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One of the most viral presidential ads to date, with over a million hits on Youtube, has been unleashed in a host of battleground states. And according to ABC News (and even Republican strategists), it may be the one Romney's campaign should fear most.

It is truly devastating. Watch:

Here's ABC News' Matt Negrin:

The one-minute spot, made by the super PAC supporting President Obama, Priorities USA Action, already has more than 1 million hits on YouTube, more than 10 times any other super PAC ad. More significant, a person at a Republican group that has tested Democratic attacks on Romney told ABC News the ad is potentially the most devastating yet.


The ad stars a former plant worker in Indiana who tells the story: One day he was told to build a small stage and, shortly after, Romney’s Bain colleagues herded the workers in front of the stage to tell them they were fired. Romney, the worker says, made $100 million by shutting down the plant.

With Romney being hammered by a host of well-crafted Bain ads, it speaks volumes that Republican strategists are concerned about this one. And they have good reason to be, for not only does it play upon the intellectual point -- that Romney benefited financially from outsourcing jobs -- it plays simultaneously upon deep emotional chords.

And the combination of the two, told via a true and heart-wrenching narrative, is precisely what is needed to brand an idea upon the voters' psyche.

Particularly given this fact: the part of our brain which dominates decision-making is also the part of our brain which is devoid of language, yet houses our emotions.

Decisions are often made where our emotions reside. Which is why this ad -- true and brutal -- is a killer.

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Originally posted to Writing by David Harris Gershon on Tue Jul 17, 2012 at 01:17 PM PDT.

Also republished by Progressive Hippie.

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