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So over the weekend I was one of the people most Metafied by some serious bad craziness around here. Well, ultimately my Rec List diary was probably the right thing, but with a bit of misidentification of who was bullying whom in the example that inspired the diary.

But though many of us do seem to be drawn to meta like flies to carrion, fundamentally most of us want to kick some right wing ass in elections, and with global warming, global financial crises, and all that reaching crisis levels, 2012 seems a pretty important election year for us to come together on.

One of the things I am most known for (when I am not occasionally Metabating) is trying to identify key Congressional races that we can win. In 2006 and 2008 I picked a lot of the ultimate winners pretty early on. Sadly didn't do so well in 2010, but that was the nature of the beast. To quote Meatloaf, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Now we are in 2012. And honestly with our economy and our climate hitting some pretty scary tipping points, I really want us to win this year and win big. It can make a huge difference for my kids, possibly more than most elections.

So follow me to my current list of key Congressional races, focusing on some really great people in districts that are pretty close to tossups, and many in districts that are also going to be critical for winning the Senate and the Presidency.

Join me in donating to a few great people running for Congress.

UPDATE: Realize i should add this here: Someone has already donated $10 to each candidate. So I will do the same. Anyone else want to join (or partly join) us? It really makes a difference when the votes come in and I can't tell you how many key races I know that came down to 14 or 20 votes. Your dollars could shift a few of those votes.

Most of this is on my 2012 Act Blue Page that you can find here. Often I watch who gets the first few donations and try to match them, so if you want to get me donating to your favorite few candidates on the list, get the ball rolling.

CA-10: Astronaut Jose Hernandez For Congress

One of my favorite candidates this year is Jose Hernandez, running for the CA-10 Congressional District. This is a district that is considered a weak Repub hold and I have found fighting hard for those districts pay off the best for us both in terms of outright wins and in terms of forcing Republicans onto the defensive. I would love to see us push hard in this district.

Jose Hernandez is a former astronaut running for Congress against right wing extremist Jeff Denham. What more could you want??

Jose Hernandez has been endorsed by Democracy for America, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, North Valley Labor Federation, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, SEIU California, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

IL-11: Scientist Bill Foster for Congress

Another one of my favorite candidates in 2012 is Bill Foster running for the IL-10 district. He leans a bit conservative for many here, but he is a kick ass scientist, so I have a soft spot for him. He is extremely smart and I really think we need someone like him in Congress these days. He is running against Teabagger Judy Biggert. I think this leans in our favor and we can pick up this seat if we don't ignore it.

Bill Foster is an excellent candidate who was an excellent Congressman until the 2010 Teabagger fiasco ousted him. Now he is running for a newly created seat in Illinois. A brilliant scientists and successful entrepreneur he brings much needed expertise to Congress...something that we desperately need. One of the smartest people in the running anywhere in America, he is very much a moderate running in a moderate district. A good fit.

NV-3: Firefighter John Oceguera for Congress

NV-3 is a critical swing district in a critical swing state, and this is a very weak Repub seat. In some ways this is one of the districts that could determine the outcome of this year's Senate and Presidency, so not only do we have a good candidate, but we need to fight hard for this district. John Oceguera has a shot at winning if we fight hard for it. He is a firefighter and paramedic, someone we definitely could use in Congress!

FL-9: Powerful Progressive Alan Grayson for Congress

This list would not be complete without Democracy for America endorsed Alan Grayson. So maybe I like more conservative leaning Dems like Bill Foster who also are smart and effective. But I also like progressive firebrands like Alan Grayson. Both of them have been in Congress and both were ousted in the Teabagger fiasco. Time to get both of them back.

Needless to say Grayson is kick ass. Needless to say this is a critical swing district in a critical swing state. Florida leans towards Romney in my mind, and we need to turn that around and THIS district is a key one for doing that. Alan Grayson is one of the most powerful progressive voices in America, and I think he has a real shot at defeating the Teabagger incumbent.

IA-4: Christine Vilsack for Congress:

This is one of the most critical races in 2012. A key swing district in a key swing state, this race also pits the excellent Christie Vilsack against Teabagger Steven King who is so mean spirited he even was one of only eleven Congressmen (all Republican) who voted against giving aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. This is a clear cut choice between Vilsack's effective and compassionate leadership and Steve King's disgusting racist extremism.

This is only a weak Repub hold. If we can FINALLY get rid of racist Steve King, that alone would make 2012 a great year!

NH-1 and NH-2: Two of America's Most Critical Districts: Carol Shea-Porter and Ann McLane Kuster for Congress

New Hampshire is a swing state for the Presidency, has a tight Governor's race, and has two tight House races, so in some ways these two districts are among the most key in the country.

Daily Kos is very familiar with both Porter and Kuster. Both are also endorsed by Democracy for America. It would be wonderful to get these two women in Congress.

Both races are very close.

CO-6: Swinging the Country: Joe Miklosi for Congress

This is another key swing district in a key swing state and another one that could determine the fate of the country. Joe Miklosi is the Democratic candidate in this district and has been endorsed by Democracy for America. This is considered a very weak hold by the GOP and very likely a pick up by Democrats if we fight hard. This seat is currently held by Mike Coffman (R).

CA-52: Professor Lori Saldana for Congress

Running against right winger Brian Bilbray. Lori Saldana is a former California State Assembly member from 2004 to 2010 and is currently a professor at San Diego State University.

CA-07: Doctor Ami Bera for Congress

A great candidate running against entrenched Republican incumbent Dan Lungren. Personally I have been hoping to defeat Lungren for a VERY long time. This year this is considered at best a weak Repub hold, so this could be our best chance ever to get rid of Lungren.

Ami Bera is a doctor and formerly former Chief Medical Officer for the County of Sacramento. He would be an excellent addition to Congress. Just like I love the idea of firefighters and scientists in Congress, a doctor would be nice too!

WI-7: Pushing Back in Wisconsin: Patrick Kreitlow for Congress

Patrick Kreitlow is the Democratic Candidate in this seat. This is yet another key swing district in a key swing state and really, it is about time we kick the Teabaggers out of Wisconsin. This seat is currently held by Sean Duffy (R). Wisconsin has been such a major battlefield this really is a seat we need to win. Let's show the Republicans that Wisconsin is going blue.

Patrick Kreitlow has been endorsed by the Intl. Association of Firefighters, Steelworkers Union, National Farmers Union, NARAL Pro-Choice America
 Intl. Brotherhood of Teamsters,  AFL-CIO, League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Sierra Club, United Auto Workers, WI Federation of Nurses, and WI Alliance for Retired American, among others.

OH-6: Charlie Wilson for Congress

One of the most critical districts in the country...the Presidency and the House could ride on this one district. It is considered a weak Repub hold but we can knock that out.

Charlie Wilson has been endorsed by International Association of Fire Fighters, International Association of Iron Workers (IPAL), Building and Construction Trades - AFL-CIO, International Association of Machinists, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, United Steel Workers and many others.

Please donate to one or more of these candidates through my 2012 Congress Act Blue Page! I will try to match the first few donations. It is about damned time we kick the Teabaggers the HELL out of ANY position of responsibility because responsibility is NOT what they are all about.

Originally posted to mole333 on Wed Jul 11, 2012 at 08:13 PM PDT.

Also republished by The Federation.

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