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There's a reason John McCain and Ed Rollins are out there denouncing the latest nonsense from Michele Bachmann (R-Batshit Insane).  Say what you want about these guys, but one thing is clear.  They don't want the blood of Americans serving this nation abroad on their hands, especially if it can be avoided.  They would sooner eat glass.   This raises a serious question.  Where does Romney stand on this?

The Secretary of State was recently attacked by an angry mob in Egypt, much to the delight of right-wingers across the net.  Why?  Because Egyptians believe she is secretly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood... whose candidate for the presidency, Mohamed Mursi, won the closely-contested recent elections.  

Why would they believe this?   Because of some bullshit claim from Republican representatives Michele Bachmann (MN), Trent Franks (AZ), Louie Gohmert (TX), Tom Roomey (FL), and Lynn Westmoreland (GA), that Clinton's deputy CoS is a mole for radical Islam.

Bachmann, frankly, isn't bright enough to make this kind of crap up by herself.  So you have to wonder where she heard it.  Turns out, it was Frank Gaffney.   You remember him.  He was one of those despicable Chickenhawks who used the bogus "mushroom cloud" scare tactic that led us to war.  A few years ago, when confronted by Matthews about that, this is what he said:

It is regrettable that they had to die, but I believe they did have to die. The danger was inaction could have resulted in the death of a great many more Americans than 4,000. And that's the reason I'm still delighted that we did what we did.
That is what we are dealing with here -- as naked as you can get -- these people are DELIGHTED to send Americans into a meat grinder if it advances their agenda.  They don't give a fuck who they hurt, who they kill, what they destroy.  This is beyond reckless.  This is malicious and wanton disregard for human life.   I find it hard to believe this sort of thing is not a crime.


UPDATE  9:33 PM PT: Oh...and by the way... where do people get off cheering the fact that an American diplomat was attacked by an angry mob?  Here are just a few examples of this

1) Egyptians have fun attacking Hillary Clinton with tomatoes Check out the tags....Monica? Really?

2)      "OK, I'm sorry I laughed about the Hillary shoe/tomato attack in Egypt" -- Sounds good until you step on the link provided. That sure makes the "apology" sound a bit sarcastic, dear.

3) "Some stories, like this one from Reuters, are just too good to pass up""Too good to pass up"... oh really?

You know this is too good for FOX to pass up....

4)  FOX weighs in.... with a straight report, but who is surprised by the comments from "patriots" like these:

medaniel • 3 days ago
This is so funny I almost choked on it. It's always nice to have other people remind you of the fact that while you think you are so important the rest of the world doesn't. What a nice neat kick in the posterior for this pitiful liberal. He, he, he.
38 (uprates) 2 (downrates)

johndeagun • 3 days ago
Obama and his administration is an embarrassment to America
37 (uprates) 2 (downrates

Guest • 3 days ago
They're getting exactly what they deserve. Obama, and his cabinet, has allowed, and perpetrated, a global coup and muzlim's called a "khalifah". I never thought I would see the day where our own President, would be a co-conspirator, and be the main
cause, in our nation's downfall.
33 (uprates) 2 (downrates)

olenin • 3 days ago

We'll skip over all the ones maligning her for Bill's infidelity... and just let this last one speak for itself:

azfox1270 • 3 days ago
That hag' needs her head kicked in'
7 (uprates)

Nice to see "politics ends at the water's edge" with this crowd... and FOX "News" keeps this crap up there for all the world to see.  However, this raises an important question asked in the comments below, (h/t Vera Lofaro) "What does Willard have to say about this?"  

I can understand Romney being afraid to denounce Bachmann and the other representatives for what they said.  Why alienate voters in states like Minnesota, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Arizona, right?  I can understand why Romney would be terrified of denouncing Limbaugh for what he said.  He's running for president, for Pete's sake.  How will the party react if he acted presidential and challenged that hate-monger?  

What I can't understand is why the press wouldn't at least ask Romney where he stands on Gaffney's claims.  You would think journalists might be interested in knowing whether Romney supports or denounces the kind of talk Gaffney and his followers traffic in.  After all, Frank Gaffney, the author of this calumny, is the guy who published a piece that appeared on the FOX "News" web site, advocating the military slaughter journalists.

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