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A small diary of my trip to Florida.


Day 1:

Our first day here. Weather is amazing compared to our home state. I wish I could just stay here. I hate humidity, but I didn’t know there are different types of humidity. The kind here is the kind I, NOW, love. It’s not the suffocating humidity but just the type that makes your skin feel good. The weather is awesome!

We drove around all over the place, explored some nearby towns and cities, looked at boat docks and considered a cruise.

We didn’t do much today, just mostly relaxed after a long drive the night before.

I am sitting in a motel in Florida due to some issues that have risen with our other arrangements.

The kids are annoying here.  I hope this shit lets up a bit. They’re very loud and screechy. Their screeching and piercings screaming is just about making my ears bleed.

Day 2:

In my previous diary, I mentioned that I cannot stand kids, and either karma hated my comment and has it out for me, or this motel is literally infested with little screaming brats while the parents don’t even bother looking after them while they’re running around, screaming their fucking heads off and throwing shit around.

I have spoken to the manager, as well as a lot of other people staying here and it seems that the manager has repeatedly asked these people to control their children but it hasn’t improved. Now, this motel isn’t all that nice but as long as I’m not surrounded by cockroaches which causes my eczema to send me into shock, I can deal. The room has tile floors, no WIFI,  crappy walls, and shitty service but it’s clean.

These kids’ ages range from about 1 years old to maybe 4 and these kids are fucking everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And they won’t shut up. They don’t listen to their parents, if the parents tell them to stop doing something, the kid goes into a temper tantrum and start screaming and refusing. They’re outside of our door all day long, and even though we’re usually out somewhere, it’s very fucking annoying to hear a bunch of screeching from little brats in diapers. They run around, fall down and start screaming again. Their little friend is not outside- they start screaming. They’re told to quit doing something- all hell breaks loose.

All this shit is making me go into a fit of rage and there is nothing I can do about it except be told by my fiancée to “ignore it”- I don’t know exactly how you ignore constant piercing screaming but I’m glad he can do it. I can’t. This is the reason why I’m taking 3 medications every fucking day.  

Update: Talked to the maintenance guy today. He said they had to move the people with the kids from the second floor to the ground floor due to all the complaints a couple months ago. Shit.

Last night, someone also got arrested. All the noise woke me up at like 2:30 in the morning.

Day 3:

I haven’t heard kids all day today. My fiancée went up to the front desk and let the manager know that when we went to bed at 11:30 the night before, the kids were still outside, screaming their heads off. From what FI told me, the manager had had enough and told the people to either take their loud kids to the other side of the motel, take them to the park or keep them inside their rooms- I haven’t heard a PEEP today, thank Jeebus!

We also went to a gross “beach”, if that’s what you would call this place. The sand was grey- black in color, water was brown and the whole place smelled like rotten fish and sewage. The guys rode a jet ski around in it while I floated on my giant turtle float and used my flip-flops as paddles. I did ,although, end up seeing a dolphin, a pelican, a flamingo and a little hermit crab while in this pool of doo- doo, but that really didn’t help the experience lol.

Then, later on in the day, we decided to just drive, so we ended up meeting with a friend of mine and her fiancée. I was so giddy I spilled my drink all over the table, all over my phone and myself. I felt pretty bad so I cleaned off the entire table with a bunch of towels a waitress brought over that she was going to use- I didn’t let her.
This was my first time meeting my friend after a long time of chatting with her online on a daily basis. Our boys definitely hit it off as they are going into the same career field, which is also a major plus!

Tomorrow, we’re going to a spring, and probably kayak, which will be my very first time, so that should be fun!

P.S. I have a mysterious bruise on my knee :(

P.P.S. The guy who got arrested: he had a warrant out for his arrest, had a room in someone else’s name and called his pissed off ex-girlfriend to come over. In a pissed rage, she called the cops instead. LOLOLOL!!

Day 4:

The plan today was to go to Lithia Springs. About 20 minutes in, it started storming so we had to leave- we didn’t get our money back. We then decided to go to Treasure Island. It was nice but the floating seaweed freaked me out. It kept getting wrapped around my ankles and was all slimy. I ended up getting a sand dollar and an awesome looking shell with a snail inside of it.

We had some drinks on the beach, I made a person out of sand and had an awesome time laying around and playing with the sand(I know, that’s funny) in general.

The sun was out and it was very hot. I actually ended up getting very tan so I’m pretty stoked.

Day 5:

We are so sore! Today is also my guy’s birthday but we have just been laying around. It’s still early in the day, so nothing exciting has happened yet. Let’s hope that changes!

Update: we are going shopping now for formal clothes. We are going on a dinner cruise and we can’t wear shorts or flip flops, or none of the casual wear.

Another update: found a dress. It feels fancy. I’m not a person of fancy clothes haha.

{when I went to the fitting room, I was going to have my guy in the room with me do I could try on dresses and get his opinion. While waiting for a fitting room to become available, a big, fat black woman opens a door, looks at my fiancée and in a snarky tone says, “ugh why is there a damn man in here”(the fitting rooms weren’t specified as male or female). So we go into the fitting room after she leaves, and I started trying in dresses. Then we hear Store personnel walk in and say that “customers” don’t appreciate men in the fitting rooms and felt uncomfortable. As if my guy was looking under the stalls at other people. Fuck. I should have said that I felt uncomfortable with whales being in my presence. Stupid bitch.}

Now off to find clothes for the fiancée.

Update: Fiancée found a nice dress shirt, dress pants and shoes. We also got bleach and a toothbrush so I could clean my sand dollar! :)

Tomorrow, we will be spending our last day in Florida on a beach, swimming and frolicking in the sand and maybe find some more sea shells. I’m hoping my bestie can make it too!

Tomorrow, we are also planning on going on a dinner cruise in the evening, which was the reason for our shopping trip earlier in the day- no jeans, shorts or casual wear allowed.

Day 6:

Well, the day didn’t start out as smoothly as we hoped but we went to Clearwater and hung out for a few hours there. The water was nice, weather was gorgeous and the sand was soft. One of my favorite beaches so far!

After that, we went back to the motel and got ready to go out to the cruise.

Update: the cruise was absolutely amazing. We looked nice, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was breathtaking! I’m hoping we can do it again soon!

Day 7:

Well, this morning, the guys rode the jet ski for a little bit before packing up. It’s time for us to head back home now, unfortunately.

I sat on the beach and watched the ghost crabs around me. I had to stay very still and couldn’t take photos because the slightest move I made, made the crabs scatter. I think those crabs are adorable!

I then saw a dolphin right by the shore- maybe 20 feet from me. The dolphin disappeared after coming up to the surface a couple times though. I named him “Fluppy”.

We are now driving back home. I’m sad to leave Florida but I am hoping to come back and possibly move here!

Update: it is now 12:51 AM, we are about 2 hours away from home and we have stopped at a Rest Stop. It is 70 degrees but the humidity level is nearly a 100%. I am sitting in the backseat of our little rental, next to a jet ski that has been shoved into the trunk/ backseat to serve me as a lovely pillow. The guys are sleeping. I have maybe 2 feet by 3 feet of space to myself- I can’t stretch my legs out, move around much and I even have to position myself in a certain way to stay somewhat comfortable. Forget about fucking sleeping- not going to happen :( I just want to go home at this point and sleep in my bed, in the AC, with my pillows and blanket, where I can stretch out and not feel like I’m packed in a fucking box. I also cannot stop sweating and I can feel bugs crawling all over me because the trunk is not shut all the way. Yay..!

I am hoping we are home by noon.

UPDATE: We finally  got home by 9 AM. I was happy to be home but miss Florida already.

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    You just seem to have a lot of overt animosity toward children, including your own, and it doesn't seem very healthy for you or for them. Yes, kids are more work than I ever imagined and I doubt I would be a parent if I had it to do over, and I am not very sentimental about it either. I am not going to tell you the births of my sons were the greatest moment of my life, for example. But they are my kids and the older they get, the more I am glad to have them around. Finding common interests is difficult, but it is great if you do find some things you can relate to each other about. And instead of reinforcing your negative feelings, maybe try overcoming them?

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