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In the latest display of how completely inept and disorganized the Romney campaign is, we've reached a new level of derp:

Two days after the Obama campaign released a brutal television ad mocking Mitt Romney singing "America The Beautiful," the Romney campaign responded with a web video mocking his singing of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."

[link added by me]

The HuffPo piece includes the Romney campaign's ad embedded into the article. When you click play, this is what you get:


9:04 PM PT: I just saw a hilarious RWNJ blog post from someone named "Pat Dollard," who exclaims in all caps "COMMUNIST YOUTUBE YANKS ROMNEY AD!"

He draws the following conclusion in his post: Romney's ad was taken down by YouTube at BMG's request. BMG is owned by Random House. Random House is a German company that printed Obama's books. This German company "printed Nazi propaganda in WWII." Therefore, Obama's books are Nazi propaganda. OMG ONOZ!!!!111


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