying Under Oath is Really No Big Deal

    What we have here in the eToys though, is a failure to communicate (yes, I did). Because, even after we forced the Bain Capital (secret) attorneys to confess to "intentional" fraud on the court (the fact it was admitted to be deliberate is a Very Big Deal). The Chief Justice in the Delaware Federal Bankruptcy Court ruled it was not proof of Perjury.(Please see the Judge's "Opinion" [sic] - specifically pages 50 thru 52 (here)).

      The two different law firms that betrayed their clients (eToys & their creditors) to help their secret client (Bain Capital) - got "caught" red-handed by yours truly and were forced to confess. Where communication breaks down, is the fact that when attorneys confess to lying under oath "intentionally" to a Chief federal justice 34 times over several years.

        She liked them so much - she said deliberate lies under oath wasn't Perjury.

Once again, I refer you to the crooked cop seizing your car by fraud. Are you going to sit still and accept bull [c]hit (corruption) as the final word in your case - simply because they are saying = "We have the power to bully you into submission"

      I've been saying for 11 1/2 years  Hell No - your corruption must go!

The Big 2001 Issues Bain Capital & Mitt Romney are Scared Of

       As it is denoted throughout the press, on President Obama's campaign website and our Diaries - it is no longer a matter of dispute. Mitt Romney WAS the CEO of Bain Capital until August 2001. Thus, the question that begs is - WHY! What is it that scares them so much - they must resist with all their might - you finding out he was CEO of Bain Capital in 2001. I do hope you now see the items they fear.

If Romney was not front runner for GOP in the POTUS race
                                                            - Bain Capital would get off 'Scot Free'

        We need not even argue about - whether or not - Paul Traub and MNAT are guilty of doing wrong. They have already confessed. (See MNAT deposition (here) and the copy of the Wall Street Journal in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette - denoting Paul Traub's confessions in the story "EToys Investors Claim Conflict At Law Firm".

       So, how is it, that in this age of promises that the SEC won't let another Madoff case happen; is it possible that another Madoff is happening?

 That is because the Delaware United States Attorney worked for Mitt Romney!

     They will babble bull [c]hit with terms like "obfuscation" that what the lawyers did in the 2001 eToys case is Not "really" fraud or Perjury. However, it is simple common sense. If what Clemens, Bonds & Martha did was worthy of prosecution. Then most certainly a person sworn to higher ethical standards who gets "caught" and "confesses" Lying Under Oath 34 times over 4 years "intentionally" letting it deceive a Chief Federal Justice. They are most certainly in the wrong. The Federal system of justice is Covering Up Bain Capital frauds in the eToys case.

August 2001 Romney Resigned & his lawyer was made DE US Attorney


        This is what you have been waiting for. Not only is Mitt Romney hiding from Bain Capital Frauds = Massive = in 2001. He is also trying to escape the fact that they believed they could get away with it all. Due to the fact that on August 2, 2001, an attorney (Colm Connolly pic right) who was partners with Bain Capital's affiliated law firm MNAT in 2001 = was Nominated by George W Bush to become the Delaware United States Attorney.

       Unfortunately for yours truly, I did not learn this until the near end of 2007. But, in a way, it was also beneficial. That is why Mitt Romney's attorney (R Bradford Malt) was able to confidently make the remark that Mitt Romney was Bain Capital's CEO until August 2001. They believed they had gotten away with it all and there was nothing to worry about.

       Here is Colm Connolly's Resume at the Dept of Justice (here).

NOTE: it stipulates Colm was a partner at MNAT in 2001 (the year of eToys frauds)

         Here is the Proof I waited 11 1/2 years for

          Federal Archives of GWB's Nominated Connolly for USA August 2001

          see IN STONE archive item (here).

        Mitt Romney and Bain Capital must stop you - At All Costs - from finding out that the REAL Bain way of doing business - is federal fraud and corruption. If they can openly get away with this much fraud - before he owns the Department of Justice; what do you think will happen AFTER he is President?

     I reported this stuff to the Department of Justice Public Corruption Task Force

                                  They Shut it Down & Threatened Career Asst US Attorneys

                                       To Keep their mouths shut or ELSE


 and that is only a small Part of the Rest of the Story!


      Some people are out there - saying DK owes me an apology and that is NOT True. DailyKos is a wonderful realm. But there are trolls & bad apples everywhere.

             I luv this place and wish to help make it grow!


Is Laser Haas weak for forgiving the NaySayers?

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  •  It just keeps getting better and better. (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Ashaman, IreGyre, laserhaas

    and then there's this.

    Looks like there may not be enough room on the rec list for all the diaries about Mitt's many and varied shady if not illegal escapades.

    Ds see human suffering and wonder what they can do to relieve it. Rs see human suffering and wonder how they can profit from it.

    by JTinDC on Thu Jul 12, 2012 at 01:22:19 PM PDT

  •  Told everyone here & afar that Mitt Romney & (0+ / 0-)

    Bain Capital are bad people.

    Some listened - some believed - many said pooh on me.


    Told everyone near & far - that Romney was lying about Sankaty Bermuda - that he has something to hide

    Some listened - fewer believed - many said pooh on me.

    NOW The story breaks on Sankaty in Vanity Fair
    and some say wow - more believed - still some say pooh


    Yelled aloud - forever - Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain Capital in 2001

    Less listened - less believed - many said pooh pooh on me.

    Even the elite among us said I was making up chit

    THEN the story broke. And I mean broke - someone else more important said what I've been saying all along - but because they are Not a victim - it rings more true.

    Still many say pooh on me.


    One day soon - someone with 1/2 a brain will ask the question

    WHY is Romney hiding for 2001

    Then you can point to this D here and say - We Know

    But understand - THEY knew too

    Just taking their time going pooh pooh on Romney

    Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain until Aug 2001. Proof of Bain & Romney Fraud

    by laserhaas on Thu Jul 12, 2012 at 04:21:32 PM PDT

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