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Yes, Governor Romney disapproved of funding a Bill for Multiple Schlerosis.  Unbelievable.  The disease his wife, Ann, had suffered with for 6 years at the time.

As heartless as this sounds, trying to defund MS spending is a drop in Mitt's "I don't want to fund that" bucket list.

I spent a few hours today compiling the lists of laws newly elected Governor Romney disapproved of and tried to cut funding for during his first year ON THE RECORD as recorded by the Massachusetts State Senate Journals.  

The lists are SHOCKING!  Read through the lists to see if your pet project(s) was disapproved.

Try to pass this information along to the media, if you have a moment.

These lists broke my heart. I am almost too stunned to be able to put this together for you.  

Nothing I have read has made me feel more disgusted about Romney's record, including ALL I have read about Bain Capital, or disheartened at the prospect of Mitt Romney becoming President.  

Following the lists, I will share the research journey I took to find this information.  It's a dark journey beginning with a search of the Department of Justice's website for "Mitt Romney."  Yes, there were some DOJ search results for "Mitt Romney" and for "Bain Capital."

Here are the lists of items "His Excellency the Governor" disapproved of and/or tried to cut funding for presented in the Massachusetts Journal of the Senate seven months after he took office.  Only two days are presented:  July 17, 2003 and July 14, 2003.

Massachusetts Journal of the Senate, July 17, 2003. (this link includes the MS funding disapproval); and

Journal of the Senate, July 14, 2003.

Let's reiterate the most shocking item Governor Mitt disapproved of, funding for Multiple Sclerosis, from the July 14, 2003 Journal of the Senate:  Section 620, 10:

(10) $162,368 for the MS PASS program, so-called, as previously established at the department of public health.  Said funds shall be expended to maximize matching dollars to be used for services provided by the program as managed by the Central New England chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
[The Governor disapproved this item.]

Here's the rest of the list in no particular order.  I have highlighted some items to help those looking for specific interests:


For the Massachusetts correctional legal services committee $500,000

Cervical/breast cancer benefits

Prostate cancer education, prevention and treatment program

Universal newborn hearing screening program

New Turning 22 clients, $97,000 - Funding for Adult Mentally Retarded (Massachusetts language)

MRC - For employment assistance services; provided, that vocational evaluation and employment services for Severely disabled adults

School breakfast pilot program

Youth build programs Item 7061-9626

For the talking book library at the Worcester public library

Board of Higher Education - The council shall not close a college without the authorization of the general court

Community college workforce training

For the operation of the toxics use reduction institute program at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Bilingual education I - V - helping non-English speaking children

For the operation of the mental health legal advisors committee and for certain programs for the indigent mentally ill

For the expenses of the social law library located in Suffolk county

For an education and community outreach pilot program to be administered in the Suffolk superior criminal court

Riverways protection, restoration and public access promotion

Library telecommunications, technology and automated resource sharing networks  

For the expenses of a service coordinators program established by the department to assist tenants residing in housing
DOS item pricing enforcement inspectors, support of the division of standard’s municipal inspection efforts

Education reform funding reserve pothole account

tem 4130-0002 Child abuse prevention programs trust fund

Environmental technology education partnership

Workforce Development

Reemploymen assistance program  

Section 439 Boston convention fund — off budget V

Section 609 Shattuck Hospital - medical services provided to inmates

Sheriffs, civil process fee reporting

Greater Lawrence sewage grant payments

2000-0500  Administrative law judges ... environmental protection 404,226”.

For certain payments for the maintenance and use of the trailside museum and the Chickatawbut Hill center

2800-0200 Commonwealth Zoological Corporation

Suicide prevention

Change Section 528 TANF work requirement - Recipients may meet said work requirement through education and training programs

Section 218 (North Shore Community College rental costs - that the assets of the institute that are associated with the program shall be available at no cost to the college.”

Turnpike Authority tourism cap

Metropolitan parkways control  

 alternatives to using the property tax to fund public education.

DOR Commonwealth sewer rate relief fund

SECTION 627. The secretary of the executive office of environmental affairs shall coordinate ...the protection of the air, water, natural resources and land  

“SECTION 605. The division of urban parks and recreation is authorized and directed to prepare an application to place the metropolitan parks system on the National Register of Historic Sites.”

MassHealth behavioral health program savings

Suffolk Probate Court community access - targeted at low income persons who experience educational and language barriers to court access

Retirement benefits for certain MWRA employees - who, in the course of his state employment was exposed to asbestos or other hazardous materials;

Local aid formulas study - how best to allocate state funds equitably to cities, towns, and regional school districts.

Certified nurses aide training scholarships

Long term care and home fusionist pharmacies  

Child Abuse Prevention Board

Boston municipal court (BMC) department  

Section 479 (B.M.C., administrative head) was considered
Section 485 (B.M.C., juvenile courts locations
Section 490 (B.M.C., salaries of secretary and assistant secretary
Section 695 (B.M.C., reorganization protections)


Section 620 (Nursing homes and pharmacy user fees) was considered, as follows:—

the following payments shall be made from the Health Care Quality Improvement Trust Fund in fiscal year 2004 utilizing monies accumulated in said fund during fiscal year 2003 as a result of the prohibition of retroactive application of rate increases to nursing homes approved by section 180 of chapter 184 of the Acts of 2002:

(1) $6,500,000 for grants grants to community health centersdisabled population pilot project  

(2) $5,000,000 for the purpose awarding one-time grants to community health centers for capital, equipment, and other costs for the purpose of increasing access to health care for medically underserved populations ...

(3) $1,500,000 to the city of Haverhill over a period of two years for the severe financial hardship resulting from maintaining critical health services through the operation of the former municipally-owned Hale Hospital.  

(4) $2,500,000 for a contract with an independent auditor for the purpose of examining the costs and services being billed to the Uncompensated Care Pool

(5) $4,100,000 for the career ladder grant program in long-term care established pursuant to section 410 of chapter 159 of the acts of 2000, provided; that grants shall be available for certified nurses’ aides, home health aides, homemakers and other entry-level workers in long term care;

(6) $3,000,000 to fund expenses at the division of health care quality within the department of public health to enforce and improve nursing home quality standards

(7) $2,000,000 for administrative expenditures at the division of medical assistance, partially funded in item 4000-0300, related to the establishment of a program of care management for Medicaid recipients

(8) $1,500,000 for non-recurring payments to financially distressed visiting nurse association  

(9) $300,000 for a statewide stroke education and public awareness program  

(10) $162,368 for the MS PASS program, so-called, as previously established at the department of public health. Said funds shall be expended to maximize matching dollars to be used for services provided by the program as managed by the Central New England chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
[The Governor disapproved this item.]

Apparently, Governor Romney was against health care before he was for health care until he decided he is now really against health care.

Governor Romney also reduced funding for a lot of programs for the needy.

If you search this Journal for the Senate version for "Governor reduced" you will find 51 matches.  Some items Romney wanted to reduce funding for are:

Veterans cemeteries Agawam/Winchendon administration
George Fingold Library
Environmental Compliance
Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
Division of Marine Fisheries
Urban Parks and Recreation
MassHealth long-term care services for the elderly
Community Services for the blind
Turning 22 residential and day community services
Independent living, individuals with severe disabilities
Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
AIDS Program
Early breast cancer detection and research
HELP program for black males health
Smoking prevention, cessation and tobacco control
Department of Mental Retardation  
Adult day and work programs
Early intervention services
Clean environment program, recycling intiatives
Regional public libraries state aid
Workforce training
Housing services contracts, housing consumer education
Regional economic development projects
Tourism grants
Chapter 70 School aid
Special education school placement reimbursement
State Police
Criminal Justice Training Council
Congregate and shared housing services for the elderly
Home care for the elderly administration
Department of Corrections
Veteran's outreach, centers
Neonatal/postnatal home parenting education
Division of Occupational Safety
Council on Aging
Chelsea Soldiers' Home maintenance
And lots of $ for courts was reduced by the Governor

This one is important, too:

Item 0910-0200 (Inspector General administration) was considered, as follows:—
“0910-0200 For the operation of the office of the inspector general 2,201,150”.
[The Governor reduced this item to 725,658.]

If you search this Journal for the Senate version, you will find 14 matches.  These may or may not be duplicates of the prior list.   They are:
Adult family support - respite services and intensive family supports
University of Massachusetts
Home care for the elderly
Appeals Court justices
Medical assistance for the blind
Ferguson Industries for the Blind
Vocational rehabilitation
Residential and day community services, including Special Olympics Massachusetts
Environmental and community health hazards programs (long list of protections)
Office of Commissioner of Probation
State psychiatric hospitals and community mental health center
Boston Municipal Court administration
Bridgewater State College
I can't help but notice some trends in Governor Romney's choices for either disapproving or reducing funding.  I'll be interested in your observations.

I think these lists will help voters, who may have special needs and/or concerns, learn Romney's positions in a clear and concise manner.

Also, the Massachusetts State Senate didn't allow Governor Romney to block many of these items, to their credit.  I'll let legislative scholars and those expert in legalese read the details in the two Senate reports to pick them appart.  I am admittedly neither.  I have just compiled the topic lists as they appeared in the Journals to the best of my ability.  I may have made mistakes.  If so, my apologies to Governor Romney.

Please share this information to help voters you know.

If, per chance, any journalists would like to dig deeper into Governor Romney's record, here's links to the Journal for the Senate


I searched each day for "disapproved" and "reduced" to quickly find the Bills Romney either disapproved of or tried to reduce funding for.  

The research journey

You can read the open source research journey taken to find the above information here.

Carl Rove's $25 Million ad buy for his ad "Obama Excuses" is all over twitter.  The RW is pushing this really hard.  THE RIGHT WING WORKS TWITTER AS A TEAM EFFORT.  They can afford to, right.

So, I made this video to counter the ad. We don't have $25 Million, but IF we work twitter really hard, we can counter Rove's ad by tweeting it far and wide.

I use up all my tweets, for two accounts, everyday.  It's my way of GOTV

The vid is high res.  Does it play for you?


To read the transcript, you can go here

Gov Romney Answers Rove's "What Are Obama's Excuses" Ad Perfectly - I Made Mitt's Response Ad


Wow! Mitt's more heartless than my wildest imagination about him.

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