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With no pretense of adding content, I hereby quote some of my favorites.

Andrew Neil ‏@afneil

Wonder what advice Romney receiving on how to insult Poland. Israel should be piece of cake.

Jonathan Haynes ‏@JonathanHaynes

Carl Lewis on Mitt Romney: 'Seriously, some Americans just shouldn't leave the country'

Lorraine W. ‏@Ms_Raine

#RomneyShambles Forget Ann's horse in the dressage competition. Apparently she is married to a prancing jackass


The Mitt Cycle: 1. Condescend; 2. Flounder; 3. Pander; 4. Repeat.

The Daily Edge ‏@TheDailyEdge

MI6 refuses to confirm #Romney meeting, fueling speculation he may have been fooled by an Austin Powers impersonator

BWD ‏@theonlyadult

The most amazing thing today wasn't #RomneyShambles but how the British media schooled America's "journalists" regarding Romney's true face.

Miss O'Kistic ‏@missokistic

Ahead of Romney's Israel trip, advisory team reminds him that "Hi, I baptized your dead grandma" is not acceptable greeting.

Sherrie Hussein GG ‏@SherrieGG

The Brits are saying that Romney is worse than Palin. Funny, John McCain thought so, too.

Path2Enlightenment ‏@Path2Enlighten

Mitt Romney isn't even qualified to represent the U.S. as a tourist.

The Daily Edge ‏@TheDailyEdge

You can tell @MittRomney's doing badly when he starts getting booed by rich white people

Matt Ortega ‏@MattOrtega

Mitt Romney is now, officially, an international embarrassment. Our policy of containment has failed.

P M ‏@Pawelmorski

Americans: This Mitt person is some sort of American Borat, right?

Cameron Addicott ‏@CameronAddicott

Mitt Romney makes George Bush look like Aristotle.


"The Beatles were quite competent imitators of our The Monkees, even if they never had their own TV show."

And, finally, the Dem Rapid Response team has a summary, presented below The Orange Squiggle of Power.

7:03 AM PT:

Barracks O'Bama ‏@P0TUS

RT @brx0: Next up: Driving around London with the queen's corgis on the roof.

7:06 AM PT: Oooo, this one's from a Member of Parliament.

JackDromeyMP ‏@JackDromeyMP

#romneyshambles Mitt for President? Peter Sellers and Being There come to mind.

7:08 AM PT:
ProChoiceGrandma ‏@ProChoiceGramma

Brace yourselves - tomorrow Mitt Romney visits Israel. Suggest he use Palin technique: mini-skirt & wave, ans no qns.

7:10 AM PT: Now this one is in questionable taste; ergo, I like it.

Tommy Johnson ‏@TwoPuttTommy

#StribPol RT @neoblaque: “Not since WWII has London seen a bombing as thorough as Mitt Romney’s.” ~ Unknown

7:11 AM PT: Zing.

RoseFromPhila ‏@RoseFromPhila

Someone had it right on HuffPo "Romney does not apologize for America" b/c America apologizes for Romney!


Tommy Johnson ‏@TwoPuttTommy

#StribPol .@scarylawyerguy To mollify insulted UK hosts, #AmericanBorat promises to open his next super secret offshore account in Britain.

Eva Hussein Carafa ‏@evacarafa

I just hope someone's told Mittens that "Pollack" is NOT the correct term for Polish people. #Romneyshambles #AmericanBorat

Chet Wydrzynski ‏@realchet

Breaking news - Romney to present Benjamin Netanyahu with pulled pork sandwich #RomneyShambles #AmericanBorat

Raoul Miller ‏@RaoulMiller

Front page of the Guardian in the UK - "some Americans shouldn't leave the country" referring to Mittens trip to London. Oops

Lee Roberts ‏@leolabeth

What a dubbah. RT @expatina Guardian rates the #AmericanBorat's gaffes in full. #RomneyShambles

REDS ‏@rougemoi

It gets better...@MittRomney (2010): England is "Just A Small Island" #AmericanBorat

Suzanne Munshower ‏@expatina

DEar Mitt, You know what else peeks out of "backsides," don't you?

The Daily Edge ‏@TheDailyEdge

Romney now using mnemonic techniques to remember leaders' names: "I can't wait to meet Benjamin Netangoogle"

Krystal Ball ‏@KrystalBall1

FTW “@steveweinstein: All of Britain demanding that Mitt self deport immediately. #AmericanBorat #edshow”


Occupy Ventura ‏@OccupyV

“@daveweigel: Unless Romney brings bacon-wrapped shrimp to the Wailing Wall, I guess this'll be the worst day of the trip.”

7:38 AM PT:
Jason Febery ‏@JasonFebery

Romney is learning the hard way that, though money can buy you thousands of fake Twitter followers, it can't buy you class.

7:39 AM PT:
Uwaine ‏@Uwaine

#AmericanBorat I didn't mean to cast doubts on UK security for these Games, but that's why I hide my money elsewhere. No LIBOR for me.

7:40 AM PT: ‏@GOP_Science

Yes, the British are calling @MittRomney the #AmericanBorat, but that DOES NOT mean @RafalcaRomney has plow experience.

Originally posted to aardvark droppings on Fri Jul 27, 2012 at 06:47 AM PDT.

Also republished by Progressive Hippie.


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