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Last night I was perusing the diaries and came across the following comment:

Is what I think of every time I see one of those "Isnt he dreamy" posts. Or the three dozen ways in which Romney is teh suck every day.  
I know there's a small but loud contingent here on Dailykos who doesn't like Obama for any number of reasons. That's fine, you don't have to like him, but it's irresponsible and ignorant not to vote for him. Staying home and pouting, or voting 3rd party, is just as bad as voting for Mitt Romney.

You need to vote for Barack Hussein Obama in November, and here are 5 reasons why, without once mentioning Romney or how dreamy Obama is. You don't even have to read anything -- it's all pictures! How easy.

1: The Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court as of 2010
2: The veto.
3: A long record of solid accomplishments.
Obama signature on ACA bill
The healthcare bill.

DADT repeal.
4: He's a strong leader.
Obama visits Joplin, MO tornado victims.

5: His policies are working.

And besides...isn't he dreamy? :)



Originally posted to El Blogo de Weatherdudeo on Mon Jul 30, 2012 at 05:02 PM PDT.

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