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Remember how after the revelations about John Edwards Democrats were all, "My GOD! How could he run knowing that there was a chance this would come out?!"


Well, Mitt Romney is the GOP's John Edwards. Only it's too late.

Thing is, Obama's opposition research engine is top notch. As is the entirety of his campaign. They've been preparing for a Romney candidacy least 4 years, possibly more.

Is there anyone who doubts that there is at least ONE campaign-devastating factoid to be found about Mitt Romney? (As if the possibility of perjury and felonious SEC reporting wasn't enough).


Is there anyone who doesn't believe that such an explosive revelation might make a timely attention-getter away from the constant barrage of Billionaire SuperPAC ads that will be carpet-bombing the airwaves this fall?

I'm saying, nobody with wealth like Mitt's and 60 offshore accounts and 100 shell corporations got that way by being an honest broker. Nobody. And the more you have, and the greedier you are, the more shit you leave in your path.

If I'm Mitt, I'm thinking: "I hope nobody finds out about [insert campaign ending explosion here]."

THIS is what it would have been like having John Edwards as our nominee.


Sun Jul 15, 2012 at 5:07 AM PT: Boy howdy! Went to bed after an 18 hour day of work and penning this diary and Rec List! Wow. Thanks!

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