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Welcome Friends ! Thank you so much for visiting our Obama Nightly News© !
It is Voter Registration Tuesday ! Our states for registration today are Nevada, North Carolina, and New Mexico. We think that we will likely be outfunded by Willard's rich 1 percenters ; however, we believe that we can still win if we are competitive in the fundraising, we identify our voters, get them registered, get them to the polls, help canvas, and make our calls.

First, I want to extend my condolences to the families of the victims.
If this is not the time for us to reexamine our gun laws, I do not know that
the time will ever come. (sigh).

newspaper headline collage
For information on registering and voting in Florida, Ohio, and Virginia.

To check out how to register and how to vote in Iowa, Virginia, and Colorado, please click  here

Our first state for our voter registration today is North Carolina.

The Voter Registration Process

To vote in North Carolina, a person who meets the qualifications above must sign and complete a voter registration application. When completing a voter registration application, be sure to provide your full name, residential address, date of birth, and citizenship status. In addition, do not forget to sign the form. Failure to complete a required field on the form will delay the processing of the application. After completion, send the form to the appropriate county board of elections. In order to vote in an election, the form must be received by the voter registration deadline.

If an application is complete, the county board of elections will notify registrants of their precinct and polling place assignments by mail (voter card). Voter registration applicants, who have met the voter registration deadline, should expect to receive their voter card within 1 to 2 weeks. The voter card is a non-forwardable mailing. If a voter card is returned by the postal service as undeliverable after two attempts, then an applicant’s voter registration may subsequently be denied. Applicants should contact their county board of elections if they do not receive their voter card within two weeks. Note: The applicant must have transmitted the registration application by the registration deadline; otherwise, the voter card will not be mailed until after the completion of the election.  

Voter Registration Deadlines

The deadline to register to vote in North Carolina is 25 days before the day of an election

These people are not friendsof democracy :
What Constitutes A Vote

Pursuant to Section 301 (a)(6) of the Help America Vote Act of 2002, codified as 42 U.S.C. § 15481(a)(6), and N.C.G.S. § 163-182.1(b), the State Board of Elections has developed these standards and procedures to define what is a vote and when that vote should be counted in circumstances in which voting systems are unable to determine the voter’s intent with respect to a marked ballot.

Curse them for that !
What ???
That is troubling - to say the least.


on election dayIf this is your first time voting in a federal election in North Carolina, you may be asked to show ID before you can vote on Election Day. Identification may include (but is not limited to):

 ◦A North Carolina driver’s license
 ◦Another valid photo ID
 ◦A current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or other government document that shows your current and complete name and current address.

If you’ve previously voted in a federal election in North Carolina, you don’t have to bring an ID with you to the polls.

If you have additional questions about voting in North Carolina, please contact: Elections Division: (919) 733-7173 or (866) 522-4723;

Next up is  Nevada
Get registered to vote with your current name, at your current address, for the November 6, 2012 general election by October 6, 2012. If you miss the deadline to register online, by mail, at the DMV or through a voter registration drive, you can register to vote in person at your county clerk’s office up until October 16, 2012.
Click here for the form to register in NV
Here is what we need to know :
Here's what you need to know about registering in Nevada
•You need to be 18 or older on Election Day.
•You need to be a United States citizen.
•You need to be a resident of Nevada and the county in which you’d like to vote for 30 days before the election, and in the precinct for 10 days before the election.
•You can’t be a felon who has not had his or her right to vote restored.
•You can’t have been determined by a court of law to be mentally incompetent.
•You can’t have claimed any other place as your legal residence.
•If you’re a first-time voter who registers by mail, you’re required to submit proof of identification either at the time of registration or when you vote. You can include a copy of your identification with your registration form today! Acceptable forms of ID include: a current utility bill, bank statement, valid photo ID, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address.

Don’t forget—your state may have additional ID requirements when you go to the polls.

If you have additional questions about voting in Nevada, please contact:


On Election day
Nevada does not have a voter ID requirement in most cases, but if you haven’t yet voted in a federal election in Nevada, and didn’t show an ID when registering make sure you bring:

◦A current and valid photo ID that shows your physical address; or
 ◦A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or document issued by a governmental entity, including a check which indicates your name and address, but not including a voter registration card issued

In order to vote by mail, you need to provide:

◦A copy of a current and valid photo ID that shows your physical address; or
 ◦A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or document issued by a governmental entity, including a check which indicates your name and address, but not including a voter registration card.
 ◦If there is a question as to your physical address, the election board officer or clerk may request additional information.
 ◦These provisions do not apply to certain first-time voters. See if they applies to you.

If you have additional questions about voting in Nevada, please contact: Elections Division: 775-684-5705;

I am enchanted by our last state today : New Mexico.
Get registered to vote with your current name, at your current address, by 28 days before Election Day.

To be registered to for the November 6, 2012 general election, you must register no later than October 9, 2012.

Hand delivered voter registrations, delivered directly to the county clerk, may be delivered until October 12, 2012 , if the voter registration is dated and postmarked by October 9.

You can get your registration started right now.

On Election day :
New Mexico does not have an identification requirement for voting, but if you are registering to vote for the first time in New Mexico, you must submit a copy of one of the following forms of identification along with your registration form:

 ◦(1) a current and valid photo identification; or
◦(2) a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, student identification card or other government document, including identification issued by an Indian nation, tribe or pueblo that shows your name and current address.

If you do not submit one of these forms of identification with your first- time registration, then you would be required to present one of the forms of identification when voting in person or absentee.

If you have additional questions about voting in New Mexico, please contact: Elections Division: 505.827.3600;

We must fight these voter suppression tactics of the Republicans through (1) beating them in the state legislatures / or winning governorships that will veto such Jim Crow type laws (2) beating them in court, (3) beating them in the court of public opinion and (4) getting our voters registered and to the polls on election day .
We can't let them win by trying to cheat the democratic process.


Andrew Sullivan :

Fifty-seven percent of voters said congressional Republicans have impeded the recovery with their policies, and only 30 percent overall believe the GOP has done the right things to boost the economy.
Andrew Sullivan quotes Chris Cillizza at The Fix :
Cillizza notes how knife-edge this election will likely be nonetheless:

The highest the national unemployment rate has ever been when a president has won reelection is 7.2 percent, for Ronald Reagan in 1984. Of the 12 swing(ish) states, six had rates above 7.


Should we worry due to not great polls now in the Summer ?

There's no getting around: These are the worst head-to-head numbers for President Obama we've found since we started including this question in our poll every week back in April:
Nate answers that :
. In other words, there has been a seven-point swing on average toward the incumbent party’s candidate from the July polls until November.I do find that there is some tendency for the incumbent-party candidate to overperform his summer pollseven after attempts have been made to account for these convention effects
Nate still has the swing states as they were previously :

Florida - barely favors us
North Carolina and Indiana are lean Rmoney
We remain favorites in the other swing states.

 bringFladems us good news out of Florida (surprise) - President Obama is leading .

TarantinoDork posts that the new NBC/WSJ poll has Obama + 6

The new Reuters poll shows the Bain attacks are working



Super Rich have upwards of 30 trillion dollars hiding in offshore accounts

A new study says the world’s super rich are hiding close to a whopping $32 trillion of financial assets in offshore tax havens, resulting in as much as $280 billion in lost income tax revenues. This global glut of wealth—not even counting gold, real estate, yachts, and other “nonfinancial” assets—is roughly the size of the Japanese and U.S. GDPs combined.

A new report suggests that as much as $32 trillion in financial assets are being hidden in offshore accounts by the super wealthy in an effort to avoid taxes.

According to Tax Justice Network

Willard has to yet to release one complete final tax return
WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney has not released his full tax records from 2010, including key documentation connected to his Swiss bank account.
because he probably got amnesty for it :
So much information was turned over to the IRS that it would have been extremely difficult for the agency to pursue cases against every offender. So the IRS established a special tax amnesty program, which allowed those who voluntarily turned themselves in to remain anonymous and pay limited penalties. Thousands of citizens have since come forward.

"It's unclear why he would have valued the Swiss bank account secrecy, and it wouldn't have enabled him legally to avoid U.S. tax," said Daniel Shaviro, a tax professor at New York University School of Law. "This is why there's speculation that he was into the amnesty program."

"All the Republicans have the same basic strategy: reduce taxes on people who are already wealthy, and take away tax benefits for poor people, particularly who are striving to try and get out of their poverty, and restrict tax benefits for people who are workers in the middle class," says David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who writes about tax issues for Reuters. "Romney’s plan is George W. Bush’s plan on steroids.

George W. Bush gave 12.5 percent of his tax cuts to the top 10th of 1 percent. Romney’s plan gives a third of the tax cuts to the top 10th of 1 percent. And Romney’s plan gives 57 percent of the total cuts in his package to the top 1 percent. That’s people who make more than about $400,000 a year. It’s astonishing how heavily weighted it is to the top.


Willard's war with truth :

The other thing that I think needs clarification is that it’s wrong to think of conservatives as having a single argument for their preferred policies. What they offer instead is more like an onion, with layers inside layers; every time you strip away one excuse there’s another one inside.
Chait points out the obvious:
It’s completely obvious from the context of Obama’s remarks that he was trying to say that rich people did not build roads and other infrastructure, not that they did not build their own business.
Willard is just  inept :
So the guy the Romney campaign went to for their attack ad has a business has received $800,000 in tax-exempt bonds, another $500,000 or so in small business loans, does contracting work for the U.S. Navy, but he's pissed off that Obama said that government helps businesses.
I must admit that I feel insulted by what a poor,  lazy liarWillard is.
It’s not just that Romney lies; it’s the quality of the lies, the indifference to any fact-checking, the insistence on continuing to use a lie long after it’s been definitively debunked.

I have a name for it, and an explanation. Call it lazy mendacity.
The out-of-context quote is a fruitful source of lazy mendacity, as can be seen in the latest campaign flap: Mitt Romney’s eagerness to use a snippet of a Barack Obama speech last week against him. No, Obama didn’t mean to say that people who build businesses didn’t actually build them (in context, as Dave Weigel makes totally clear, “didn’t build that” is about roads and bridges).

GOP is truth averse


Bain continues to be the main pain to Rmoney's campaign

It's become a familiar tale about Romney and Bain's business dealings. The New York Times reported that Bain pushed the profitable company into bankruptcy. The Miami Herald followed with its own chronicle of the mass layoffs and mass profits for Romney and company. The Tampa Bay Times reported that Dade had received millions in tax breaks to promote job creation in Puerto Rico one year before it closed the factory there.

Bain, of course , walked away with a huge profit. In 1999, the private equity firm grabbed $242 million after it pressured Dade to borrow more millions to buy up Bain's shares in the company.

So many Dade workers lost their jobs -- 1,700 in the United States, 850 in Miami alone -- that the Bain-Dade dealings have become a symbol of corporate bloodletting and a painful memory to those who witnessed the layoffs.

David Corn is our Bain expert:

Romney Invested Millions in Firms That Pioneered High-Tech Outsourcing
EXCLUSIVE: A government document shows that at Bain he held a $54 million stake in companies that manufactured electronics in China and Mexico for US firms

In March 1999, shortly after Romney left Bain to take over the troubled Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Brookside Capital Investors Inc., a Bain-related entity wholly owned by Romney, filed a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission that listed dozens of companies in which Brookside held a stake the previous quarter. The roster included investments in Singapore-based Flextronics International ($13 million) and Florida-headquartered Jabil Circuit Inc. ($41 million), two companies that were leaders in the fast-growing field of outsourcing electronics manufacturing and offshoring production to low-wage countries. Together, these two investments represented almost 10 percent of Brookside's $559 million portfolio.

For much of the 1990s, most overseas outsourcing involved unsophisticated products like apparel. But in the second half of that decade, US high-tech companies producing computers, telecommunications equipment, and other electronics began contracting out their manufacturing to firms that had established production facilities both in the United States and in overseas locales where labor was cheap.
Such was the case with Flextronics and Jabil Circuit.


Foreign policy trip

Willard's foreign policy trip is off to a terrible start  and he has not even left yet

Mitt Romney Embarrasses Australian Foreign Minister, Fails First International Test

Mitt Romney has failed his first test of international diplomacy, before he even got a chance to start it. He is embarking on a foreign trip this week, starting with the London Olympics where he and wife Ann will watch their dancing horse compete in dressage, then proceeding on to Israel and Poland. The trip is meant to show his foreign policy bonafides on a world stage, and present him as a credible statestman and CiC, but he's already embarrassed a foreign leader before the trip has even begun. And it's not as if he wasn't warned of the potential risks awaiting him.Bob Carr is already denouncing Romney's remark, which he says is being misconstrued as critical of the Obama administration.

Have popcorn ready for Wednesday

Romney leaves the country on Wednesday for a three-country tour that will include the U.K., Poland, and Israel. The trip is built around the London Olympics and unlike President Obama's 2008 visit to Germany, Romney will not attempt any major events or take any big risks.
President Obama
Statement by the President on the Passing of Sally Ride
Michelle and I were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Sally Ride.  As the first American woman to travel into space, Sally was a national hero and a powerful role model.  She inspired  generations of young girls to reach for the stars and later fought tirelessly to help them get there by advocating for a greater focus on science and math in our schools.  Sally’s life showed us  that there are no limits to what we can achieve and I have no doubt that her legacy will endure for years to come.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sally’s family and friends.

President Obama has many endorsements

Actors and actresses

Richard Dean Anderson[153]David Arquette[154 Scott Bakula[153]Alec Baldwin[153]Antonio Banderas[155 Angela Bassett[156]Meredith BaxterJack Black[157]Jim Belushi[158]James Brolin[121]Nick Cannon[159]Kate Capshaw[153]Don Cheadle[160]John Cho[153]George Clooney[153]Jamie Lee Curtis[161]Matt Damon[162]Robert De Niro[156]Danny DeVito[157] Michael Douglas[153] Robert Downey, Jr.[163]Anthony Edwards[153 Edie Falco[164]Jesse Tyler Ferguson[157]Will Ferrell[153]Vivica A. Fox[160] Jamie Foxx[165]     Morgan Freeman   [166]Jennifer Garner[153]Gina Gershon[157]Whoopi Goldberg[167]Adrian Grenier[154]Melanie Griffith[155]Mark Hamill[168]Salma Hayek[121]Dennis Haysbert[153]Tom Hanks[169]Mariska Hargitay[154]Hill Harper[118][160]Neil Patrick Harris[111]Jamie Hector[170]Cheyenne Jackson[111]Samuel L. Jackson[171]Scarlett Johansson[172]Rashida Jones[119]Michael Keaton[173]Mila Kunis[174]Ashton Kutcher[175]Nathan Lane[176]Angela Lansbury[177]John Lithgow[178]Judith Light Nia Long[179]Eva Longoria[155]Jane Lynch[153]Tobey Maguire[180]Audra McDonald[111]Christa Miller[153]Demi Moore[175]Julianne Moore[181]Jennifer Morrison[153]Cynthia Nixon[111]Gwyneth Paltrow[153]Al Pacino[182 Sarah Jessica Parker[182]Kal PennSean Penn[183]Rhea Perlman[157]Clarke Peters[184]Mekhi Phifer[118]Wendell Pierce[185]Daniel Radcliffe[186]Salli Richardson[160]Julia Roberts[187]Susan Sarandon Tony Shalhoub[153]Sonja Sohn[188]Ben Stiller[156]Jada Pinkett Smith[171]Will Smith[171]Sharon Stone[153]Meryl Streep[189]Brenda Strong[153]Betty White[190]Wayne Wilderson[153] Vanessa L. Williams[153]Rita Wilson[153]

[edit] Comedians

Billy Crystal[191] Jimmy Fallon[192]Will Ferrell[153]Chelsea Handler[193]Steve Harvey[153]Bill Maher[194]Eddie Murphy[195]Carl Reiner[153]Rickey Smiley[153]Yeardley Smith[153]Sinbad[160]Wanda Sykes[196]


Judd Apatow[197]
 Lawrence Bender[19]
 Spike Lee[159]
 Tyler Perry[198]
 Steven Spielberg[153]

 Screenwriters and producers
 Aaron Sorkin[197]
 Jon Landau[197]
 Harvey Weinstein[117]

 Marc AnthonyJeff Beck[199]David Byrne[154] Colbie Caillat[200] Mariah Carey[159] Cher El Debarge[160] Gloria Estefan[201 Ben Folds[202]Foo Fighters[203]Lady GaGa[204]Al Green[205]Cee Lo Green[206]Buddy Guy[199]Anthony Hamilton[160]Herbie Hancock[207]Jennifer Hudson[207]Mick Jagger[199]Quincy Jones[208]R. Kelly[209]Alicia Keys[210]B.B. King[199]Solange Knowles[211]John Legend[212]Adam Levine[213]Chris Martin[210]Ricky Martin[214Bette Midler[154]Janelle Monáe[215]Jason Mraz[119]Kelly Rowland[211]Gwen Stefani[216]Barbra Streisand[217] Beyoncé Knowles[160] Jay-Z[160]Ludacris[218]Pras[160][197]

Rational republicans (however few they be) are invited to support President Obama's reelection here .

During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, Barack Obama received significant support from prominent Republicans, including former governors, members of congress and other high-ranking officials. On November 4, 2008, Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States, capturing 53% of the popular vote, including 9% of Republicans and 20% of self-described Conservatives.

President Obama’s cabinet has included both Republicans and conservatives, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Army Secretary John McHugh, and Jon Huntsman, the former Governor of Utah, who was chosen to be the U.S.’s Ambassador to China.

I am full of hope that Mr. Geithner will leave after the President wins reelection.



Intrade continues to show Rob Portman ahead with 31.5 % probability of being named Rmoney's running mate, Tim Pawlenty with 26.5% , Marco Rubio with 8.7%, Sen John Thune with 5.9%, Governor Bobby Jindal with 5.2% , and with everyone else very low.

Upcoming events :

The opening night of the Olympics is Friday, July 27th. The Republican National Convention starts in a little over a month. Probably a week or so before the convention, Rmoney will name Tim Pawlenty as his choice for a running mate.


Have at it folks - your electoral map looks like ?


Please donate whatever you can when you are able to the President's campaign

Thank you so much !

Willard Mitt Romney must be defeated !

Romney (verb) to defecate in terror

This colloquialism originates in the infamous and widely publicized 1983 incident where Mitt Romney strapped his Irish setter, Seamus, to the roof of his car whilst driving to Canada, causing the terrified dog to defecate.

"The door of the cab literally GRAZED my knee as it whizzed by. I nearly Romneyed!"

Having this person in Congress (WA-01) would be great for President Obama !
Darcy Burner
So, please if you are able, consider a donation to her campaign ! Thank you very much !

Willard is weird !

President Obama's plan vs the nonplan of Rmoney

Let us remember where we were prior to President Obama took the oath of office :

When President Obama took office, the economy was losing more than 700,000 jobs per month. President Obama acted quickly to pass the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which cut taxes for small businesses and 95% of working families. It also included emergency funding to support about 300,000 educator jobs, more than 4,600 law enforcement positions, and investments in the clean energy sector that supported 224,500 jobs through 2010. Through May 2012, the economy has added 4.4 million private sector jobs over 28 consecutive months of job growth.

President Obama knows we still have more work to do. That’s why, in his State of the Union address, the President laid out a blueprint for an economy that’s built to last—an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers, and a renewal of American values.

This incredible man, though physically no longer with us, still speaks powerfully to me !

I remember this like it was yesterday :

Are you fired up and ready to go ?

Originally posted to Vote4Obamain2012 on Tue Jul 24, 2012 at 06:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by ObamaNightlyNews and Black Kos community.

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