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      Yesterday, I sent a letter/ fax to Senator Bernie Sanders on this topic (here). Today, I sent a similar letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. I will continuously do such, with everyone I can, until an "official" (honorable) federal investigation begins. Mitt Romney's/ Bain Capital is benefiting from the Organized Criminal acts of Paul Traub - continuously.

        Furthermore, I'm a victim of this crime and a person who turned down their bribe offer to become one of them. For years, well before this election, I've been telling everyone, every where I can - that Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain Capital in 2001. Many people, including venerate's here called me a CT nut, liar and worse. When those facts were recently verified - not one single naysaying person came forward and said they were sorry for being wrong.


NaySays can Kiss My Arse

        Now I'm being attacked - even after the facts are coming out - including the fact that Paul Traub was recently named as a "controller" of the Tom Petters Ponzi scheme (here) & (here). Again the same group of hateful naysays (some of them not disclosing they are in the legal profession) - attacked me on the Paul Traub issues. Once again, not a single naysay said - "I'm sorry - you were right".

   Whether or not the reads of MY DIARY's wake up and realize I'm on Obama's side.

                               You NaySays who are hell bent against me

                                     Hell Bent on protecting crookedness

                                           You can go sit on it!


           For the rest of the good people who care to see Mitt Romney be investigated

               My Letter/ Fax to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is below the fold

Laser Haas's letter to Senator Harry Reid

Page 1

Laser (Steven) Haas
--------DE 19-----

August 2, 2012

The Honorable Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader
522 Hart Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510

RE: Documentation of Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital “Massive” Frauds in 2001

Dear Senator Harry Reid;

Assisting you in your quest for the truth on Mitt Romney issues, I have a particular set of events that should provide an avenue for opening up Senate hearings on white collar frauds, federal corruptions and the additional benefit of probable Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital indictments as well.


So that there can be no mistaking this as conjecture, I, Steven Haas, a/k/a more commonly addressed as Laser Haas do state on this the 2nd day of August 2012, that the Testimony within this letter is both true and correct.


In 1999 the law firm of Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel (“MNAT”) of Wilmington, DE – did handle the merger of Mitt Romney & his associates entity of “The Learning Company” (TLC) with Mattel Toys. This is documented by MNAT's own letter to the SEC – in the SEC records.

Also in 1999, Goldman Sachs took eToys public. The price per share soared above $78. However, (inexplicably) eToys only received approximately $16.50 each. MNAT represents Goldman Sachs too.

During the latter part of 2000, Bain Capital acquired Kay Bee Toys with Michael Glazer as CEO.

Around that same period of time, Mitt Romney and his associates placed Stage Stores into bankruptcy. As co-directors at Stage Stores is Jack Bush (also CEO of Bain's IdeaForest and at Jumbo Sports) and Michael Glazer (who was CEO of Kay Bee Toys too). Jack Bush hired Barry Gold whom he worked with at Jumbo Sports. Then Barry Gold hired Paul Traub. At that time Paul Traub failed to disclose his connections to the parties, “got caught” and was forced to file a Supplemental Affidavit.

                  Criminal Benefits of the Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest

Thus, MNAT is connected to Mattel,  Goldman Sachs. Also Paul Traub and Barry Gold are (secretly) partners (now confessed). Mr. Traub, Mr. Gold and MNAT are all connected to Bain Capital, Jack Bush, Mitt Romney and Michael Glazer.

Chart of Mitt Romney Direct Connections to Criminals

Page 2

MNAT lied about their connections and failed to disclose them, in order to become the eToys Debtor's court approved counsel in the bankruptcy case that was filed March 7, 2001. At that same time, Paul Traub's firm also lied to become the eToys Creditors' counsel.

They wanted to further their schemes to nefariously seize the eToys federal estate and had asked the United States Trustee for permission to pick their own CEO. They were told “No”! (see parts 19 & 35)

Despite the authoritative Police warning, the perpetrators of fraud upon the court, (MNAT and Paul Traub), then colluded to place Barry Gold (Paul Traub's secret partner) inside eToys as the post bankruptcy petition filing President & CEO.

Selling eToys for almost free to Michael Glazer, Kay Bee Toys/ Bain Capital.

My company, Collateral Logistics, Inc., and I – were the court appointed fiduciaries to keep everything kosher and “maximize returns with minimum expense” - as wind down coordinator/ liquidations. When Bain Capital had announced they were buying the entire estate of eToys for $5.4 million; we halted the auctions and forced them to pay tens of millions of dollars more.

I had started to learn that skullduggery was transpiring and did not know of the connections. So I went, in good faith, to Barry Gold and said that “I think Paul Traub is doing crooked deals”. That is when they offered me an $850,000 bribe and I told them No! This caused a panic in their ranks, because I reported the bribe to the Delaware Department of Justice; who informed me that it was not really a bribe – until accepted. (Nice Try)! In the meantime, they asked to Destroy Books & Records.

Given the evidences and the fact that our due diligence forced MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold to confess that they lied about Goldman Sachs connections and Barry Gold being secret partners with Paul Traub. A federal investigation should have immediately transpired. However, they had another “undisclosed” connection; which assured no prosecution would ever occur.

As is now confessed, Mitt Romney admits that he retired (officially) from Bain Capital in August 2001.

On August 2, 2001, GW Bush nominated Colm Connolly to be the Wilmington, Delaware United States Attorney. Where for seven (7) years thereafter, Mr. Connolly's office refused to investigate and/ or prosecute his former partners, cohorts and clients – because he was a partner of the MNAT firm.

Colm Connolly's DOJ Resume

Federal Archived Corroboration of George W Bush Nomination of Connolly August 2, 2001

Organized Crimes as a Bankruptcy Ring Expands

While we can most certainly argue that the parties confessing to intentionally deceiving the court and having enough power to corrupt the system of justice should be enough evidence of organized criminal activity to warrant a Racketeering investigation. They might argue, in turn, that this was a single aberrant act of behavior. That the harm is limited in scope and size. This is also not true.

Another Chart Showing Direct Connections (NO 6 degrees of separation).

Final Page Laser's Letter/Fax to Senator Harry Reid

As is readily apparent by Paul Traub's Supplemental Affidavit in the Stage Stores case, they are so caught up in their pathological lying – they are unable to see the truths flagrant. While Mr. Traub states in that Supplemental, over and over again, that “upon information and belief” - Barry Gold was not involved in Luria Brothers, Witmark or Jumbo Sports hiring of his firm. He fails to see that the rest of us get the clear picture that Paul Traub, Jack Bush and Barry Gold have been at this type of deception for a long period of time.

Furthermore, the only thing that mattered in “Stage Stores” was the fact that Paul Traub failed in his requisite to disclose his connection to Barry Gold (when in fact Barry Gold is the one who hired him).

MNAT, while lying under oath and asking for Destruction of evidence, also nominated his cohort in crime (Paul Traub) to be the one to prosecute Goldman Sachs in the NY Supreme Court #601805/2002. As a result of Al Capone handpicking Frank Nitti to be his prosecutor, the case is now closed. To make sure you do not see their schemes – they've arranged to place the entire case under Seal!

Additionally, Paul Traub continued to play the game that he was on opposite sides in the Kay Bee Toys and FAO Schwartz bankruptcy cases. In each of those deals, fraud was committed to benefit Bain Cap.

Compounding proof (as if we should need more) – Paul Traub was partners with Marc Dreier and Tom Petters fraudsters after getting away with eToys. Now, years after the fact, Paul Traub owns for Free, the entity Polaroid that he and Tom Petters bought with Ponzi Scheme monies. Just a few weeks ago the Minnesota Federal Trustee named Paul Traub as the “controller” of Tom Petters Ponzi scheme.

Finally, the last straw to demonstrate that this is an Organized Criminal Empire with power almost beyond compare – the Department of Justice Public Corruption Task Force was Shut Down.

Proof of Submission December 2007

L.A. Times Story on Task Force Shut Down & Threats to career Prosecutors

Conclusion and Prayer for Relief

       It is obvious that crimes were committed. There's also additional issues of mayhem, witness intimidation (besides me), resignations by senior DOJ officials (EOUST Director Lawrence Friedman)

       Obviously, Mitt Romney doing business with America the Bain Capital way would destroy our country. If not for his hubris, chances are they would still be getting away with it all. As insignificant as I am, MNAT actually forged a document to the court, after MNAT confessed to lying under oath fifteen times – stating that I “waived” my rights to be paid our millions in success fees & commissions. If they can do this much now, what happens later? You, Senator Reid, can put a stop to this insanity.

 The evidence is all within public docket records – we just need your honor & temerity.

Signed this 2nd Day August 2012  Under Penalty of Perjury -                   s/Laser (Steven) Haas      

Summing Up the Issues for Kossac emidesu and others

      It is necessary to document the facts in 3 pages or less
          (actually 1 would be better - but impossible to do)
               - of what transpired in the cases denoted above.

However, since a reader asked, here's the short short.

  1. Bain Capital and Mitt Romney until August 2001 are one and the same.
  2. One hundred and one (101) crimes (+) transpired before August 2001.
  3. The crimes transpired after February 1999
  4. MNAT, Barry Gold, Michael Glazer and Paul Traub assisted Bain Capital Frauds
  5. Paul Traub, MNAT and Barry Gold assisted Goldman Sachs Frauds
  6. MNAT, Barry Gold and Paul Traub have alread confessed they lied in federal court
  7. Mitt Romney has confessed he gets millions per year from Bain Capital
  8. In August 2001 a MNAT partner (Connolly) became the DE US Attorney
  9. For 7 years Colm Connolly refused to investigate prosecute the frauds
  10. Thus Organized Criminals are controlling their own prosecutions (Corruption)
  11. They punished this whistle-blower for refusing to take a bribe.
  12. The federal corruption is so profuse the DOJ Task Force was shut down
  13. When the Public Corruption Task Force was shut down Asst US Attorneys are threatened
  14. All I'm asking for is a "honorable" federal investigation

Originally posted to laserttheliquidator on Thu Aug 02, 2012 at 06:12 PM PDT.

Also republished by The Bain Files and The Rebel Alliance.


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