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    A few notes from our friends across the pond on what Mitt Romney should support if he was really hell bent on rebuilding bonds with our Anglo-Saxon roots.

    In short order, thanks to the The Guardian for this. . .

    Want to be more like the Anglo-Saxons?

    1. Stop destroying the English Language with Bushisms and Palinspeak

   Its greatest threat these days is probably the former Republican president's "Bushisms".
   2.  You should be for MORE immigration, not less
   It was sixth century British monk Gildas who saw the coming of the Anglo-Saxons as God's punishment for the sins of the Britons – an apocalyptic view that would be right at home in the delusional wing of the Republican party, and proof that the basic British distrust of foreigners was alive and well long before the barbarians invaded. If the Anglo-Saxons taught us anything, it is surely that we are all foreigners in our own country. Perhaps the Republicans can draw some inspiration from that.
    3. Time to bow down to Royalty like a good peasant
    One notes that the same servility to rulers applies to our Anglo-Saxon cousins across the water and that, no matter what their political hue, monarchs are accorded the respect due in the office of president.
  (that last one probably has a certain appeal to Mittens . . . )

     4. And finally, Stop worrying and learn to love the French

   In 1066, Britain's mongrel nation status became complete, having been officially invaded by the Romans, the Angles and Saxons, the Jutes from Denmark, the Vikings and finally by the Normans who, critically, stopped Anglo-Saxon culture in its tracks. Twenty years after the invasion, the Anglo-Saxon nobility were in exile, or consigned to the peasantry, with only 8% of England under their control. The myth of Anglo-Saxon roots that Romney wants to perpetrate denies the enormous contribution to British culture by, essentially, the French. Without the Norman invasion of Anglo-Saxon England, our language and culture would obviously be very different – Mitt Romney would be wise not to cast us all back into the Dark Ages.

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  More below the fold

Now, my own thoughts

    Here's a Republican Presidential candidate saying that we should be more like the country that gave us King George to an audience that calls themselves the Tea Party. Ye gods, these people are the weakest link.

   Hey Mittens? Want to be more like England? How about universal health care? How about all the strong social safety net and all the other European things that Republicans say they really, really hate. And why are Republicans suddenly embracing their inner British Loyalist now? Because the President is a black man and a Democrat, of course. I honestly sometimes wish President Obama would come out in favor of breathing oxygen, as it would cause some of his most ignorant haters to asphyxiate themselves out of pure spite.

   But as far as being Anglo-Saxon goes, Team Rmoney has actually managed to look like a fool on both sides of the Atlantic in one shot. Mitt Romney knows NOTHING about being more Anglo-Saxon than Obama other than that Mitt Romney has white skin like an Anglo-Saxon and Barack Obama does not. Yeah, real subtle. Do shut the hell up like a good chap, Willard. And try not to drag us all back into the dark ages while you are at it, you wanker.



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