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A girl was drawing hopscotch. A guy next to her wrote ‘I want peace.’ The next thing, they started arresting people. Everything was calm before the riot police showed up.” -- CBS News

Update/Intro from Huffington Post:

Riot police formed skirmish lines in the streets of downtown Los Angeles Thursday night in response to what appeared to be a demonstration over the right to draw with chalk...

Several people were arrested, said LAPD Officer Karen Rayner to HuffPost, although she couldn't confirm the exact number. When asked if drawing on the ground with chalk is illegal, Rayner said, "It's not vandalism because it's not permanent, but I don't really know."...

Charlie Shepard, who was in the area for Art Walk, told NBC4 that he was shot with a rubber bullet. "I was walking down the street and I saw a group of people. I was just here for Art Walk, I didn’t know anything was gonna happen," Shepard said.

What you get for chalking the sidewalk in Los Angeles.

Went out to grab something from 7-11 and got shot in eye by ‪#LAPD‬!
photo by ThatGirlKatt

The tweets that have been coming across my feed. In reverse chronological order:


Political Fail Blog ‏@PFailBlog
Public gatherings of any kind are no longer lawful in the US. There's no such thing as a peaceful protest anymore. Just know this #FTP

RT America @RT_America
Reports from LA that cops shot rubber bullets at ppl drawing on street with chalk during monthly ArtWalk. Times reports injuries and arrests

JP Massar @jpmassar
OMFG "unclear what prmpted cnfrontation but it appeared 2 involve Occupy protesters & plan 2 draw on sidewalks w/ chalk

Courtney @CourtneyOccupy
those aren't protesters! they are ppl attending art walk ( @pmbeers live at

PatrickHenryPress @phpress
This is downtown LA art walk, not a protest. Some started chalking, police showed up & fired. ( @lizsavage live at

#OccupyLA @OccupyLA
[Live]We Need Medics on the ground! This is an emergency. People bleeding from rubber bullet shot. -GR

abc7newsBayArea @abc7newsBayArea
Our LA sister station @abc7 is reporting that about 200 protesters are facing off with police in downtown.

OO_Conference @oo_conference
Need reasons to get energized again? The actions in LA are pretty good. Not to mention all the other global repression.

OO_Conference @oo_conference
More Shots being fired at point blank range. Tear gas being fired. Man allegedly shot in the face by LAPD.

Ergoat @Ergoat
that pic is being RTed of the guy being hit by rubbercoated steel bullet #ola #ows #oo #FTP #ACAB ( @pmbeers live at

Less lethal fired. Nib occupier hit. #chalkwalk

Lakeview OGP chalkify
Even in Oakland they don't shoot rubber bullets for chalk art. Yet.


Originally posted to jpmassar on Thu Jul 12, 2012 at 11:01 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and California politics.

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