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This is a just for fun diary...yesterday was my 8th anniversary at DailyKos.

I came here via Whiskey Bar and the wonderful billmon who sort of sent me to Talking Points Memo (before comments!) who linked to DailyKos.  So many of us were frustrated with the political system and the candidates and of course, W.  We came here and found like souls. Nothing has changed except the names of the players and the names of the bloggers.  We are all still fighting for more and better.

Back in 2004 the big issues here were primary wars (of course) and it was Dean / Clark / Kerry.    

This is a diary for old timers to check in with a walk down memory lane...and some fun info / inside jokes passed along to newbies!  aka n00b's!

In 2004 I was terrified to comment, but finally jumped into the fray on July 29.  I was still intimidated by the intelligence and writing abilities of so many.  Sometimes I still am.  Been here through Pie Wars, the Original™, 2 primary wars, good times, bad times, the purported (and never occuring) implostions of dKos....and so many random inside jokes even I forget them.

People from back then that really made me think: Meteor Blades, Kos (you need to write more!), Armando (and as BTD), Maryscott Oconnor, pyrrho, marissacat, stationwagon, billmon, Steve Gilliard, JoanMC, and the list goes on and on.  Each one changed me in some way.  There is no way I can really list know I'll forget someone.  I do need to do a special call out for two very special people: navajo and sidepocket.  You are both very special - smoochies to both of you.

And then the list gets bigger each year and changes - people come and go...some stay...but so many have really touched my heart and soul and mind.  

And of course the ones that make me laugh: Hunter, Bill in Portland Maine (and the kiddie pool and WS&Ps), Philly Gal, mcmom.....and that list can at any point in time be half the active users.

Things that I think about on this trip down memory lane
Liveblogging - Katrina, CA wildfires, election nights, Supreme Court nomination hearings......

Friends - so many of the people here I have had the privilege of meeting in real life. And so many I know from their words.  Words have meaning and it is more true than many think.  Although I can honestly say that of the 34,000+ comments I have made, not sure if many are noteworthy!

Trolls - they are fun - but we used to have a better class of them up to about 2008.  And the recipes...yum!! So many good recipes from so many troll diaries.


Oh of course - hijacking the rec list one April Fools Day!



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