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Yesterday, I provided a little prelude to today's diary with photos not included here.

The SFKossacks met at the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo with Steveningen as host. Steven arranged a tour of the Golden Bear Training ship, provided catering and had sessions to experience a ship simulator. Steven did an amazing job organizing this major event for us. The turnout was excellent. Of note was the support and attendance of Markos and his family, Hunter and elfling plus Meteor Blades from the staff at Daily Kos.

Steveningen also posted a nice set of photos in his Top Comments piece last night. Go see.

Ok. You're all caught up. Now for the new photos:

Our group gathered in the Simulation Center on the academy campus:

Steveningen greeted us with appetizers and libations. We all mingled while waiting for our 4:00 PM tour of the Golden Bear training ship.

Meet jakedog42 who was a middie at CMA 46 years ago. Back in 65-66 when Carl Bowman was Capt. of the Golden Bear. He drove up from Orange County. I'm so glad he saw our diary and was able to attend. Here he is with his photo back in the day:

Here's jakedog42 meeting fellow Kossacks:
jakedog42, Mrs. side pocket, gotmooned, no way lack of brain and Cooper888

side pocket and tgypsy

linkage and Delta Hotel, President and Secretary in the local Democratic Club

Brian, (Mr. Steveningen) Cooper888 and Mrs. Goo

Latest Updates: Kossack Regional Meet-Up News Below the Fold


Is there an organized Kossack group in your region. What is its name?
Have you attended a meet-up?

Meet Cadet Kelly who is going to conduct our tour of the training ship Golden Bear:

jakedog42 and Cadet Kelly


Training Ship Golden Bear, part of the CSU Maritime campus in Vallejo, CA
~Photo courtesy of Elfling

Training Ship Golden Bear, part of the CSU Maritime campus in Vallejo, CA
~Photo courtesy of Elfling

SFKossacks boarding the Golden Bear

This is one of many stops where Cadet Kelly engaged and entertained us

Markos, Elisa, offspring and neighbor listens to Cadet Kelly ~Photo courtesy of Sally Cat

Ari trying to wake up from his car nap


Whoa! Party Crasher!
lol. Paul in Berkeley, long time SFKossack makes a personal appearance

He even draws his bojo on his name tag. ha. Paul is the definition of cheeky.

Hosts Extraordinaire: Brian and Steveningen ~Photo courtesy of Sally Cat

linkage, side pocket and Meteor Blades listening to Cadet Kelly ~Photo courtesy of Sally Cat

elfling  ~Photo courtesy of Sally Cat

Cadet Kelly takes us inside the bridge of the Golden Bear

elfling getting a shot of the throttle controls, her shot follows this one

Ship's throttle controls on the bridge of the TS Golden Bear, on the campus of CSU Maritime.

Ship's throttle controls on the bridge of the TS Golden Bear, on the campus of CSU Maritime ~Photo courtesy of Elfling

Next we head down, down to the bowels of the ship:



Inside the engine room of the TS Golden Bear, part of CSU Maritime. It's traditional for each group to add a mural during the annual training cruise.
Inside the engine room of the TS Golden Bear, part of CSU Maritime. It's traditional for each group to add a mural during the annual training cruise ~Photo Courtesy of elfling



~Photo courtesy of Sally Cat

~Photo courtesy of Sally Cat

Hunter was leaning against the wall and felt something. He looked and it looks like it's a good thing he didn't fully depress that emergency unit!

And yet another control room but the temperature was around 100

Then we move to the engine room, more heat!


Cadet Kelly wrapping up his tour on the deck where it is a much cooler 80 degrees

Hunter disembarking the ship ~Photo Courtesy of Sally Cat

Meteor Blades leaving the ship

Steveningen has arranged for a wonderful buffet for us:


Now for the simulator:


side pocket steering the ship simulator

I get my chance and Paul in Berkeley doing what he does best and that is pushing the throttle to full force

tgypsy and kos
Ari steering the ship simulator! ~Photo Courtesy of Lineatus

Ari telling me how super fun the simulator was!!!

There was a large osprey nest with young ones that the academy has adopted as mascots.

And now for the pièce de résistance, Sally Cat captured this terrific image of one of the osprey!


Let's build communities!

Every region needs a meat-space community like SFKossacks.
We take care of each other in real life.
I urge YOU to take the lead and organize one in your region.
Please tell us about it if you do and I'm here for advice.



If you see Kossacks organizing meet up events please Kosmail me or make a comment below so I can keep a running log of them.

A preliminary report on the NOLAKossack meetup held this past Thursday. A future photo diary is promised.

KUDOS! To gchaucer2 and Phil S 33 who took up the gauntlet of the navajo challenge and began the arduous organizing task of a Kossack meet up. Scheduled for August 19th. Another round-up diary was posted by Phil S 33. Location TBD soon.


1. Blue Jersey Mom
2. Rubyr
3. GChaucer2
4. Phil S 33
5. mconvente
6. asterkitty
7. hayden –maybe
8. Roxine
9. Actbriniel
10. davidseth  
11. Denise Oliver Velez
12. kishik
13. DawnN
14. Pam LaPier- needs ride
15. Ian Reifowitz-maybe
16. Missys Brother-maybe
17. kathny
18  Sidnora


Events Currently on the Books for SFKossacks
Sunday, August 5th
Sunday Streets
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Valencia Street from 14th to 24th and 24th Street from Valencia to Hampshire
Transportation and Parking Directions

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Walk on your own around and visit all the booths and stores.

Then, we'll all convene at a watering hole, its location as yet to be determined, at 3:00 PM. I'll announce the address in this daily diary as soon as citisven and kimoconnor select it. We can walk in a group to Kim's flat.

4:00 PM - ? Potluck backyard bbq kimoconnor's lovely city garden.

Bonus! Red Carpet Rollout for angelajean! She's visiting relatives in the Bay Area and will join us at this event.

1. kimoconnor
2. citisven
3. navajo
4. angelajean
5. remembrance
6. Glen the Plumber
7. Lusty

Sunday, August 19th
Red Carpet DOUBLE Rollout
Tim Delaney and figbash!
TIME: Early afternoon TBD
PLACE: Heart's Desire Beach at Tomales Bay State Park

Stay tuned!

Okay. Floor's open.

Tell us what you are doing on this NEW DAY?

Originally posted to DIVA on Mon Jul 23, 2012 at 07:30 AM PDT.

Also republished by SFKossacks.

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