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You used inherited wealth and the opportunities that resulted from it as a base from which to raid the livelihoods of ordinary, hardworking Americans, send jobs to other countries for your own benefit at the expense of this one, and burn down the productive capital created by your father's generation in order to give yourself a cash payday.  Nothing you have is the result of "work," unless the work in question was your father's or the poor schmucks whose labor on your behalf merely helped you take away their own jobs at the earliest convenience.  So when the President says "you didn't build that," he's talking to you, shithead: You're a gleaner of other people's harvests; a cowardly, paper marauder who counts himself "successful" for having helped destroy the industrial base of this country.

You swooped into control of companies whose value you played no role in creating, made loyal employees with years of hard work under their belts dig their own own economic graves to help you outsource their jobs, and meanwhile they and all the rest of the American people were unwillingly subsidizing your blood-sucking with their own tax dollars because you as a wealthy individual and a business owner were given a license to steal by decades of your Party's corrupt policies.  And you aren't even content to have run laughing to a Swiss bank with the blood, sweat, and tears of the nation you betray bulging out of your pockets.

No, not content at all.  Because there is still loot to be had, and still victims to be plundered who don't have the benefit of full-time corporate lawyers to defend them.  There are still middle-class Americans who own their own homes; run modest, productive enterprises that have not yet been ground into dust by some mega-corporation; and pay more in taxes out of their modest means than your worthless, all-sucking, gold-bricking self pays out of the fortunes you've amassed pauperizing the American worker.  There are still people who see America as a country, not a game show for privileged sociopaths to compete on how much of our legacy and future you can destroy in minimal time.

Rest assured, Mr. Romney, no one is under the delusion that your complete indifference to the prosperity of anyone other than yourself would change if you succeeded in acquiring the US Presidency.  And it's obvious you don't care enough to bother deceiving yourself on this point, let alone anyone else.  But should your acquisition go according to plan - whether or not it involves an actual, legitimate election - we all trust that you would continue your lifelong program of wanton rapine, and liquidate the remaining economic foundations that permit this nation to exist as anything but a Chinese-made flag signifying a lump of territory carved up among a handful of private tyrants.  Which is, no doubt, your intention.

As far as I know, you contribute nothing on balance either to the United States or to the world in general.  The only way a man like you can have $10 is to steal $100 from someone else.  You would chop down an ancient redwood in order to make a single toothpick, and bulldoze the Parthenon to make the Acropolis into a helipad.  Everything you say, everything you do is some desecration; some calculated act of degradation to break down the work of others, suck up the fragments, and deploy them to your own zero-sum benefit.  Your entire raison d'etre is entropy, and it hangs around you like the cloud of dirt around Pig-Pen.  

Truly men like you are the grim reapers of free nations, and if the people of this one were as dumb as you think - or as helpless as you hope - then you would most likely be the one to slam shut the sepulchre door on the American Dream, whistling on your way to the Caymans with our nation's life-blood brimming out of your pockets.  That's been your Party's plan for some time now: It really pissed off the Republicans when the obvious, easily-predictable consequences of their policies led to disaster and the American people had the unmitigated audacity to throw them out of power for it.  But as it usually does, the illustrious Supreme Courtesan Five came to their rescue when the electorate failed to obey Republican commands, and declared the US government legally for sale just in time for the 2010 Congressional elections.  

Naturally in such a climate, a man such as yourself would become their presidential nominee two years later: Your relentless, sociopathic commitment to money at all costs to honor and country triumphed over all the other pathologies that define your Party - religious fanatics, racial bigots, bellicose would-be tyrants, and even that rarest of things, honest conservatives, were all knocked down one-by-one in the demonstration of a simple fact: That you, Mr. Romney, are a puritan of selfishness whose greed knows neither limit nor complicating human characteristic.  You awed the Republican mob with your willingness to tell lies in infinite regression, denying first that the Earth is round, then denying your denial, then denying that the subject was ever raised, and finally that you are even present as you stand there speaking.

"I am not here, and this is not happening" seems to be the central premise of every word that comes out of your mouth: A necessary condition to pay one whit of attention beyond that point, because everything else that follows is the level of lie that only 5-year-olds and people with psychotic compulsive disorders tell.  Then you stamp your feet and blame the media for reporting it even in terms extraordinarily favorable to you, like a child whose mother has just witnessed him breaking a window, shrieking that he didn't do it, that it was really another kid that did it, that she always sides against him, blah blah blah.  

No fawning, no apologism, no abject sycophancy on the part of the media is enough to change the simple fact that reporting anything about you that isn't a complete fabrication will be inherently negative because you're a fucking shitheel and everything you do boils down to some kind of insult, travesty, lie, bullshit, or crime.  You are the sort of man who would jump on someone's back, demand they carry you somewhere, and then upon arrival demand payment from them because you did them the service of providing exercise.  Mr. Romney, there is no moral framework in existence in which you are even an adequate person, let alone an example to others.  

Your corrupt nihilism is a more suitable subject for post-modern artwork painted by schizophrenics during in-patient art therapy than a US presidential election, and frankly you were already so far outside the American mainstream when you began - let alone when you lurched into Loony Tune territory to become the Republican nominee - that you are quite possibly the first major-party candidate for the US Presidency that has no apparent ties whatsoever to actual American culture or politics.  At this point your party doesn't even run candidates for office in this country - they run people for offices that don't exist in some other nation that doesn't exist, while the United States Constitutional offices on their nameplates sit essentially vacant.  So, Mr. Romney, you will never be President of the United States - no more than if you simply snuck into the Oval Office by ducking out of a tour group.  

Win or lose, you are simply not someone with anything to add to this country, and you have nothing to teach us other than what we already know: That we're better than you.  A lot.  But we still have something to teach you, although I doubt you can or will learn it: This country's not for sale.  It's not something that can be sold.  America is not a list of assets you can purchase at auction, or a stock portfolio, or a set of employees you can order around and fire if they displease you or become inconvenient.  It was built mostly by people who arrived with nothing - some who arrived with the legal status of cattle because of the color of their skin - who evolved into this nation because at least some of the time, they were willing to work and fight together for the common good in defense of liberty and truth against men like yourself and the far worse men they occasionally finance.  

You're wasting your time and barking up the wrong tree, trying to buy something you don't understand in a currency that doesn't apply, and all that people like you ever achieve in the process is the superficial defilement of what you try to possess.  There is no soap strong enough to wipe you clean; no flag imbued with enough patriotic sentiment to cloak your malign indifference; and no official title that can make you other than what your actions describe you as being.  You're no leader, certainly no President, and definitely not a credit to this country.  

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