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Bob Drogin deserves credit for EXPOSING MITT ROMNEY'S tax-evading Tax Haven deals.  Drogin's report goes into greater detail than the recent Vanity Fair article.  I recommend reading his two part series.

Part 1 - To assess Romney, look beyond the bottom line

Part 2 - Island tax havens factor into Romney's business success

I have to run, but wanted The Romney Team here at Daily Kos to have this information.

There's much more detail in Droger's reporting.

It would be interesting to compare the 2007 Blockbuster reporting by Drogin with the recent Vanity Fair Article:  Where the Money Lives

Also, I put together some instructions on how to use the SEC website called Edgar for your research fun in this diary.  Look for REGDEX/A documents, as they list the BAIN Executives by name involved with a deal.

Edgar Takes us INSIDE 1 Bain Deal - Instructions For Using SEC Website to Expose Bain

AND, Think Progress ECONOMY did the research and expanded Romney's involvement with Job Losses up to December, 2002:

The Bain Job Losses Mitt Romney Doesn’t Want You To Know About

You can search the SEC website for Bain Capital, Sankaty, other names of tax havens, and even Mitt Romney.

There's much to be learned about Romney's dealings on Edgar.

Have fund researching.

Sorry this is so short, I have to run.

BINGO!  BREAKING NEWS: HuffPost found a December, 2002 document proving Romney was an active executive with at least one of the 70 Bain entities listed with the SEC

Bain Capital Investors, LLC - Annual Report 2002 dated December 9, 2002.  A month before Romney took the Gov office in Massachusetts.

Now, maybe we need to search the other 69 Bain entities listed with the SEC.  

Wow!  Thank you all for rec'ing this.  Hope it gets spread far and wide.  Mitt's a liar.

Romney’s Top 10 Lies of the Week – Week 28

Also, I found that efforts of Congress become SEC records, too.

Search for Darrell Issa, etc.

Halliburton was a fun jaunt.  Search for Halliburton.

Actually, if you search for Mitt Romney, SEC records, the first document is about Halliburton.  If you search this document for Mitt Romney, you will see that the SEC refers to Drogin's reporting about Tax Havens.  This is how I found Bob Drogin's excellant, in-depth reporting.

You never know where researching might lead you.  Keep up the great work, Team Daily Kos!

Thank you Edgar.


Oh, this video needs to go viral

You're So Bain

Originally posted to War on Error on Sun Jul 15, 2012 at 07:34 AM PDT.

Also republished by The Bain Files.


I'll definitely being doing some SEC Edgar Researching!

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