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Norway´s current prime minister Jens Stoltenberg with former prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland at Utøya several years ago. I believe Stoltenberg was leader of AUF at the time, and Harlem Brundtland the prime minister. Many AUF´s go on to hold prominent position in the Labour Party and other part of the society.

The prime minister visiting AUF at Utøya a few years ago. Slogans obviously inspired by Obama: We can be the great generation. /  Jens, you can. They are campaigning against oil drilling in Northern Norway.

Norway´s foreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre visiting the camp July 21st. 2011.

I recommend you to see at least the first part of this television documentary showing Utøya July 22nd, the hours Click CC for English text. It was a rainy day, but the atmosphere is amazing.

The video shows Gro Harlem Brundtland arriving and spending time at Utøya; after that the attack bomb attack at the primeministers officebuilding in central Oslo is shown. At that time the youth at Utøya thought themselves to be perfectly safe there. Breivik would later be carried over by the ferry, disguised as a policeman.

She had left shortly before Anders Behring Breivik arrived. One of his initial plans was to specifically target Gro Harlem Brundtland, make her kneel and apologize for having promoted multiculturalism and cultural marxism, then decapicate her and send video of it to news media or post directly to internet. He gave up this idea of posting it to intenet for practial reasons, but had Breivik not been delayed by a traffic accident and other things on July 22nd, she would still have been on the island when he came there to kill, and she was a special goal of his. Harlem Brundtland was Norway´s first and only female prime minister, and it seems like Breivik like many other right wing extremists not only fear immigrants but also strong women.

Harlem Brundtland had with her a grown-up granddaughter Julie who initially had planned to stay on at Utøya, but changed her mind. Julie is the daughter of Harlem Brundtlands son Jørgen who committed suicide before Julie was born. A nephew of Brundtland was at Utøya when Breivik came but survived.

What was revealed during the trial was also that Breivik´s plan and hope was that practially all the young at Utøya would die. He calculated that the young would not be able to swim into the mainland in the cold water, and thus that the lake should become a mass grave. Luckily he was wrong there, to a large degree because of camping tourists who came to rescue in their small boats (even when being shot at).

In memory of Mona - one of the victims, wonderful video, reflecting the multiethnic community at the East side of Oslo, that Breivik feared so much.

She was of Somali origin and seems to have been an incredibly happy, optimistic and talented young girl. Her sister who seems to be of the same type was also on the camp, but had gone to the mainland for some shopping when the shooting started, so she survived and is now the deputy leader of Oslo AUF. The leader of Oslo AUF was among those who was killed at Utøya.

Another very happy girl, Bano, lent her rubber boots to Gro Harlem Brundtland on the rainy day July 22nd. She was killed at the "love path". Her family had fled Iraq because of the war there. She was elected to her local council posthumously. Her ambitious was to one day become a Norwegian minister. Her sister is now the leader of the local chapter of AUF.

The "Love path" at Utøya, popular with couples who have felt in love. On July 22nd it became a "murder path", many of the youths were killed on this path, desperately trying to fly Breivik; some survived by running down the cliff behind the fence, some of those got seriously hurt though.

Barack Obama signing the condolence book at the Norwegian embassay in Washington DC.

This girl of Bosnian origin survived by swimming away from Utøya, allthough she didn´t consider herself a good swimmer and the water was very cold (she got eventually picked up by a boat). Her father who had experienced the Serbian bombings of Sarajevo used to forever thankful for having found refugee in a peaceful and functional country and it was of couse surreal for him that his daughter should experience a grave terror attack in Norway. Like many others who was at Utøya she sent SMS to her family in the middle of the attack when she still didn´t know what was happening or whether she would survive.

She still wears the orange Utøya band around her handwrist.

The former leader of the youthwing of the Swedish Leftwing party (former communist) was one of those who barely survived Utøya. He is of Iranian origin. His Norwegian companion is a prominent journalist, and Breivik had a special hate for her, and her relationship to a "Muslim" man, allthough he is in reality an atheist. She was pregnant at July 22nd. and their "multiethnic" babygir  was born soon after.

Hillary Clinton meeting in Oslo with the central leadership in AUF  this spring. The AUF leader to the right survived by escaping in the ferry that had carried Breivik to Utøya. He was one of those Breivik was especially looking for. The Tamil girl to the left also survived Utøya, she was re-elected to Oslo City council this year. Another female Shikh Utøya-survivor became the youngest member of Oslo City council ever when she was elected at the tender age of 17. (She turned 18 later that year).

Til Ungdommen (To the Youth) also know as Kringsatt av Fiender (Surrounded by Enemies)

Originally posted to Mariken on Sun Jul 22, 2012 at 08:24 AM PDT.

Also republished by July 22nd and Community Spotlight.

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