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what Dan Savage did to Santorum.

Not to connect his name to anal sex, but to give a new definition to his name that will define him in a way he cannot escape and will not enjoy.

I want to make his name synonymous with evasive weaselly prevarication and lying.

Romney: a verb meaning to tell a convoluted lie--one that gets more complicated and more obviously untrue with every telling.  a lie that is obviously a lie because it includes both sides of the situation which cannot both be true at the same time.  a lie no one believes and a lie even you do not believe, but a lie you nevertheless have to tell because the truth is too damaging to admit.

It all started a couple of days ago when I was trying to explain the Bain retirement situation to someone who has not been following politics (amazingly I have a lot of friends like that).

In the middle of my explanation, the word just slipped out.

"And then he tried to Romney his way out of it by claiming ..."

"Wait... what?  What did you say?" the person I was talking to interrupted me to exclaim. "He tried to do what?  Romney his way out of the situation?  That's funny.  Where did you hear that?"

"Oh, somewhere on line, it's all over the liberal political blogs," I romneyed, when in fact I had just made it up my very own self.

Imagine the political uses:

"After many years of conflicting stories to everyone involved, John Edwards could no longer romney his way out of admitting paternity of Rielle's baby."

Congressman Z looked me right in the eye and romneyed with a straight face, claiming he had never done any political favors of any kind for the donor who was the biggest contributor to his re-election campaign.

When the Republicon caller evaded answering the question for the third time, Stephanie Miller exasperatedly said "I let you talk, so would you please stop romneying for a minute and listen to some facts?"

The Freeper troll kept posting the same talking points in TBMs diary over and over until she said, "We've had enough of your romneying, troll.  Have a donut and a recipe."

Even after the White House released definitive proof (again) that President Obama was born in the USA, the hateradio show invited birther guests to romney at length about whether "some say" the birth certificate is not real.

It also might be a handy word in real life:
When caught sexting an ex, Chris tried to romney out of the situation with a bogus explanation about teaching a friend how to use a smartphone.

Sarah was late to work because she overslept but she romneyed her way out of it by telling the boss there was a reported Bigfoot sighting on the Southeast Expressway that slowed down traffic.

Joe asked his boyfriend Sam if he was seeing someone else, and when Sam didn't answer right away Joe said "oh don't even bother trying to Romney your way out of this!"

When I was caught red-handed I tried to romney but could not think even of a bad lie fast enough.

"Tina accidentally brushed against and broke the floor lamp but was able to romney her way out of the situation by simultaneously blaming the cat, the dog and the bird."

Please add your own examples, and lets see if we can make this catch on!
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