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Remember last week when CNN's John King was on an all-out defense of Bain Capital?  He claimed to have access to key insiders who absolutely guaranteed that Romney left the company in February 1999., David Gergen is up with a similar piece entitled:

Facts don't support Obama's charges against Romney


1. What is Gergen's evidence and why is CNN working so hard to free Romney from this assault?  
2. Why are the insiders talking to CNN and why are they reporting their spin as fact?

Wait, hold on...let me read a little further...bammm!

Here it is from David Gergen himself:

"Let me acknowledge upfront what I have said several times on CNN: I have a past relationship with the top partners at Bain that is both personal and financial. I have worked with them in support of nonprofit organizations such as City Year. I have given a couple of paid speeches for Bain dinners, as I have for many other groups. I was on the board of a for-profit child care company, Bright Horizons, that was purchased by Bain Capital. It was a transaction with financial benefits for all board members and shareholders, including me.

So, yes, I have a bias."


Huh, wait're reporting a statement of fact as a person making bank off Bain and even you acknowledged that you're biased -- but, you want me to believe you or your network?


Child please!!

I bet you some, some, pickles and yogurt (that sounds nasty) that Gergen either was one of King's sources or he hooked him up with the insiders for his laughable piece.

How in the world can we trust anything CNN says regarding Bain when their top-dog was on the Bain payroll?

I reckon they've jumped the shark for good.

Originally posted to joelgp on Mon Jul 16, 2012 at 06:38 AM PDT.

Also republished by The Bain Files.

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