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A good friend is in town from Europe for a few days, but I didn't think I'd get to see him: it's a business trip, and he was booked solid.

A little while ago, I got a call: he's suddenly free for dinner, and can I drive into Boston. Sure!

There's just one catch: it turns out I have a Top Comments diary scheduled. In the old days, this would have meant disaster. Okay, not disaster, but a scramble as I asked the Top Comments crew if someone could swap nights with me or step in at the last minute. Technology has improved, however, and it's not nearly so much of a problem: I can queue up a diary complete with comment submissions through late afternoon and the usual mojo, and someone can finish up by adding in the late nominations.

And while I'm sending out an email looking for that certain someone, it's time for A Word From Our Sponsor:

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Where was I? Oh right, best laid plans. I reserved today's diary before I found out my friend was going to be in town, and didn't know he was coming until last week, when I was out of town. So now that we're both in town in a manner of speaking (since I live about an hour outside of Boston, I'm almost never in town, strictly speaking), I need to get to town, even though town is a city and I live in an actual town. If I didn't have to leave in mere minutes (which are as long as regular minutes, only they don't seem to be), I'd have time to be confused, which would be a very bad thing.

The only other recent excitement was discovering that while I was out of town, my credit card company called to ask me about some strange looking charges on my card. I didn't find this out until I got home from being out of town, only it was in a completely different state (in New England) from where the charges were being made (Louisiana). Needless to say, I have a new card (made at the credit union while I waited, in a matter of minutes), and over a dozen disputed charges on my account. What fun!


Thank you for the comment nominations today. I can't give a number as I typically do because brillig—loud cheers and huzzahs for brillig!—will be collecting all those that arrive fewer than five hours before deadline and that meet our daily deadline of 9:30pm eastern. Anyone can send us great comments. Really. As noted above, when you send a writeup with the link, we are able to include it, though we reserve the right to edit, and if you don't include a writeup (or even not much of one), you will likely have some words added by the diarist or collector of the night, which tonight will mean brillig, since the two that arrived under my watch included writeups.

From Land of Enchantment:

ScarySteve shares an informative bit of history.
From Dave in Northridge:
From brillig's last night's Top Comments: Be Nice Edition, Steveningen wrapped up a long comment thread thus. Brilliant, as they say in Britain.
From ScottyUrb:
stevej makes a good point about The Onion.
From Thomasina:
There were several excellent comments in kos' diary Wait, what's wrong with the American heart?. I have chosen these three by Calvino Partigiani, anna shane and arizonablue as Top Comments.
From belinda ridgewood:
In nyceve's horrifying diary about uninsured victims of the Aurora shooting, Gooserock made an excellent suggestion.
From Noddy:
Both jjellin and ivorybill quoted MinistryofTruth's diary, which enabled me to nominate both the oxygen and the Tea Party quotes for Top Comments.
From sardonyx (your Wednesday diarist):
In navajo's * NEW DAY * - What was the Best Advice You Ever Got as a Teenager? diary, nawlinscate recounts a life lesson received when a sixteen-year-old college freshman.

Also from that diary, ranger995 received some advice about college, but would not give the same advice to his nephew today.

Please add your own comment finds below!


Top mojo is from comments made all day on Tuesday, July 24, 2012. The listing is courtesy of the wonderful mojo generator created by mik, and only excludes tip jars and other first diary comments.

  1) Obama would be well advised by Sherri in TX — 169
  2) For goodness sake by secret38b — 152
  3) I remember when Obama was first by Olympia — 127
  4) A great piece by Letsgetitdone — 122
  5) Romney going full racist. by TomP — 121
  6) Well, you don't generally count on by Witgren — 118
  7) Okay, NOW by Texdude50 — 113
  8) And Shell Oil is hoping to take advantage by cai — 112
  9) thanks for this diary by dark daze — 110
10) The only puppets allowed in a Chick-fil-A by weatherdude — 105
11) If the NRA and USCoC by stevej — 102
12) So he's the Lieberman of Wisconsin by ontheleftcoast — 95
13) Unfortunately, like the banks, the NRA owns the by Words In Action — 94
14) Sue the bastards by citizenx — 93
15) It shouldn't matter by snowman3 — 85
16) Seems like a fairly straightforward case by Siri — 85
17) When the Zombie Apocalypse comes by blue aardvark — 83
18) No, they ignore it. by Railfan — 82
19) Entirely possible - merited: by 4CasandChlo — 79
20) The Bain ads... by RASalvatore — 76
21) They are inordinately concerned with holes by Scott Wooledge — 75
22) Yes. Suck it at NRA. by m16eib — 74
23) Just a fluke. Nothing to worry about... by Meteor Blades — 74
24) Sorry by stevej — 73
25) Sea Level will rise 20ft in the best case scenario by FishOutofWater — 72
26) It takes balls to be an IBM Selectric by blue aardvark — 72
27) Marketing students are going to be studying Obama by ConfusedSkyes — 70
28) It's not that bad really by Puddytat — 67
29) The rate of change scares the hell out of me by FishOutofWater — 67
30) Great rightous rant! by gustynpip — 65
31) The Queen, for your info by AnnetteK — 65
32) It takes time to analyze the information by FishOutofWater — 65

Top pictures is from photos and other images posted all day on Tuesday, July 24, 2012. The listing is courtesy of the wonderful picture table generator created by jotter, our preeminent pictorial patron. Click on any picture and it will magically take you to the comment that features that very same image.

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