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Okay, first, apologies to the dKos community for my diary that has since been deleted.  

Um, it had to do with an email my republican mom had received, and I came to the dKos community to ask for help. The diary's title originally read, "Barry The D** D**".

Well, I got some help, along with getting torn a new one.

I was accused of being a troll, and trying to deliberately smear the president.

And, truly, I am not a troll.  And, I meant no offense to the president or the dKos community.

There were about 30 comments on the diary, with probably, 15 being mine trying to defend myself.

But, I did get some great responses to help in replying to my mom.  And, as several people suggested, I should delete the diary, and put out another one, removing all the defaming things that the email had said about the president.

So, here's what I just sent to my mom, about the email she had sent me.  Apologies to the people I borrowed from.  I didn't have time to save everything from the diary before deleting it.

Okay, I took your email and posted it on DailyKos.  

That did not go well. People thought I was a troll, doing a smear campaign on a sitting president.

And, below are some of the comments I got about the email about Obama:

Why don't you just tell your mother that marijuana never caused Barack to form a gang and chase down another kid in high school so that Barack could force the kid to the ground for a pruning on his hair.
Marijuana didn't cause Obama to flee his country to a French mansion instead of facing his military responsibilities. Mitt Romney is yet another Republican chickenhawk.
Marijuana didn't cause Obama to abuse his dog. Or his kids.
Marijuana didn't put a mean streak in Obama.
Marijuana didn't cause Obama to form a business whose sole purpose was to steal (i.e. transfer) wealth from hardworking Americans and their banks into his hidden offshore and Swiss bank accounts.

And, another:

All this was very interesting. It sounds like he had a blast in high school and college.
Like I and a lot of very productive other adults did, by the way.
It says, "Barry," dope dealer, but all I read about was "Barry," dope SMOKER, something he confessed to in his own autobiography. But he's not smokin' dope in the White House, for pity's sake. So who the hell cares about any of that now? And if they do, WHY?
It's not news, it's not scary, it's not exciting, it happened, what? 20 years ago? It doesn't make a bit of difference today.
Nobody with a lick of sense gives a damn. That's what you tell your mom.

And, another:

Give me a f*g break. Isn't about time you guys stopped passing around BS about what PRESIDENT Obama may or may not have done is HIGH SCHOOL.
(Oh and you might want to throw in there something you did and high school and college, as well.)
In other words only the unhinged right gives a rights ass about any of this.


Your daughter, here.

So, it boils down to, it doesn’t matter what Obama did in high school.  What matters is what he has done as an adult, what he has done the past four years, and is he a better choice than Romney?

Again, my apologies to the dKos community.

3:32 PM PT: Just got a reply from my mom.

Here it is:

Thanks. It's just that I never saw any of this while he was running for president the first time. How did that happen, especially when the media jumped on Bill Clinton so hard? Just wondering.  But the media did protect FDR once he was using the wheelchair and it did protect president kennedy and his sexual indiscretions while he was in the white house. And they jumped poor ol' Ford every time he tripped. I had just never seen it before and I get LOTS of anti Obama stuff daily via email. And I don't know that he's "not smoking pot in the white house." It was just amazing to me that the media didn't bring it up 4 years ago. Guess there are a lot of folks out there wondering what kind of mom you have, huh, questioning the president as a kid. But I do have a right to question, don't I? I've taken the long, sad look at Mitt Romey as a kid growing up too. Is he the same man he was as a boy or young man?



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