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Wee Mama is quoted as saying this - with regards to before you write anything in a comment about a fellow Kossak - to ask yourself these questions.

This diary and all of the comments contained within it are none of the above.  

I know Rebecca (Swedishjewfish).  I have slept in the same bed with her as we covered the Jerry Sandusky trial.  I have had her in  my home.  I have invited her and her daughter to live with my family.

And I stand behind her 100%.

I have had 31 years to deal with the repercussions of "Telling."  Rebecca spoke for the very first time about the abuse she suffered as a child 6 months ago.  

I told a counselor at school and then my parents.  Child protective services came and interviewed me.  

Rebecca told on a public website, to the world.  She had never told ANYONE.  Not even her parents.  Much like Penn State, her family is still reeling from this - her parents asking themselves how they could have missed the signs, Rebecca dealing with guilt, shame, fear.

Because of her bravery, and the bravery of the young men in Pennsylvania, their courage motivated me to DO SOMETHING - and so I contacted Rebecca and asked her to co-found Tree Climbers with me.

She worked tirelessly, for weeks with me on getting our website up and running.  We filed for our 1023, set up our bylaws, filed for incorporation.  

We then decided to stand with the victims of Jerry Sandusky and spent 2 1/2 weeks in Bellefonte, PA, attending every day of jury selection and the trial.

We posted here, every night, the events of the day, our impressions.

We put together a book for the survivors - thanks to the beautiful contributions from this community and others - a book that has now been printed and is being sent to these brave young men -as a reminder to them that we heard them, we saw them, we believed them.

Now, we are working on compiling all of our work into a book that will be published and sold - with ALL Proceeds going to the charity - to help other survivors in their road to recovery.

While you all sit here, having your "fun" at the expense of my friend, I ask you again - what you've said here -

Is it true?  Is it kind?  Is it necessary?

She stood up for someone here, who, by all accounts was beloved by MANY on this site, because she saw someone she thought was being bullied.  Perhaps she was too raw - from disclosing her sexual abuse, from hearing hundreds of stories about others abuse, (remember, we also put together the tribute diary and raised $3,000 for RAINN), and she was taking in by the same stories many of you were - but because she has been motivated by me and others, she has become an ADVOCATE - and so, yes, she spoke out for this person.  

And she got burned.  

Do you know how she feels right now?  Do you have any idea what he put her through - away from here - through emails, facebook, phone calls.  

I have emails from him as he tried to draw me into his game.  (which I have forward to Admin here).  So I do have some insight into the lengths he would go.

And he hurt her.  Because she believed him.  

And now all of you - are trying to hurt her too?    Really?

I stand by my friend, Rebecca.  Because I know her.  Because I know the truth.

I write this about my friend Rebecca because it's kind.

I post it here, because obviously it is necessary.

I respectfully ask that you delete this diary.  Because when my friend, Rebecca, does eventually make it back here to continue her advocacy for children and her fight to elect more and better Democrats, she shouldn't be subjected to the vitriol displayed here.

Oh, and before anyone accuses me of being anyone's sock puppet -

My name is Roxine Behrens
My address (charity address) is 23931 Janbeall Court, Clarksburg, MD.
My phone number is 240-477.3902
My linked in is  (apparently you have to then search for my name - can't link automatically not sure why - could be because I have a "professional" account - (ie., paid)
My website

My blood type is O+
brown hair, blue eyes, 5'3" and overweight.

Married, 2 kids and in tears after reading all of this hatred being directed at a woman who spoke for me, who spoke for so many victims of child sexual abuse, who has given so much to this community and deserves far better than this.

Thank you

I posted this in a comment, but think it needs to be elevated to its own diary.  

Please don't rec this diary, just read it.

I don't want mojo or bars or followers or anything from anyone.  I want to stand up for my friend, my sister survivor, Swedishjewfish/Rebecca.

I also want to encourage everyone to just step back for a moment.  Because I have seen a viciousness over the past few days on this site that I do not think is indicative of the majority of people on this site.  And the pile on behavior has been disappointing to observe.

I respectfully request that the diaries accusing members of misrepresenting who they are (or that led to comments accusing the same) un-publish those diaries immediately.  I'm new here, but I believe that violates site rules.  (perhaps someone in the know could point me to where those rules are?  I will gladly update this).

These members, by the way, are still in good standing in this community - and if the admins here had any reason to think otherwise, would have, I'm sure, disabled their accounts to stop them from wrecking further havoc.

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